CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia football fans can watch the Mountaineers’ spring practice Saturday, and meet players afterward, at the University of Charleston’s Laidley Field.

“A lot of this came about with coach (Steve) Dunlap and coach (Pat) Kirkland with the University of Charleston and their marketing department,” said Laidley Field manager Doug Carte. “It all started there.”

It will be the first time the Mountaineers have made an appearance at Laidley. They came down to hold a similar practice in 1997, but then-coach Don Nehlen did not like the turf and the team loaded up the buses and went back to Morgantown without practicing. Dunlap said during his playing days coming to the Kanawha Valley for a spring workout was routine.

“We practiced several times at Oakes Field,” said Dunlap

The event starts at 1 p.m. and is free to fans.

“Weather is going to be perfect in the low 60s and sunny,” said Carte. “I’m looking for attendance in of about 3,000 to 6,000.”

Dunlap said the practice will start with an Oklahoma drill, several individual unit drills, and the rest will be a full-on inter-squad scrimmage.

Carte and his staff will have to transform the facility from a track facility back to football accommodations.  The pole vault at the 50 yard line will have to come down, benches will have to be moved in, some track equipment will be moved, and goalposts need to be leveled. The University of Charleston football team will provide assistance with logistics on Saturday.

“Right after the (scrimmage), the team will sit down at tables and people are going to be invited to come down and do autographs with the team,” said Carte. “We hope a lot of people will come out for a fun, family atmosphere.”

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  • jay zoom

    heard Ollie was going to be in the parking lot
    holgerson will put on a show to win fans and it won't be the real thing. You'll see come September. 4-8 2014/15 thanks Ollie

  • ole sasquatch

    By the way we haven't heard anything from JETHRO BODINE lately. Jethro if you are out there your opinion would be much appreciated.

  • ole sasquatch

    People of Charleston - The rest of WV. needs your help. We need your feedback on the QB situation to which the hopes of WVU football will fall. Ole Sasquatch has already gone on record that Skyler Howard will be the QB next yr. on the basis alone of watching his promotional film. Meanwhile the popcorn section has been giving us bad feedback on his practices. Your feedback on this is most important to fans from the rest of W. Va.
    We all anxiously await your comments after Saturday's practice. Is it possible that Ole Sasquatch could be wrong? Only answers after tomorrows practice time will get serious consideration.

  • JimmyJoeBobRoy Jr.

    Sounds like a great day tomorrow... can't wait.