CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A former state DHHR case worker has been named in a 35-count federal criminal indictment.

Federal prosecutors have charged Shannon Collins, 41, of Logan, also known as Shannon Varney, with various counts of fraud.

It’s alleged Collins took the social numbers from two deceased residents while she worked at the DHHR in 2009 and allegedly used those numbers to establish false accounts and to file false claims. Prosecutors said she had the money sent to her post office box.

Collins also allegedly mailed herself two food stamp cards.

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  • Cindy

    I used to work at DHHR. This kind of thing happened in Wood Co once. That worker was using live peoples' ss#'s which is how they got caught. This one probably thought she wouldn't get caught since there was no one who would apply for benefits only to find out they already were getting benefits.

    As for the "Obama phones"...this has just recently became real public but I gave out applications for free cell phone program yrs ago. I can't recall when it started but it started prior to Obama becoming president.

  • Paul Harvey,PhD

    Former Police Officer, Federal DEA, taught
    Criminal Justice, etc, etc, etc

  • Paul Harvey,PhD

    I have PhD, have applied for several State Civil Service positions in Human Services.

  • Paul Harvey,PhD

    QUIT making political appointments to Civil Service positions.

  • Voter

    Mike is spot on. If the state would do a little house cleaning in the DHHR along with major welfare reform, we might not have to raid the rainy day fund. You can spot the leeches from a mile away at WalMart (usually the 1st of the month).

  • Mike

    Amy, Why are you so messed up. Stealing SSAN for profit is not a mistake. It is a crime. Big difference. I can forgive someone makes a mistake,but not someone that steals from dead people. Yes,I know the people's SSAN she stole don't know it,but that does not make it right. I would be willing to bet that you are one of the late nite/early morning shoppers at Wal-Mart that wear's their PJs to shop in. Body covered in such beautiful art work,using my money to by your junk food,beer and frozen food. The you call a cab on your free cell phone because after 3 DUIs the state took your license.After getting your 5 or 6 kids out of the cart you yell for their Daddy for help and 2 or 3 slugs come running. Your letter fits a typical free loader.

    • James Lane

      Yeah! Because people can buy beer with food stamps and it is perfectly O.K. and righteous to refer to people as slugs and anyone who says there should be forgiveness is a liberal communist socialist Obama lover. Oh, and don't get me started on those free phones! Those OBAMA phones are an abomination! I don't care if they are funded by universal service fees that is still a TAX and I don't care if their distribution began before Obama was in office they are still OBAMA phones. All you pinko commie liberals should be kicked out of the country!

  • george


  • Amy Schoolcraft

    You have people that make mistakes of all degrees everywhere, no one is perfect and we all lie from time to time, just because your sin is not as bad as the next does not mean that sin is no longer a sin,,, hopefully people can and will learn from the mistakes they make and do better in the furture, and it doesn't matter if your a democrat or republican, when its all said and done what the people want done with their money will happen,,, who ever has the most monetary influence is who wins the outcome,

  • kc61

    My, how quickly the shenanigans of Arch Moore have been forgotten.

  • DWL

    Not a Logan Co resident? Fraud? No way! Next you'll tell us she was a liberal democrat that not only stole dead peoples identity, but she voted numerous times for the m0r0n, cousin Earl Ray (d), Carpetbagger Jay (d), No-Show Joe (d), all their friends and is a drinkin' buddy of ole Clif Moore (d) and his friendly magistrate, also a (d). Set up a round at the bar! Clif's got company a comin.

    • DWL but Smart

      Ferns and Clif right?

    • James Lane

      Yeah! Because everyone from Logan County is a criminal and a fraud and Democrats are the worst people in the world and they all hate America and they all do awful things all the time and they poop their pants and they try to feed hungry children and all of that awful stuff. They just aren't like real Americans who are all conservatives because right wingers are the only true Americans and no conservative or Republican has ever done anything wrong ever... unless Shannon Collins is a Republican... then she is the first one... and I agree with this guy that everyone in Logan are cousins and you know how and why.

      • DWL

        You forgot to mention the entitlement mentality they all have, but otherwise, you pretty much nailed it perfectly James. You must have been standing in front of the mirror when you wrote the description. But keep smiling, ‘cause one of these days you will figure out the err of your ways.

        • James Lane

          Yeah, because every person who lives in Logan County or places like Mingo, McDowell, Lincoln, and Boone are all the same and they all have that mentality and are as we described above. We should probably just make that whole section of the state a big concentration camp, no getting in or out (you know, until we need some more coal for stuff like electicity and steel). Those lazy hillbillies will have to hunt or farm or starve. It's about time they pull themselves up by the bootstraps. It's not like anyone will miss them if they all die. They have never contributed anyway, and the worst part, they tend to vote Democrat, and there is nothing so terrible as that. Every bad thing that has ever happened to anyone at any time was caused by Democrats. I didn't fight in Iraq and Afghanistan for those pieces of garbage. I fought for America and those people are not Americans. Liberals are not Americans. They are scum.