LITWAR, W.Va. — A section of County Route 1 in McDowell County remained closed Monday after several large rocks fell into the two-lane road Sunday.

“We’re not getting a break,” state Department of Highways spokesperson Carrie Bly said. “We had the rough winter and the potholes, and now we’re having everything come down. It’s gravity. It’s the way things work but when it happens all at once it’s taxing on our workers.”

A DOH crew working in the area Sunday noticed a few smaller rocks had fallen and decided to close the road. Bly said the major rock came down a short time later.

We actually had that road closed when this huge boulder came into the roadway.”

A DOH heavy maintenance crew arrived on the scene Monday to decide what next steps to take. Bly said it’s possible the crew may have to move another large rock precariously lodged in the hillside above the road.

“We have to figure out how we’re going to be bring down that other rock. It’s just hanging there,” she said.

The road is closed between U.S. Route 52 and the community of Litwar.

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  • Wowbagger

    'Tis the season! Lots of near surface water from snow and spring rain fills fractures, a few freeze thaw cycles and this is the result.

  • DWL

    Isolated - yet again! What's Clif Moore to do? Nowhere to drive while drunk. One way in and one way out of nowhere, aka McDowell Co.. "How drive I'm drunk Moore"!

  • thornton

    The principle behind that movement of rocks, et al is likely tough on anything buried.