CROSS LANES, W.Va. — The parents of a 4-year-old girl accidentally shot in the arm Monday morning by her 5-year-old brother were charged with child neglect resulting in injury.

Deputies charged John Seymour, 23, and Tabby Bowen, 24, about five hours after Seymour dropped off his daughter, Kasey Seymour and Bowen at Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston.

Kanawha County sheriff’s Capt. Sean Crosier said the parents were apparently asleep on the couch when the shooting took place.

“Her 5-year-old brother accidentally shot her in the arm, possibly with a pistol—small-caliber, thank goodness, as opposed to a large-caliber,” Crosier said. “A very-near tragedy certainly was averted. The little girl is doing fine now.”

Police received a call about the gunshot wound from the hospital at 10:25 a.m. and began looking for the father’s truck. They found it at the residence on Harley Drive in Cross Lanes.

“The father drops off the mother and the victim at the hospital but doesn’t bother to stick around? That certainly raises some huge questions especially in the eyes of the detectives,” Crosier said.

Deputies charged John Seymour after speaking with him and also filed the charge against Bowen

“Anytime there are adults present when a child is hurt, the adults are responsible, and in this case they are biological parents we believe,” he said. “They can certainly suffer some charges as a result of the little girl being shot.”

Crosier said gun safety measures were not followed.

“Why was a live firearm within reach of children loaded? It should have been in a locked box, unloaded with the ammunition in a separate area.”

The girl was in stable condition Monday evening.

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  • Voter

    I just looked at the WSAZ web-site and there are three more articles about child neglect. All three cases have un-wed parents who stay that way for extra welfare money. Please drug test these people and save the children.

  • Voter

    Yes I agree they weren't sleeping they were passed out either from drugs or drink. I see that there is two differenct last names, so she gets a bigger welfare check. Welfare recipients need to go to parenting class and pass a drug screening at the very least. Scum parents like this is why the state had to dip into the rainy day fund.

  • Dennis

    The bigger question is who now has custody of the children since both parents are in jail?

  • rick

    No it is not the gun's fault. It is a tool that when misused has tragic consequences. Most of the people with guns who have no background in owning firearms and who are to lazy to take a class or even exercise common sense should not have weapons like this. Cases like this are the end result of stupidity.

  • TB

    Bless those children.

  • Cynical

    Hooray. NRA.

    • Brian

      Using your deductions as a model, I'd like to give a big cynical HOORAY to all the wine and beer festivals for their hand in drunk driving and all the injuries and deaths associated with that behavior.

    • Wowbagger


      What a stupid comment about the world's preeminent firearms safety organization! This is a personal responsibility issue.

    • Jason

      Right. Hooray NRA, for your efforts to educate people about firearms. No laws or organizations can defend against lack of common sense. However, promoting education For the proper use, handling, and storage of firearms amongst law abiding citizens goes a long way to keeping people safe from inanimate objects such as guns. However, lack of common sense and idiots will always have to be delt with, regardless.

      • Mason County Contrarian

        The NRA can't be blamed for this anymore than Progressives, the government, Liberals, Conservatives, the ACLU, our president, nor anyone or anything else.

        You're right, Jason. There will always be idiots with which to deal. Pity their children and the thousands of others who have irresponsible parents.

        • Plopaganda

          I wasn't blaming them. I just don't feel that they deserve much praise either.

        • The bookman

          +1, pearls of wisdom!

      • Plopaganda

        Hooray NRA for being reduced to pawns of the arms manufacturing industry. Any time they feel like boosting sales, they use the NRA to inject fear into all the gun worshipers that those Demoncrats are going to take your steel babies away. The NRA is the PETA of guns. RESPONSIBILITY, folks. Teach it. I want you to own all the guns you can muster and shove as many bullets into it as you can, but these schmucks have clearly demonstrated that they don't have the common sense to own theirs.

  • TB

    They were asleep because for them the government takes care of the essentials. No incentive to work. Idle time is the devil's workshop.

  • shepherd

    Thank God that these children were not hurt worse then they were.

  • Gary Karstens

    Bearing arms in WV! ~Charleston Gazette

    • Silas Lynch

      A culture of depravity and society of trash~ thanks to the progressives and the government they’ve brought us.

      • scott

        so there was no one on welfare beofre Obama...

        Kids didnt get shot before obama....

        you,ve really got your hands on the issue heh Silas?

        • Silas Lynch

          My "hands" seem to grasp the issues of today better than your reading comprehension. Progressives have been around for a long, long time.

    • Q & A

      Question: Why were they asleep at 10:00 in the morning.
      Answer: Drugs, what else.

      • Joe

        Obviously... They have a right to sleep at 10:00 in the morning, just as they have a right to bear arms

      • Jason

        Maybe they work night shift at the hospital.

      • Larry

        I agree with you completely, and all these idiots blaming the gun, the NRA, etc. are just that, idiots. Put the blame where it belongs, on the worthless, irresponsible, drug addled, unemployed, good for nothing "parents".