CROSS LANES, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department released the name Thursday afternoon of the driver killed in a head-on crash Wednesday night in Cross Lanes.

Deputies said Travis Wade Camp, 30, of Nitro and Charleston, was driving recklessly after he left McNally’s Pub along Big Tyler Road.

The deputy turned on his lights to attempt a traffic stop but Camp sped away.

“Speeds of the pursuit at one point reached 85 miles an hour,” said Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department Corporal Bryan Humphreys. “The deputy said he was going to discontinue the pursuit and turned off his lights and siren and just continued to drive along Big Tyler Road.”

The deputy rounded a sharp curve and rolled up on a collision involving the vehicle he’d been chasing.

“The green Camaro it appeared struck a bank on the right side of the road and then veered left of center and struck a Honda Accord head on,” Humphreys said.

The deputy was able to rescue two passengers from the Camp’s vehicle. They along with the driver of the Accord, Paula Holmes, 41, of Cross Lanes, were sent to the hospital. A neighbor assisted the deputy with a fire hose after the Camaro caught fire. Camp was trapped in the wreckage and wasn’t freed until the fire department arrived. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


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  • wes

    Dr nothing put urself in a wood chipper

  • DWL

    Guess they can cancel that planned 31st birthday party.

    Now the other drunks can start blaming everyone else for their stupidity. The poor Honda Accord driver, Ms. Holmes should own everything the drunk driver owned, everything the passengers owned for they should have stopped him, and she may be the lucky owner of McNally’s Pub, for the bar tender served a drunk. Wishing Ms. Holmes a speedy & full recovery. The hel- with the other drunks.

  • Gob

    Wow. It's disheartening to see people put any blame on law enforcement for something like this. The guy was driving drunk and tried to outrun police. Drunk! Enough said. The deputy clearly did the right thing by discontinuing the chase, as evidenced by the fact that he came up on the wreck after it happened and didn't actually witness it. If he had continued chasing, this wouldn't be the case. Just glad nobody innocent was killed by this horrible decision the drunk driver made.

  • DR. Nate

    The fact that the retarded, drunken driver is dead, we should still chip him up in the tree chipper, just to send a message to the other retarded, drunken, driving on no lic. With 3/4&5 DUI's drivers out there in the bars, and on the roads!!! Remember , 2 DUI's in a 30 day period, the chipping them up is free!!

    • Randy

      I do feel that the Snidley Whiplash train track method doesn't get enough press.

    • Randy

      Whether I love or hate Dr Nates comments, I'll say this-The man loves his wood chipper.

  • Charles

    Very tragic, there are too many bars in Cross Lanes anyhow. Surprising there aren't more of these kinds of accidents. Yes drinkers, your senseless decisions do have impacts on innocent others. Also, the turn where the collision occurred is very dangerous at normal speeds and needs to be widened to make it safer for all drivers. Other accidents are waiting to happen in this curve because the county allows a school bus stop to exist at Klondike Road nearly a couple hundred feet away from the crash impact point. Several close calls have already occurred in this curve. Changes are necessary along this stretch of Big Tyler. Praying for speedy recovery of Mrs. Holmes.

    • Larry

      You're right, also a lot of druggies in and around that area as well.

  • James

    You are not allowed to chase a suspect if it puts the public in jeopardy, happen in Berkeley county like 15 years ago and the state police paid out a multi million dollar lawsuit to the family of the young girl who was killed by a guy running from the cops, this is a state policy

    • BIG TIM

      Are you serious, only a thug or scumbag would blame the police for this. THE DRUNK DRIVER HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT !!!!!

    • Realist

      Not really sure what your point is. The article clearly states that the officer turned off his lights and siren and he simply proceeded to drive along the road.

      • Billy

        The deputy said he was going to discontinue the pursuit and turned off his lights and siren and just continued to drive along Big Tyler Road."
        It says he was going to, it never says he did.

        • Me

          Yea, lets not blame the drunk driver but lets blame the police. Really? Some people amaze me.

          • Jonus Grumby

            No shared blame here. The driver steps on the brake instead of the gas it's a whole different outcome. The deputy was doing his job. Next.

          • Ronin

            Nothing can outrun a radio wave, so there is some degree of shared blame in this situation.

  • Richard

    The bar owner and the Kanawha Co Sheriff's Dept will pay big time for this. Wishing speedy recovery to Ms Holmes.

    • ViennaGuy

      Yeah, it's not the drunk driver's fault. The drunk driver was just an innocent victim.




    • Larry

      I doubt it, the bar may, but the police did nothing wrong, the deceased criminal should have stopped and not driven 85mph in a 35mph area!