CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The president of the West Virginia Education Association said Wednesday Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin evidently doesn’t understand the importance of daily planning periods for teachers.

(Read governor’s veto message here)

Dale Lee said the WVEA is disappointed the governor decided to veto SB 477 that would have clarified that teachers are in control of their planning periods.

“We drafted the legislation in an attempt to clarify the planning periods and stop the abuses,” Lee said.

Teachers claim they are asked by school principals to do a lot other things during their planning periods when they should be planning for instruction.

“We’ll just have to have teachers stand up and say, ‘No. My planning period is important to me. I have to prepare my instruction for the kids, to better succeed for the kids,'” Lee said.

In his veto message the governor said he supports the idea that teachers should have planning periods “that are reasonably unburdened by other demands” but the bill would have prevented collaboration between teachers and principals on planning the instructional day and would add costs to “already strained budgets of county boards of education.”

Lee believes the state Board of Education misinformed the governor.

“The state Board apparently had some information that this would increase costs that I just don’t agree with,” he said.

The veto left Lee scratching his head.

“It amazes me that we talked all last session (2013) about empowering teachers and now we want to take the power away from teachers to control their own planning period? That just doesn’t make sense to me,” Lee said.

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  • Old Teacher

    Mr. Principal I can't talk during my planning period. I have to go to town and run errands.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Since WVEA represents both some teachers and principals, sure would be like to be an AFT fly on the wall when one of their teachers and one of their administrators cross swords over the issue.

    Bring the popcorn!

  • Gary Karstens

    Principals need to do a better job of enforcing discipline...bottom line! Teachers used to plan and not have to have how they use their planning dictated to them by a principal....who on average...probably put a few years in the classroom before moving up to the high paying administration gig. Many principals are just old PE teachers that became washed-up coaches.

  • Grey4449

    If teachers don't get out of school till the second week of June and have to be back the second week of August. That's not three months off. I checked with the board of education and teachers only get paid for the months they work. Their pay is just spread out to cover the summer months. It's just like barge workers they work 60 days on and 30 off. They have their pay spread out to cover the 30 days off. Whiners need to get their facts straight.

  • Grey4449

    I'm so sick of teachers being put down. Why don't some of you whiners go to school and sub. Ha then I want to hear what you say then. I'm not a teacher but I'm smart enough to know I wouldn't be where I'm at today without school and the teachers who made a difference in my life. I had three kids and only about 20 percent of parents showed up for parent teacher conference. I coached midget league football and half the parents never even showed up for games. Parents need to get involved it would help the teachers and help the kids even more.

  • thomas lemmon

    ok i have to say...teachers in wv cant teach...get paid way more that than earn and have 3 months paid vacation....any other state u prolly cant survive on ur pay anywhere else...are kids better educated than 30 yrs ago? 20?'ve drank the koolaid that u are special...guess what...teachers have it better in wv than any other state...just a rant that needs to be said....

    • No 3 months vacation

      Teachers are only paid for 10 months. You need to check your facts about what you write. They are ranked 49th in pay compare to other states (there are 50 states in the US). By the way check the new law about the calendar. Teachers (and students) can be going to school from August 1st to June 30th, the WV State BOE’s new law only requires 4 weeks between school years.

    • Mason County Contrarian

      Did you have an I.E.P.?

  • picklebee

    Maybe Mr.Lee needs more planning time to make ads for various dealerships near the union offices.
    The man has no shame.

  • Say What

    My earlier post must've been deemed a threat to the WVBOE. I will set it again. If any of my grand kids inform me that they had to grade tests during class, I will be in the face of the BOE.

  • DWL

    Wear that UNION label! Liberal (d)'s one and all. Destroying the US - one trade at a time!

    • thomas lemmon

      ur a dumbass hillbilly and worse u know nothing of unions saving lives in this state...screw repubicans and the companies they work for....

      • DWL

        Unemployed coal miners - Why? The m0r0n's EPA. Abandon steal mills - Why? The UNIONS bankrupted them. The auto industry - Killed by UNIONS and the m0r0n's administration. Lack of educated people - The UNIONIZED Teachers. The minute a UNION touches anything today - it is dead!!!!

      • grey4449

        Democrats are about to destroy the United States. Obamacare, high gas prices, high unemployment, Trillion dollar debt, NSA spying on Americans, Oh did I mention the IRS. Obama and you democrats have declared war on coal. You need to put a bridle on your DONKEY.

      • Roger

        You both are political sheep.

  • N8QQD

    On most days, I got to grade papers, duplicate worksheets, arrange equipment for lab during my planning period. I also covered classes for fellow teachers when substitutes were not available, trained on all standardized tests given during the year, attended IEP and 504 meetings, or provided coverage for colleagues so they could attend them. At times, I covered lunch duty or helped supervise restrooms. All this was covered in my contract by the phrase, "All duties as assigned by the principal". Don't judge all of us by what a few do.

    • thomas lemmon

      u trained to do this....dam do something else then

    • Independent View


      Whew! I'm tired just from reading all of the daily tasks that you perform! (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

  • Leroy j Gibbs

    As a salaried professional I spend many hours at the end of the day taking care of things that need done in order to do a good job. Take pride in your work and quit whining! .go to the private sector and complain see how long you are employed!

    • thomas lemmon


  • CaptainQ

    Well, the leadership of the WVEA will whine, moan, groan and complain about this, but when the November elections come up, they'll urge their rank and file to vote for the same political party that did this to them: The Democrats!

    Didn't some famous person once say the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again expecting a DIFFERENT result? Good luck with that, WVEA!

  • Mark

    David: Tomblin isn't up for re-election jn November.

  • Dillon

    If teachers have the ability to plan during their planning period, it will only make them better prepared for their students.

    Come on Governor, this was a bad veto.

  • Confused

    Why does this need to be a law? If the teachers have a problem with their time during a planning period taken away, can't they handle it "in house"? That's how I'm expected to do my job. I certainly wouldn't expect the governor to intervene on my behalf with my employer.