CHARLESTON, W.Va. – AARP West Virginia wants you to become money smart. That’s why it’s celebrating April 5-12 as Money Smart Week.

“Help consumers become more financially literate, if you will,” West Virginia AARP Executive Director Gaylene Miller explained at a Friday news conference. “Learning more about how to spot scams and frauds, how to save more money, as well as the idea of really being able to know just what’s out there for them in termsof tools and resources,” said Miller.

Jennifer Smith/MetroNews

WV AARP Director Gaylene Miller announced the plans at a Friday news conference in Charleston.

Money Smart Week is a multi-state public awareness campaign sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank.

During the week the AARP will be offering different program around the state.

“We have Operation Scam Jam in Parkersburg. Here in the Kanawha Valley we’re doing a shred event, which allows folks to bring those personal documents and dispose, of them in a safe and confidential way,” explained Miller.

Other events set for this week include the West Virginia Women and Money Conference in Shepherdstown, Teach Children to Save Day and a Credit Report Day statewide.

Miller stressed just because AARP is sponsoring the events doesn’t mean it’s just for seniors.

“This is for folks of all ages!”

One other goal is to get people thinking about money safety.

“To help people spot what might be an investment fraud. Not only do we want folks to save more but once they have that nest egg they need to know how to protect it,” according to Miller.

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  • DWL

    Correct me if I am wrong - Didn't AARP endorse the m0r0n and his ideology? And they are going to teach "money smart" concepts? How to recognize "scams & frauds"? You have got to be kidding!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!! They helped perpetuate one of the largest scams and frauds on the US taxpayers! m0r0n-care!!!!! This is absolutely hilarious.

    • Max

      DWL, I've been getting membership solicitation from the AARP since I turned 55 which was 7 years ago. I wouldn't belong to that corrupt outfit if they paid for my membership. Your right, they supported Obama Care from the outset...they have nothing in common with a conservative mindset. They are going to shred seniors old Obama has shredded the Constitution with their help...count me out.

      • DWL

        AARP is the biggest scam there is. You are so right!.

        Everything I get from them I send it back unopened as unsolicited mail. That way it costs them both ways.