WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. — A nationally syndicated columnist and Fox News political contributor says, for evidence of what government is doing right, it’s important to turn away from Washington, D.C. and look to the states.

Cal Thomas

“There’s a lot of really great stuff — problems being solved, budgets being balanced,” said Cal Thomas who was a guest on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline” prior to a lunchtime talk with members of West Liberty University’s Economics Club in Ohio County.

He said, for Washington to work, a major change in the mindset among Americans is needed.  “Despite all the evidence that it’s not working, people continue to turn to government as a first resource instead of a last resort,” he said.

Thomas said the real problem in the District is the number of career politicians there.

“The various unions and trial lawyers and others fund these campaigns.  Their objective, when they get to Congress, is really not to do the people’s business, but to get reelected, so that’s the real problem,” he said.

Prior to joining Fox News, Thomas has also worked with NBC, CNBC and PBS.  He has written more than ten books, including his most recent book, “What Works: Common Sense Solutions For A Stronger America.”

Future talks for West Liberty University’s Economics Club will include Chris Stirewalt, digital politics editor at Fox News, on May 22; Rich Lowry, editor of “National Review,” on June 26 and Joy Pullmann, research fellow at The Heartland Institute, on July 24.

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