CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Two Harrison County residents allegedly killed a man for talking to police about a break-in.

Police arrested two Lumberport residents—Shane Andrew Miller, 21, and Tracy Renee Miller, 19—on Wednesday and charged them with first-degree murder in the death Clarksburg’s Darrell Golden. The 58-year-old Golden was reported missing March 17, and his body was found March 20 near a pond on Jones Run Road.

The criminal complaint said Golden’s disappearance was believed linked to a breaking and entering in Clarksburg that Shane Miller had committed but Golden knew about. Investigators said tips led them to Shane and Tracy Miller after Shane was heard discussing Golden’s death. He was allegedly upset that Golden had talked to police about the crime at the Blue Bird store.

Investigators allege Shane and Tracy Miller beat Golden with beer bottles, knocking him unconscious. The criminal complaint said Shane Miller dragged Golden to the Jones Run pond and Tracy Miller held his head face down in the water until he was dead.

According to the criminal complaint, the pair left his body underwater but the water level dropped and the body was spotted by a fisherman. The Millers allegedly left their bloody clothes at the scene and tried to clean blood out of Shane Miller’s car.

They are both in the North Central Regional Jail without bail.

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  • WV Bud

    You don"t believe in the death penalty,do you, Harpers Ferry?

  • Jima

    I went to school with Darrell and know his family- good people. He did not deserve this!

    • smokes

      By your logic Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, and Hitler were good people too. after all they had families as well. Damn the internet has some of the dumbest people on the planet. What these punk kids did is awful.

      • omen69

        these kids are innocent until proven guilty they things that these kids are accused of are a very very far cry from any of the ppl u named

  • The Answer

    I know what all of you are saying but wait and see what they actually get.

  • chasmo

    Well fellow tax payers , we need to get ready to feed clothe insurance internet tv warmth bed and etc for these 2 POS. We need IMMEDIATE execution on certain criminal acts !

    • Eye for a Eye

      Well said. Both deserve the same fate. A public beating and then drowning. End of story.

    • chris

      Chasmo I would almost beat you don't even know neither one of these kids. And if your answer is no the u need to stop judging pepole. Hears some smart advice think be for u speak. In fact just don't talk there dumb asses

      • Bob

        You must be kin to theses two idiots judging by your grammar and spelling skills.

      • Hillbilly

        If your family members are such fine upstanding sweet people why are they involved with breakins and murders of their accomplices??? Maybe you do not know them as well as you think...

      • Understand


        I opine that these two didn't do any better in HS grammar class than you. Your post is hard to read and understand. Spell check perhaps?

  • William

    READY,AIM, FIRE! - Next Case.

  • steve

    no mercy on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chris

      I bet if any of u on here saying kill them. Hang them or throw them in the tree chipper had kids or if u r kids or brother or sister was being wrong fully accused for murder you would be feeling the same way as I am. That is my little brother and my sister in law that's my family and not a dam one of u on the page have any right to say the nasty mean thing that you are. Everyone on this page with the exception of 1. Need to grow the funk up man because these are in a sent lives your talking about I'm all down for the police finding the person or the person's that did this but leave my family out of it. Beside has anyone ever heard of the 4th amendment...................................

      • WV

        Sounds like your family should be on Jerry Springer

      • smokes

        you have one sorry ass family LOL. how would you feel if someone murdered someone in your family like they did someone else? Look at them, they look like such trashy people too.

        • Heather

          See people run there mouth. and don't know what there even talking about .. you know nothing about any of these people and you just wanna put your 2 cents in... just a person hiding be hide a fake screen name..

      • Tom

        Tree chipper is an excellent idea!

      • Call them as I see them

        Have you ever heard of the Tongue and Quill, English class, written composition? Obviously not. I pity you for your lack of aptitude to write a simple post to a forum. Hopefully, you will someday acquire some skills and assume some command of the English language. As for your family members being innocent, we'll see what their defense is for this crime. But it certainly doesn't look good for them.

      • Ragweed

        If they are guilty as charged, then they desreve to die. Pure and simple. They are probably a product of the "government provides everything" movement that started with Lyndon Johnson.

        As for he ddath penalty, The Lord established government to provide for order in society. He himself was going to be executed, but yet did not condem capital punishment. Governments have been given the right to cleanse society by execution.

        And finally, is there anyone on these forums that can write and express themselves correctly without resulting to texting language? It is amazing what our public schools are turning out.

      • Jim

        Sorry to burst your bubble but they look about 3 sheets to the wind in the pic above. I am not saying kill them or anything. But if looks could kill they sure look guilty. This is WV so the worst he will get is to be bubba's jail wife.

      • Judge Judy

        You are very illiterate to say the least. If the evidence as being reported is true, then I don't see much innocence here. They should face the same fate as the deceased. If they are innocent as you suggest, then where is their exoneration facts? This appears to be a slam dunk case. Guilty!

        • Bob

          I tink you mean in o sense don't ya Judy ? I'm sorry,bad grammar and spelling on message boards ear I tates the hell out of me.

      • dam3fan8

        I don't know the facts, but it looks like your family really needs an intervention at this point bud. Bloody clothes left at scene? How do you interpret that? Am I using to big of words for you? Your family needs to hope and pray they find some remorse in their heart while they are recovering from their addiction and paying the price for their ignorance! Good luck with that! The days of bring them a carton of smokes are gone! They are in for a long road of sobriety ahead! Wish them luck!

    • Harpers Ferry

      Except from Jesus, who, quite obviously, is a MUCH better man than you.

      • Believer and realist

        Agree with you. But I haven't seen any divine intervention in court lately so his forgiveness occurs much later in the grand scheme.

  • Dr. Nate

    I say stick both in the tree chipper at the same time to save on fuel!! How many lives could be saved, if we would just chip up these type people! Most come out of prison, as jail house lawyers, or better trained criminals, and repeat their crimes. I could do a proper chipping,and rid the problem, save the state/feds tons of cash, and do all that for around $00.18 worth of fuel!!! I don't see a downside!!!

    • chris

      Man is it just me or dose dumb dumb Dr Nate seem like he or she or what ever you are. Well it don't matter. As I was saying dozen't Dr Nate seem to have some serious mental problems. Hears an idea the Dr Nate y don't u go do u some more inbreeding

      • DR. Nate

        Chris, as others here have posted, you really should pick up a book, and learn to read! And spell!! But in you crying and misspelled post, you still couldn't find a downside to chipping up the scum,bi-polar/druggies/ THEIFS that the news was about, could you? That's why you all jacked up! You mad because po-po took away your boyfriend?

        • Larry

          To be fair, there are several misspellings in your comment as well. *your crying, *THIEVES, and *you're all jacked up.

          • Dr Nate

            Ol,Larry boy, iz just b tryin 2 relate to crhis post, jus sow u no, I has a phd in chipperoligy, an is bord appoved! BUT I'M STILL WAITING ON SOMEBODY TO TELL ME THE DOWNSIDE OF CHIPPING THESES FOOLS!!!!

    • talking2thestupids

      Quite the intellect we have here. Throw them all in my "chipper". That'll fix it!!!! Do you support the 2nd?

      • Ragweed

        Throwing them in the chipper may not fix all the problems, but it will take care of two problems who will probably go on and on as the dregs of society.

        And yes, I do support the 2nd. Why does it matter?

  • In da stickes

    What part of the neck tattoo gives it away?

    • Larry

      Any and all of it, never met anyone yet with one who was worth the powder to blow their brains out.

      • omen69

        to larry
        I know a few people with tattoos and a few are preachers so don't go saying people with tattoos are not worth anything

  • ole sasquatch

    How awful. Most likely these young hoodlums are involved with drugs.

  • leroy j gibbs

    looks like some fine upstanding citizens of wva., their mothers would be so proud

    • Low Rider

      Probably carbon copies of their mothers. I doubt they are surprised.

      • Larry

        Even less surprised, or concerned were the fathers I'm sure weren't in their lives.

        • The sister inLaw

          And yes you fool ..His father is a hard working man dare you pick my family apart..I'm mean really..who the he'll are you..This is wrong to pick and point your life is so much more better... I'm sure..

  • whatamoroon

    A speedy quick trial and let sparky have them a few days afterwards. We need to quit wasting time with losers and focus on a high degree of public safety.

    • talking2thestupids

      Giving public officials authority to execute quickly is going to insure public safety? Did you think at all before typing that?

  • Wirerowe

    These young folks have given up their right to existence on earth. Death penalty.

    • Harpers Ferry

      And apparently you believe that God has given up his right to be the one to pass judgement and determine life and death. I'll be willing to wager that you are staunchly pro-life though.

      • talking2thestupids

        It's not social, religious, racial, or any other guise people are wrapped up in. Constitutional, it's not supernatural. Get over it.

        • Wirerowe

          You must be a Russian a mystery within an enigma. FYI . The death penalty would be cruel and unusual punishment for jaywalking, 32 states retain the death penalty so it is not inconsistent with the 8th amendment or none would have the death penalty. If this turns out that these young folks did kill this man with premeditation for talking with the authorities then the death penalty would not be cruel and unusual punishment.

      • Wirerowe

        I am not silly enough to draw conclusions about you or talk you down because you disagree with me. I believe in the death penalty for cases such as this appears to be with the presumption of innocence reasonable doubt and extra due diligence if the perp is poor and extra extra due diligence if the perp is poor and black. You don't believe in the death penalty . I appreciate your viewpoint. Peace brother

  • Hillbilly

    Young and Dumb . Bring Ole Sparky back .

    • chris

      I'm sure they will bring Olé sparky back. But I would really recommend that. You and all of your ignorance. Be the one to try it. Think about there right dumb dumb inasent until proven guilty or are u to dam retarded that you can't remember our right as Americans

    • talking2thestupids

      With your scant tax revenue, are you sure that going through all avenues of capital punishment is paramount?

    • Eric

      EXACTLY!! You took the words right out of my mouth, Hillbilly!

  • Ronin

    These two would be a good test case to see if you can actually die from water boarding.

    Let the punishment fit the crime.

    • skye

      Do you even know them? I grew up with that girl! She a straight sweet heart. Never thought she do this. How do they know that it was them for a fact? We don't. So can we stop saying kill em. Frfr.

      • Ragweed

        I don't know them, and I don't have to. Are you saying that someone, supposedy with a "straight sweet heart" shouldn't be prosecuted for murder. Apparently, she had a change of heart.

      • Anthony

        I'm pretty sure the DNA all over their clothes, the blood in his car and reports of him discussing the murder pretty much give it away. I'm not high on the death penalty, I'll leave that argument to everyone else. However, having gone to high school with a girl does not make them innocent.

        Old boy's neck tattoo isn't helping his case much either...

        • omen69

          what the hell does the tattoo on his neck have to do with a damn thing

      • chris

        Skye that is the best post I have seen so far thank u. I lived up over Tracy and u r right she is a sweet heart. And Shane is my little brother and he is a very very wonderful Person they are both really sweet, loving human beans. Thanks from....
        Big brother Christopher miller

        • Beckie

          "lived up over Tracy"? And as far as Shane goes, was he not convicted of burglary and grand larceny and on probation???? He does not seem like a "wonderful" person. All we know is that he is a conviceted burglarer, convicted grand larcenist, married to a teenager, has an idiotic tattoo: and I will speculate that he probably is unemployed and unskilled, probably does not even have a high schoool education, not very bright to marry thinking that will somehow hide his criminal activity, but, boy he apparently had a car! We'll find out if there was blood in that car and whose blood it was. So, brother Chris, tell us the "wonderful" things about your brother.

          • xxxx

            Your right he did have a car,he had a car that he worked every damn day to pay for and also had an electricians license and a high school diploma,why is it that everyone has to comment on something they know nothing about!

        • Pensfan

          I'm sure the victim thought they were "sweet loving human beans" too... Right up to the moment they starting bashing his head with the beer bottle and holding his head under water to finish their job

    • talking2thestupids

      If we ignore the 8th, they can ignore the 2nd.

    • jeremy

      nice one. Lol

  • Jason


    • talking2thestupids

      Smartest post on this topic. Agree 100%