SOUTHSIDE, W.Va. — One person was killed in a collision Wednesday morning on U.S. Route 35 in Mason County.

The wreck happened at about 11 a.m. near the community of Southside when an SUV collided with a farm tractor. Emergency dispatchers said one person was killed and two others injured. One was taken by helicopter to an area hospital.

State Police are investigating. Traffic was detoured around the crash site.

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  • John

    Don't blame this accident on the road, its the stupid driver of the vehicle that was to blame as he just had to pass in the no-passing zone. Everyone is in a hurry these days and some just cannot stand for anyone to be ahead of them, so they take irresponsible and dangerous chances. If it had been on a 4-lane road it still could have happened, especially if the farmer was in the right lane and was turning left. Very tragic and I hope the driver is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • knows

    New guy not need guy

  • knows

    I've been trying that for a for the need guy but there are too many sheep that either don't bother voting at all or vote for existing office holders then wonder why nothing changes

  • Mason County Contrarian

    All Mason Countians should be outraged.

    Another family grieves today. How many more have to die senselessly before politicos complete this 14-mile stretch?

    We now know that a proposed toll to complete this hazardous road was worth more to local politicians than the countless human lives affected by this latest tragedy.

    All politicians share blame for this, from the statehouse to the local hacks. When do they start to give a tinker's darn about human lives rather than surviving the next election cycle? What of the safety of our children who ride school buses daily on Rt. 35? What about the safety of our Mason County citizens? What about the ten percent plus unemployed in this county that need economic development to maintain their families?

    We had our chance to finish this road, but the heat in the kitchen was too much. A small but vocal group said, "No! We'll do it without tolls!" County officials even enlisted the aid of Gallia County, Ohio officials to stop its completion (Gallia County has its four-lane and economic growth). The county commission reversed an earlier resolution to complete Rt. 35 by tolls if necessary to save their political keesters. Local Democrats then crawled in bed with the fringe out of political expediency.

    And we wait........and wait....and wait. And people continue to be injured, maimed, and killed. Our towns are decaying to the point that quality of life issues are addressed out-of-state in Gallia County rather than here at home.

    We REALLY showed them, didn't we?

    Once again, here's hoping the fatcat politicians, statewide and local, don't sleep for days. It's another case of irresponsible elected officials running an unresponsive state and county governments.

    Election Day is approaching. Time to clean the Courthouse. A change in local leadership may be just the thing to get this project moving, again.