CHARLESTON, W.Va. – One student’s firsthand experience may save lives come prom and graduation day. Paige Lucas was named the winner of the statewide No School Spirits PSA contest Wednesday in a ceremony at Capital High School.

Jennifer Smith/MetroNews

Capital High senior Paige Lucas hopes to put a real-life experience to good use.

The senior wrote a script about the dangers of drinking and driving and sent it to the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration. It was the winning entry. The script was turned into a 60-second public service announcement using students from Capital’s drama club as the actors.

The PSA shows three teenagers driving by the scene of a deadly car accident only to realize it’s their classmates who are involved. One is in handcuffs, another in an ambulance and a third covered with a blood-stained sheet.

Lucas said her script came straight from real life.

“I had a friend that actually died from an automobile accident and he was under the influence,” explained Lucas. “I just really took it upon myself to present what was in my mind.”

Lucas was presented a $1,000 check from State Farm Insurance. The money will go toward Capital High School’s Project Graduation.

The PSA will begin airing this month across the state. Lucas hoped it would make a difference.

“Especially with all the events going coming up such as prom and graduation, kids may be tempted to participate in [drinking and driving]. Hopefully, this public service announcement will convince them otherwise,” said Lucas.

In the 25-year history of Capital High School Principal Clinton Giles said there’s never been a student killed or seriously injured in an alcohol-related vehicle accident and he wants to keep it that way.

The No School Spirits contest was sponsored by the state ABCA, State Farm, the West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Program and the national Alcohol Beverage Control Association.

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  • ernie

    Nicely done by an excellent example of the best of Capital High School.