CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The West Virginia Fire Commission issued a cease-and-desist order for Summit Park Volunteer Fire Department in Harrison County Friday.

The order means the department cannot reopen until several conditions are met and the fire commission approves the reinstatement.

Summit Park voluntarily closed its doors in February after several complaints had been lodged.

Acting state Fire Marshall Tony Carrico began an investigation in late-February after criticism arose from Summit Park’s response to the collapse of two cell phone towers in Harrison County Feb. 1.

Some of the complaints have come from the family of late firefighter Michael Garrett who was a member of the Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department. Garrett was killed when a second tower collapsed after emergency crews arrived at the scene.

Summit Park’s new fire chief Greg Cutwright emailed a response statement to the Clarksburg Exponent newspaper Friday.

“After meeting with the West Virginia Fire Commission … the Summit Park Fire Department has entered into a voluntary decertification until all deficiencies are addressed and corrected by reorganization or restructuring. This is the only official statement that will be released by the Summit Park Fire Department,” Cutwright said.



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  • William

    How to fix it - CLEAN HOUSE!
    Shady people need not apply.
    In with the new, out with the old.

    • Nobama

      William. Your mom wants you to clean your room.

      • DWL

        You might want to share the broom and duster, because "yo mamma!" told you to clean yours first, but you just been smokin' crack, Jack.

  • DWL

    It's interesting that a public complaint is hidden from the public and never revealed. If the complaint is serious enough to illicit action by the State Fire Marshal, I would believe the issue(s) are serious enough for a Grand Jury to examine for Negligent Homicide or Involuntary Manslaughter. After all, a death appears to be directly attributable to the actions, based on the VERY LIMITED public information being released.

    • WV Guru

      .And what is to be gained by increasing the misery? No question that corrective measures may need to be done on a State-wide basis.

      • DWL

        Maybe then next time , next place, next group won't let it get to this point. Negligence has a price and someone else's death shouldn't be the payment.

        • WV Guru

          I think you should carry a "Do not resuscitate. card" so no one will risk their future on helping you when you need it!

          • DWL

            I just love your liberal leftist attitude. You represent the mindless, perfectly. Make sure you remove yourself from the organ donor list because your entire body is infected with stupidity. That also goes for Retard Charlie.

            Again, if they want to act like professionals, train like professional, perform like professional. It appears negligence prevailed, otherwise they wouldn't be in this predicament. Wanna wager they've started aligning their ducks for the civil suit already? Maybe even the criminal investigation. FOR SALE - USED FIRE TRUCKS!

        • Alum

          I hope you never need aid or assistance from a volunteer organization because I have concern you would sue the volunteers.

          • Retired Charlie


            Please change your used name. You are a disgrace to my state and school. You are not from here are you.

          • Alum

            Terrible analogy; to start you are comparing compensated persons to volunteers. There is a world of difference and your comparison is laughable at best. What is more alarming is your mindset.

            You and DWL should both post your personal information here so volunteers in your area know exactly what they are stepping into with both of you.

            And here's one more thing for both of you. I was a volunteer in Harrison County a very long time ago. A very dear friend of mine died responding to a medical call that turned out to be for a drunk; the family didn't want to deal with him. My friends parents were angry, bitter for a while, but they did not sue. You should think about the people that risk there lives for sue-happy people like the two of you.

            This has certainly evolved into something other than Summit Park but that good because the two of you expose yourself for what you are.

          • WVUGRAD1995

            Darn straight I would sue if they were negligent or incompetent in there duties or actions. That's like saying you shouldn't sue a crappy doctor if he kills you or a loved one, because he was only trying to help. With your logic, I'll just punch the next person I see chocking and say "just tryin to help."

          • DWL

            If they want to play with the big boys, let them learn to be big boys. I have nothing against volunteer fire departments or members, but what they do is not a game. People die from negligence, as it appears occurred here.

  • RHytonen

    What were the "complaints" and alleged "deficiencies?"