Wheeling Police Dept.
Wheeling police say this man held up the Chase Bank on Market Street Friday.

WHEELING, W.Va. — Wheeling police are looking for the man who robbed the Chase Bank branch on Market Street Friday afternoon.

The suspect is white with dark hair. He’s 5-8 and weighs about 145 pounds.

Police said the man didn’t show a gun to the clerk but he made a gesture like he had one. Investigators do have a surveillance photo.

The man got away with about $2,500 in cash.

It was the second bank robbery in as many weeks in Wheeling. A man held up the United Bank branch at the corner of 12th and Main streets March 25.


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  • DWL

    Larry, the reason they are where they are is because the largest volume of theft is by the employees, not the occasional bank robber. The employee attitude of "one $ for you - two $ for me", no different than the "share the wealth" attitude of the DC m0r0n is the prevailing attitude of the liberals. Taking from "da man" 'cause he'll never miss it!

  • Larry

    It's a good thing banks, convenience stores, etc. put their cameras way up high, looking down at the tops of peoples heads, and not down at or near eye level, that wouldn't make any sense.

  • William

    WHEELING - The wild, wild, west!
    anything goes.