CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Monday was the final day to sign up for the Affordable Health Care Act without facing a penalty.

Members of the group Our Child Our Future volunteered their time at the Kanawha County Library computer lab to help those who had yet to sign up make it in just under the deadline.

Karen Williams, one of those volunteers, stressed it was important to get as many families signed up for health insurance as possible. However, not everyone has the access to a computer to do it or the know how.

“There are a lot of people who may not have great computer skills or they may be confused or they have questions,” said Williams. “They feel comfortable coming in, working one-on-one with someone who has some expertise.”

Our Child Our Future held two previous health care sign ups at the library getting more than 50 people into the program.

Williams said what they found is that some people were very careful about the information they wanted to share from salaries to previous health conditions to family histories. That’s why some chose to do their sign ups at the library.

“If we can help that one person who may not feel confident to go to some of the bigger agencies, we’re here for that one person,” according to Williams.

Most of the help the group provided on Monday came from those calling in over the phone. The volunteers were able to walk them through the sign up process.

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  • Luv Obamacare

    I signed up for obamacare last night, got on the website with no problems!! I will be saving our family $2,500 a year, my coverage is better than what I had before they dropped it, and I get to keep my doctor!!

    April fools!!