CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Two Harrison County residents allegedly killed a man for talking to police about a break-in.

Police arrested two Lumberport residents—Shane Andrew Miller, 21, and Tracy Renee Miller, 19—on Wednesday and charged them with first-degree murder in the death Clarksburg’s Darrell Golden. The 58-year-old Golden was reported missing March 17, and his body was found March 20 near a pond on Jones Run Road.

The criminal complaint said Golden’s disappearance was believed linked to a breaking and entering in Clarksburg that Shane Miller had committed but Golden knew about. Investigators said tips led them to Shane and Tracy Miller after Shane was heard discussing Golden’s death. He was allegedly upset that Golden had talked to police about the crime at the Blue Bird store.

Investigators allege Shane and Tracy Miller beat Golden with beer bottles, knocking him unconscious. The criminal complaint said Shane Miller dragged Golden to the Jones Run pond and Tracy Miller held his head face down in the water until he was dead.

According to the criminal complaint, the pair left his body underwater but the water level dropped and the body was spotted by a fisherman. The Millers allegedly left their bloody clothes at the scene and tried to clean blood out of Shane Miller’s car.

They are both in the North Central Regional Jail without bail.

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  • May

    I am Shane's aunt. I no longer live in WV, but his mother and father are good, hard working, and decent people. He was raised by a good mother and father so let's leave them out of it. I am very sorry for the victim and his family, but I will stand by my family. Whatever happened to "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY"?

  • smartestone

    His brother is testifying against him in court apparently he did do it. Good for you him. Now these idiots can't go and kill somebody else their exactly where they need to be!!! We need to bring the death penalty back for idiots like this lol

  • lisa

    They get what they dereved because they killed him thats so sad I hope they get prision

  • HNC

    I think they should be locked up for the rest of their lives and then let God do what he will with them. God will be their final judgement.

  • lisa

    Hope u two rote in jail thow key away

  • alderson

    she will be a jail favorite. What a "sweetheat" she will be.

  • The sister inLaw

    You know the more I read these people comments. Buts really funny is that more then likely your family is probably worse then mine ever can be.. before you point at another how about looking at yours. They got married cause they loved each other ..and He worked to pay for what he had ..I just don't get people what I really want to say I can't cause it would be so mean of I will put it as nice as I can.... mr.tree chipper how about you need a psychiatrist because you are sick and very demented obviously you have a medical condition I take that back you need a highly certified psychiatrist.. why would you even say some thing like that.. you belong in a nut house.. see it next of fox 5 man put wife or child in wood chipper... better put your self in there..I would be happy to pay for the gas :) :) :) you feel me bro

    • lisa

      Well if u two are gulty you deserved jail or prison its shamed this guy was killed .

  • The sister inLaw

    Well first off I know him pretty well .I know all the Miller's they are good people.. Shane is a good guy ..great brother ..wonder uncle and a great son..he's the kids doing of guy how walked miles in the rain to bring me gas..walked miles to a friends house in need for someone to talk to.. He would go with out ! To make sure some one else didn't have to... or giving the last dollar in his pocket to the homeless women that was out side of the Clarksburg mission for a cup of coffee... see you people don't know what kind of a person he is.. your all wrong ..He was the kind of person who would never turn his back on his friend's or his family... If he was you blood .. or friend all these mean things people are saying about his you all wouldn't like it.. matter of fact would make you feel sad that all these people no nothing about him and what kind of people Shane and Tracy are
    ... makes me sad that none of u really know him.. then you would see ..... but I don't care about what any one of you all think... He is one he'll of a guy and I'm glade he is my brother inlaw... I love you Shane ..and Tracy .... I will never turn my back on you both......... I hope you all never have to go through what my family has to go through. . Cause then you all will see how it is from the outside..looking In.... ..

    • lisa

      They dereved what they get

  • griff

    they had bloody clothes & blood in the car. A quick trial & a rope from the "tallest tree" is all they deserve. death penalty reinstated. Those 2 took the life of another human being. People that do such a evil deed do not deserve to live.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Send both of them to the Korean DMZ, give them each a camera, force them to walk north and let nature take its course.

  • Jonus Grumby

    These 2 maggots should burn for this.

  • xxxx

    Why don't they look into the beating of the 68 year old man by the Clarksburg police force.What a fine police force we have.They are worse then the people they arrest!!

  • xxxx

    Why don't they look into the beating of the 68 year old man in Clarksburg that was done by our fine police force.Clarksburg police are worse then the people they arrest!!

  • xxxx

    Innocent till proven guilty!! Everyone has them guilty before they even go to trial ! I know both of them and I can tell you they would never hurt anyone.And for Shane Miller's past.He did what was asked of him and had his life together,doing drugs was not what he was about. He had a good job and was just happy being with his wife,so tell me why in the hell someone who fought so hard to get his life together would do that? You need to stop judging what you know nothing about! I wonder how many skeletons everyone else here has in their closet..anyone care to share?

  • KnownShaneSinceMiddleSchooll

    I know both of them and you can say what you will but I can NOT see either of them doing this & yes I have sympathy for this man and his family & hope justice is brought upon who ever had did this but I believe Shane and Tracey Miller are innocent.