CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Icky Banks rambled 60 yards on a scoop-and-score. Christian Brown registered a touch-sack safety. Karl Joseph provided two punishing licks.

Those were some of the highlights on a sparkling day for West Virginia’s first-string defense.

“I thought the 1’s did really well,” said defensive coordinator Tony Gibson. “We didn’t give up a touchdown with the 1’s and had a couple turnovers.”

There were nearly two more turnovers: Safety Jeremy Tyler dropped what should have been an easy interception of Skyler Howard, and Daryl Worley saw a Paul Millard pass ricochet off his facemask.

“They’re starting to come together,” Gibson said. “We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re a week better than we were after last Saturday’s scrimmage.”

The starting defense was on the verge of surrendering a touchdown when Tyler and Joseph converged on running back Dreamius Smith and jarred the ball free.

“As soon as I heard it, I knew Karl was involved,” said Gibson, who was Joseph’s position coach last season.

Joseph had opened the scrimmage by belting receiver Mario Alford on an underneath route.

“No. 8—he’s a missile,” Gibson said. “You know he has no neck, so he explodes from the toes through the top of his heard. He did it as a freshman and he did it a bunch last year.”

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  • Jeff

    Thanks Ollie for what? Getting us out of the big east? Thanks for more revenue than we've ever had? Thanks for the new practice facility? Thanks for the new baseball field? Ollie is good for wvu. And people who don't want him are crazy! Atleast he's willing to spend money, the last couple ADs have not done anything close to what he has. If he were there in 2007, we wouldn't have lost our coach and we'd have a national title.

    • Kevin

      Jeff is right on the money with his comments ! Some of the sports writers in this state are a cancer to the program and the University. The good ole boys are gone and it is time to move on and let go. BE PATIENT !

  • Dean A. Miller

    Maybe the players can help pull Dana out of his hole!!! But, doubtful.

  • kinduvabigdeal

    Karl Joseph is a beast. He might kill someone this year.

  • wvrefugee

    This is the same thing that happened last year.....right on schedule! Thanks again Luck!

    • hailey

      wvrefugee, this is the same thing that happened last WVU article.... you trolled, right on schedule little man ...Thanks again fool!

  • jim

    With a few minor changes, this thing in Charleston could turn into something pretty special every spring. Some way for the defense to score, better PA man and a small pep band would give it more of a game day feel. It would also have helped the attendance if it had been advertised a little bit more. Otherwise, a pretty enjoyable day. Lets go………………………………….mountaineers.

  • Tim C

    Either our defense is much better or our offense stills sucks. I prefer to believe the latter.

  • Chris

    The 1st unit looks pretty good to me they were putting the heat on the QBs D Howard is going to be a star on the D line. N. Nwach looked good as well and K. Joseph was laying the boom on everyone.

  • Baldeagle

    Could be the year of a freshmen QB. I hope he can grasp the supposedly easy and simplistic offensive schemes that Dana is always talking about. Maybe the communication from the sideline needs to be simplified so the dummies at QB can pick it up.

    • David Elswick

      A good coach knows its more important to play at the level of his players. Not on how smart the coach is suppose to be. Is a coach really smart if he calls plays his players cannot execute?

  • jay zoom

    YOU CAN'T SCORE IF YOU CAN'T HOLD ON TO THE BALL. and according to a friend of mine who was there -- said the defense should of had two turnovers which wound up on the ground. signs of things to come. THANKS OLLIE

    • farm kid

      how many seats have you purchased now and in the past? have you donated to the MAC? if you have not done one those things, go sit on the poach and shut up.

      • hailey

        I call BS on JZ, you have zero friends.... you are a weird little man ( and I use that term very loosly) no one over the age of 12 would be a friend of yours. Admit it you would there and were hoping to steal a kiss from your man crush Ollie.

    • rock solid

      @jay zoom: You are an idiot. Always have been and always will be. Couldn't find your back side if someone gave you a map!

  • jwg66

    Spring stories about our D are just that. Until we play others, we won't really know how far we have come. I like the coaching changes on D, I like our new coaches ability to recruit. But realistically, we need consistently good QB play to keep our D from wearing/breaking down. Have to be able to run and throw or it will be another long year. We need more DL depth. Don't like starting off away against the Tide.... Spring is about development and I will be looking at the first couple of games next year to see if we have solved some of our issues.

  • JT

    Consider the competition.