COOPERS ROCK, W.Va. — Three hikers were rescued Monday morning, a day after they became lost in Coopers Rock State Forest near Morgantown.

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A group of three hikers from Kentucky became lost at Coopers Rock on Sunday, leading to a search-and-rescue effort that found them Monday.

Authorities said five hikers from Kentucky started the hike Sunday afternoon, but three became lost or trapped because they weren’t familiar with the area.

A search began after nightfall and lasted about 11 hours.

The three were found by first responders Monday morning and led to the bottom of the Cheat River Gorge where they were taken by boat to ambulances. One had a shoulder injuring after falling and the other two suffered from mild hypothermia.

The Morgantown Fire Department and Monongalia EMS participated in the rescue efforts, along with several volunteer fire departments from Monongalia County.

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  • DWL

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    • Eagle Scout

      Your rude comments are asinine and insensitive. The Boy Scouts are an excellent organization and teach boys valuable life skills...something you clearly lack.

      • DWL

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  • Experienced Camper

    How much did it cost all the volunteer fire departments and EMS units to search and rescue these hikers? The lesson to be learned here is if you're going to hike, fish, camp, etc. in the forest, know what you're doing. Mother Nature is not to be taken lightly. She expects a lot from her visitors. She scolds!

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    We should outlaw hiking in the forest, its too dangerous.

  • Mountain EER

    Kentucky amateurs.