ELKHORN, W.Va. — A House of Delegates member from McDowell County was charged with DUI early Saturday morning.

McDowell County Delegate Clif Moore (D-McDowell, 26)

State police arrested Delegate Clif Moore (D-McDowell, 26) during a traffic stop on Route 52 on Elkhorn Mountain.

According to the police report, Moore’s vehicle was swerving and crossed the center line “on several occasions” and field sobriety tests later showed Moore was under the influence of alcohol.

The arrest came around 1:15 a.m.  Moore was arraigned in McDowell County Magistrate Court later Saturday morning. He was released from jail on $500 bond Sunday.

Moore, 65, serves as Assistant Majority Whip in the state House of Delegates and is chairman of the House Banking Committee. He was first elected in 2004.

Moore was charged with DUI in Columbus, Ohio, in 2011 and was accused of driving on a revoked license in McDowell County in 2012.

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  • BIM Job

    You people with your disease BS drive me crazy. It's about time people accept personal responsibility, put on their big boy underparts and deal with the consequences of their decisions.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Another morally bankrupt politician.

  • griff

    no Robert, I don't believe that alcoholism is a disease. a disease is something that happens that you can't control. he is just a punk politician who gets by with whatever he wants to do

    • Jimmy Slade

      ....... uh ...what ??? "he is just a punk politician who gets by with whatever he wants to do"...... so he the man has now been arrested twice for DUI and once for driving revoked how is he getting away with it ??

      How has he "got away" with anything ???

    • Robert

      I hope it never happens to someone you love. It did me. Can't you just forget the politics and show some compassion for a fellow human?

  • Robert

    Does everyone know that alcoholism is a disease? It does not discriminate, rich, poor, Democrat, Republican, independent. Obviously you have never had a family member, close friend or other loved ones who has suffered from this or you wouldn't be so quick to criticize or judge. The very last person to realize that there is a problem, is the person WITH the problem.

    I don't know Mr. Moore but I hope and pray he gets help. I'm sure he is a good person with a bad problem.

    Instead of being critical we should all pray for him and others like him. Unless of course, you just want to make it political. If so, that is sad, very sad.

    • DWL

      Robert, the only person this disease attacks, same as druggies, are STUPID people. They have found a cure for it too. DEATH. No issues from that point forward.

      It appears you suffer from a case of STUPIDITY also. Seek help - visit a mortician.

      • RexCraigo

        You're an idiot.

      • scott

        well someday that disease will get you too, and the world will be a far better place.

  • The bookman

    Let's not be too hard on him, as obviously he has a problem. But Mr. Miley, you really have this man as the Chairman of the Banking Committee? He is part of the Leadership Team hand selected by the Speaker? Sliding back into private practice personal injury law is looking better all the time, don't you think?

    • A. Milton

      You really do hate Miley. You're like the angry Kessler/Miley hater. I guess a conservative lawyer that has work in Harrison/Marion Counties has his reasons but you might need to start worrying about the NSA and someone knocking on your door soon to make sure you're not stalking them.

      BTW I guess you had a problem with the whole 3rd DUI Ferns being recruited to switch parties and run for Senate by the R's right? The guys you worship want Ferns promoted.

      • The bookman


        Mr. Miley has fallen short of the expectations of Speaker by not maintaining at least a modicum of focus in this past session. He's not in my district, and neither is Ferns. Since Ferns has apparently has the same weakness as Mr. Moore, I would say the same thing, that Ferns political career is in the hands of his constituents. Miley's position as Speaker carries a little more importance, as he is leader of that body. He seems like a nice man, just a poor leader.

        If someone knocks on my door, I'd ask them in for a cold drink and a chat. Nothing to hide. Opinion to share.

        And as for the last comment, I'm not active in party politics. I do not donate to political campaigns, but have actively supported and campaigned for local school levies. So I don't worship mortal men, and don't follow marching orders from any party, and only know of Ferns from you and one other Metronews story months ago.

        I make no apology for my comments regarding my dissatisfaction with the Miley/Kessler performance this past session. Assuming you support the Democratic Party by your reply, I wonder where your frustration resides given the poor leadership exhibited by these two gentlemen? You should demand better of the leaders of your party.

        • A. Milton

          No one is asking for your apology. Your extremist responses and anti-Kessler/Miley agenda is just an observation.

          Get a DUI - It's Miley's fault.
          Fall down - It's Kessler's fault.
          Step on a rock - It's Miley/Kessler's fault.

          Joking on the content but I think I've made my point. I don't usually comment but you post a LOT and when you throw in ANOTHER Miley fault on this, it is getting pretty apparent how radical you are turning out to be.

          • The bookman

            Stating the obvious, "We have a vacuum of Leadership in the Legislature," is not news, nor is it extreme. But, I will concede, that I have been on Miley a bit much. Criticism noted. Thanks for yield sign.

          • Michael

            Sounds like the Bookman is drinking while he types? To be fair, at least he's not driving.

    • DWL

      A problem?!? He's a drunk!!!!!! We are the ones that have the problem because this DRUNK is writing laws! In addition, you have a magistrate (d) that set his bond at an abnormally low amount. Someone need to examine that issue also. These liberals are outright criminals.

      • scott

        yeah, thats true, republicans never get dui's and never get low bail...and you are a rediculous excuse for a human being.

      • The bookman

        Calm down DWL... Legislators are people too. My question is how does he reach leadership positions. It must have been common knowledge he had a drinking problem. Judgement again is the issue in Charleston. The people of McDowell County will have to make the call on Mr Moore. Hopefully the rest of the state sends the Dems packing in 2016 to deal with Miley.

  • DWL

    Did you know this drunk can do what ever he wants as long as the legislature is in session with immunity from prosecution? Yet another criminal acting like a leader. Reminds me of the m0r0n in DC.

    • RexCraigo

      You mean Mitch McConnell right?

  • griff

    McDowell county voters need to get rid of this man. What a disgrace

  • Jim

    Sad to see this, but trust me he's not the only one and it's not all Democrats either. Ethics should kick in at some point and start issuing public reprimands.

    • DWL

      Ethics? Among politicians? Please share whatever you're smoking because you're delusional!

  • Sammy

    $500 bond? Second DUI and driving on a revoked license? Really?

    • DWL

      Could it be he knows a corrupt magistrate?

  • Jim N Charleston

    Long hair, don't care. Got to love the mullet on a 2x drunken politician. Business in the front, party in the rear.

  • Dave

    hmmm appears someone thinks the law doesn't apply to them,,,,typical democrat...ask Ted Kennedy

    • DWL

      Now be nice. Ted was only giving swimming lessons.

  • Former McDowell Resident

    2 DUI's and a driving on a revoked license. Seems like this person has trouble obeying laws. Wake up McDowell County, it is time for Mr. Moore to go; he is just riding the coat tail of his father anyway (his father was fine man). I'm sure there are other good citizens to represent this area in Charleston and in McDowell County.