CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Harrison County prosecuting attorney Joe Shaffer said a Lumberport man thought a wedding would help him get away with last month’s murder of a Clarksburg man.

“Tipsters tell us that Mr. Miller’s bright idea was that, if he married the girl, then she could not testify against him,” said Shaffer.  “But, as many of us know, the marital privilege doesn’t go to crimes that are committed together.”

Shane Andrew Miller, 21, and Tracy Renee Miller, 19, of Lumberport were married last Saturday.  On Wednesday, the two were charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing Darrell Golden, 58, of Clarksburg.

MORE: Police believe Millers killed man for talking to police

“They got married and they thought all was well until they went out and ran their mouths about what they had done and people started calling in,” said Shaffer on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

A fisherman found Golden’s body on March 20 at a pond near Wallace, three days after his family members had reported him missing. Investigators said he had been beaten with beer bottles before he was dragged to that pond on Jones Run and drowned.

Shaffer said investigators believe the murder was tied to a nighttime break in that happened at the Blue Bird store in downtown Clarksburg on March 13 when “a couple hundred dollars in change” and cigarettes were taken.

Shane Miller, who had been on probation for daytime burglary and grand larceny, was a suspect in that burglary.

Shaffer said he did not think Golden was part of the break in, but may have known about Miller’s involvement.

“We think we have what’s very clearly a first degree, premeditated murder where a man suffered a great deal, all in anticipation of him ratting them out on the burglary,’ said Shaffer.

The Millers were being held in the North Central Regional Jail without bail.

“It’s a horrible situation and just another case of people getting lost when they’re young and getting into these types of lives with nothing but disaster ahead of them,” said the prosecuting attorney.

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  • Humor me

    I guess xxxx has nothing else to say.

  • darells cousin

    I am darells cousin and I hope that they both rot in jail, they murdered my cousin, I believe these low life scum deserve to be punished properly, they should not be alive, I believe the punishment should fit the crime. What the hell were they thinking, to go out and murder a man who didn't have long to live at that. My cousins life was ripped away from him by these animals. They are dead to me, and I am looking forward to the day that they get what's coming to them both, either behind bars or out....they will not get away with this, they have messed with the wrong family.

  • DWL

    Oh Joy! Next you will tell us she is knocked up! They need to require licenses before these inbred m0r0ns are allowed to procreate.


    Death no trial!!! when you kill you loose your right to live! West VA needs harsher laws to rid the jails of riff raff & low life drug user. & murders child molesters etc.

  • griff

    I agree with the vote for the Death Penalty. That is exactly what these 2 brats need. Not prison, not home confinement, not probation, not smacked on the hands. Only with some consequences for actions like this will bring order back to West Virginia & America

  • chasmo

    appears that " xxxx" must know this POS. we all know he had a " degree" , look how he " invested " his pay check on his neck ! Now he needs to THANK THE TAX PAYERS of WV for supplying him the basics till he finally stops breathing in prison - he , as already mentioned, will now have a new " wife " soon- it will be a MALE. We need the Death Penalty immediately ..

    • xxxx

      Your right we do need the death penalty for ignorant assholes like you!!

      • Dr. nate

        Check this out xxxx , I'm fueling my chipper up, and it can take 18 inch trees, so both of these p.o.s. can be chipped at the same time!!! Lets see if your still running your mouth when the case is done, and your boyfriend is in joint, getting a new boyfriend, get a grip, and face the facts, that have them where they are!!

    • xxxx

      Your damn straight I know him and his wife. People need to get their facts straight before opening their big mouths.He has a big heart and is a good person and if you don't know him,then keep your mouth shut.

      • darells cousin

        If he had such a Good Heart then why did he kill my cousin?

      • dam3fan8

        You must be his dealer and he owed you, right? Let's see: left bloody clothes at the scene, told everyone they couldn't be prosecuted because they are now I leaving anything out? With any luck, he was shooting blanks when they consummated the marriage. I'm sure the reception was a real "bang" for both of them!

      • Humor me

        So let me get this straight,Shane Miller was on probation after being caught for daytime burglary and grand larceny because he thought he was Robin Hood? I mean he has such a big heart right? He stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor and the evil Sheriff of Nottingham just happened to catch him and the fair maiden Marion. Oh, wait a minute, this sounds like a fairy tale

  • The Answer

    Forgot one thing plus they will get credit for time already served.

  • The Answer

    Disgusted no worries they'll take a plea get maybe 10 to 20, out in 5 for good behavior..

  • Disgusted

    Think how many decades now that taxpayers will have to support these two murderers! We badly need a death penalty and short appeal process. Republican state Senator Bud Harman proposed a death penalty every year, for many years, but each time, the Democrats wouldn't allow it to come out of committee for a vote.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Must have gotten his legal advice from Dewey, Cheatham, and Howell.

  • xxxx

    The news needs to get the facts straight and people need to stop with the lies,these two were planning on getting married for months before they were accused of this.

    • Baby I love you but we have to kill him first

      Yes, but they had to rush it after they killed someone.

      • xxxx

        They got married because they loved one another,isn't that the reason most people get married.And what ever happened to innocent till proven quilty.


    Short honeymoon for Bonnie and Clyde. Now they will have new husband and wife in jail.

    • omen69

      know your history bonnie and clyde killed more than just one dumbass and they are only accused of doing this lets wait til we see if they really did it first because they do have family and your rude comments are hurting them everyone is praying for the golden family but lets not forget about the miller family they are loved by them just as mr golden was loved by his

  • Hillbilly

    Wonder if someone's drug habit got hungry?

  • Routine in WV

    Just another example of our youth not being positively mentored, raised properly at home, understanding consequences or taking responsibility for ones actions. Yes, I hope the prosecutor and law enforcement focus acutely on ensuring this case is airtight. These two should never enjoy another day of sunshine outside of jail.

  • Beckie

    Well this teenager girl sure got lucky marrying this genious who was already on probation for a burglary and grand larceny conviction! My hand painted picture of the Blue Bird Store by Lotis McDowel there in Clarksburg where I grew up will never seem the same to me. Now the family wants to tell us what a great guy he is. Ridiculous. I hope those cops/prosecutors in Clarksburg can get one right this time. Who would rob the Blue Bird Store? For what? Bread? Peppers?

    • xxxx

      He does have an education,he graduated high school and he also has an electricians license and worked every day and his boss will tell you that Mr.Miller was a very hard working man.So before you run your mouth maybe you should know what your talking about.

      • Reply to xxxx

        Well the electrician job didn't pay well enough and his high school education didn't stimulate his small brain enough to make the right choices in life. He chose to steal and kill. Not sure why you are continuing to display your stupidity by publicly supporting these criminals. Simply put, you must be a POS just like them.

      • Rich

        How could you possibly defend this piece of garbage and cold blooded killer?