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The North-South Basketball Classic is set for June 20th in Charleston.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The coaches and rosters are set for this year’s North-South Basketball Classic in Charleston set for June 20th from the South Charleston Community Center.


Coaches: Tucker County’s Tom Gutshall and Washington’s Don Bullett

Dominique Newman – Washington
Jacob Martin – Ravenswood
Wade Martin – Point Pleasent
CJ Burkes – Hedgesville
Jacob Neal – Roane County
Cal Cistaro – Notre Dame
Logan Lawrentz – Parkersburg South
Trevon Wesco – Musselman
Ian Nichols – Tucker County
David Park – Wheeling Central
Kendell Smith – Washington
Jonnie Riley – Lewis County
Jimmy Galusky – Preston
Zach Willhoite – Magnolia



Coaches: Greenbrier East’s Jim Justice & Charleston Catholic’s Bill McClanahan

Donte Nabors – Woodrow Wilson
Rondale Watson – Greenbrier East
Garret McCarty – Charleston Catholic
Brynden Street – Logan
Jon Elmore – George Washington
Austin Canada – Wyoming East
Corey Bowles – Westside
Anthony Eades – Bluefield
Henry Sorsaia – Hurricane
Anthony Billings – South Charleston
Nick George – Charleston Catholic
Obi Romeo – Greenbrier East
Zen Clements – Princeton

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  • Kiddkornbred

    I wonder if Javon Staunton-Bailey got an invite. He deserved it.

  • Peace

    Wow , looks like south team is loaded , south by 20

  • Terry Lewis

    There has to be a mistake made on the South roster. No Lykel Collier from Bluefield. Are you kidding me? 2 time first team all state and second team as a sophomore. Played in 3 state championship games winning two. 3 time AA state all tournament team. And don't give me that you can't have 2 guys from one team. Greenbrier East has 2 and neither played in one state tournament. Charleston Catholic has 2 as well. but both coaches for the South are from these respective schools. Then you take 2 kids that were HONORABLE MENTION AAA all state and then another that wasn't on anything on the AAA all state team. An absolute joke. Some people on here have been hating on Bluefield since winning their second state title and that is fine. But when the people that select this team (who they are I don't know) leave off a kid Collier you have to think that something is up. Any clue who makes these decisions on the rosters? whoever they are should be fired.

    • Renegade

      I attended Westside when I was in high school and must agree with everything said in the comment above, great players like Collier mentioned above at at leat Will Fox or Justin Cogar one, should have made the team. I think if there were any two teams that deserved two players it would not be Charelston Catholic or Greenbrier East, it would be Westside and Bluefield. No order, two great teams from the best region in the state.

      • Coach_speak

        Renegade - Both GE players are Division I signees. Hard to argue they do not belong on team. Who is to say the players you and Terry Lewis mentioned were not invited? As for the CCHS players, local players help with ticket sales. yet, one CCHS player will play collegiately and another is mulling offers.

        • Terry Lewis

          I'm from Bluefield and I know for a fact that Collier was not invited. The 2 players from Westside that weren't invited are both juniors. The game is for seniors. If you say it is about ticket sales then don't call it an all star game. Call it a fund raiser or whatever. I'm not saying that neither player from GE should not be invited nor the CC players. But to not include Collier is hard to explain. Bluefield deserved 2 BEFORE GE or CC. Eades and Collier won 2 state titles and had a runner up. GE never made it to Charleston and CC was runner up 3 times. Makes no sense.

          • Coach_speak

            Wow - The GE kids are going to St. Joe (NCAA participant from A-10) and Wake Forest. As for them not making it to the states. Really? You have to ask? Look at who the coach is. Enough said.

            Terry - As for Collier, I can't explain his omission, won't even try. Look at any MLB, NFL, NBA 'all-star' game. Always a deserving person omitted. Only the organizors and South coaches could accurately explain.

        • wow

          two D-1 players and they can't make states, who they signing with?

  • Basketball Official

    Great to see Coaches Gutshall and McClanahan going at it one more time. The young men in this game will have a great experience with these two men in the coaching box.

  • Believer

    South will win cause Elmore will put up 40 which will be half the North's points!

    • North_Bound

      What is the over and under for the number of passes Elmore will make? Let's say that benchmark is 4 passes for the whole game and I say 'under.'

      • G DUB

        I'll take the over since he averaged four assists per game this season.