KEYSER, W.Va. — A federal grand jury handed up a 73-count indictment Monday aimed at what investigators called a major cocaine ring in Keyser.

The indictments against 13 people were secured following work by the Potomac Highlands Drug Task Force.

Federal prosecutors said Cedric Jones, 32, also known as BG of Palm Coast, Florida, faces charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and cocaine base, money laundering and possession with the intent to sell cocaine.

Jones is believed to be the leader of the drug ring that transported cocaine from other parts of the country to Keyser for resale. He faces a total of 58 counts in the indictment.

Also facing charges are Ebony Haynes Jack, 32, and Travis Howard, 34, both of Florida. 

The other defendants include:

–Patrice Stephens aka Everett Backstreets, 34, of Westernport, Maryland

–Sheena Collins, 36, of Oakland, Maryland

–Adrian Sanchez aka ACE, 30, of Cumberland, Maryland

–Tequila Smith, 32, of Ranson

–Paul Ellis, 35, of Keyser

–Dixie Layman, 40, of Keyser

–Samaria Clifford, 32, of Keyser

–Robert Jessie, 34, of Keyser

–Christopher Redman, 30, of Keyser

–Troy Wilt, 30, of Keyser

If convicted all 13 defendants face life behind bars.


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  • Just Wondering

    Why would someone name their son or daughter Tequila? Please tell me it is a nickname.

  • wvrocks

    These pieces of crap definately deserve stern punishment, but while they face life behind bars, the cold blooded, premeditated murderers of young Skyler Neese will be probably be out in 10-20. Something's wrong here.

    • Jason412

      And the teacher who molested several young children will be out in less than 2 years. With good behavior probably more like a year.

      Drugs should not trump child molestation, that's for sure.

  • Kelly

    What a collective waste of blood.

  • Maxeer

    SUPER work Taks Force gettin these scumbags of the streets....WTG!!!!