CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Acting state Fire Marshal Tony Carrico is finalizing a consent order that spells out what a Harrison County volunteer fire department must do in order to regain its certification.

The state Fire Commission voted last Friday to issue a cease-and-desist order for Summit Park VFD following an investigation by Carrico. A complaint had been filed.

Carrico told MetroNews there are at least a dozen issues that need resolved at the department including better training of firefighters.

“There were circumstances that some had not taken the class or the course yet but were enrolled. You had a change in the fire chief up there in this interim,” Carrico said.

The acting fire marshal would not expand on the department’s other problems.

Those with the department have indicated they want to make the necessary corrections and some day in the future regain the department’s certification and resume answering emergency calls.

Summit Park’s new fire chief Greg Cutwright issued a statement Friday.

After meeting with the West Virginia Fire Commission … the Summit Park Fire Department has entered into a voluntary decertification until all deficiencies are addressed and corrected by reorganization or restructuring.” Cutwright said.

Carrico said the state Fire Commission left open an opportunity for that to happen.

“There were 12 items that the fire commission listed that they must be in compliance with prior to them even considering granting that certification back,” Carrico said.

Other Harrison County fire departments will cover the territory that Summit Park has covered. Carrico doesn’t believe it will be a problem.

“There are departments within very close proximity that have in the past during other shutdown periods for this particular department provided that service to those people. We do not see a loss in fire protection,” Carrico said.

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  • citizen of area

    As a citizen of this community in question this department under the new leadership will soon thrive. People in the community lost interest in helping until the day came that it may indeed close now former members and new ones are stepping to the plate. My grandfather was a founding member of the department. And I applaud any and all those who risk their life to help save others. And as for the death it was a tragic accident my prayers continue to go out to the family of the fallen. But no individual is responsible for this death he died a hero!!! Good luck and God Bless the new cheif and the department as they move forward
    thank you

  • Same ole story

    First, I'm obviously speaking without full knowledge if the violations, etc. However, this is a repeated story for volunteer fire companies in almost every state. Poor leadership, compromises in integrity, unauthorized credit card purchases, training lapses, abuse of power or authority, etc. Once the mutiny starts, it is contagious and it all goes down hill from there. This behavior or activity only undermines the volunteers who live up to the myriad of expectations and have a passion to serve with integrity, sacrifice and selfless service. Reminds me of the various volunteer organizations like booster clubs, Little League Board of Directors, etc. whereas embezzlement runs rampant and most are swept under the rug to avoid embarrassment. Very few are prosecuted. Ok, well I hope they get things cleared up here and their certification to operate is reinstated. We need dedicated and integrity rich volunteers for all walks of life, safety and recreation.

  • Herman the Hermit

    Sounds like you have everything figured out and know EXACTLY what is going on. Excellent work DWL, now we can all sleep soundly. Idiot.

    • DWL

      Nice to see you signed the posting with your real name hermit - IDIOT! Love it when you self-describe yourself.

      You going to bid of them big red trucks at the sale?

  • DWL

    I'd say this is just the beginning of the problem! When does the Grand Jury meet to review the negligence issues? Criminal indictments? Some one died as a result it appears.

    If you want to play fireman, you better be prepared to be a fireman, or else.


    • Shadow

      Did you get your "Do not resuscitate" card? No one should risk their future on your life!

      • zero tolerance

        Hey DWL, how about you join your local volunteer fire department? You seem to have all the answers, then again you probably don't have the stones to run into where other run from.

        I play fireman on a volunteer basis. Come join us and we will see if you have what it takes to man up, put your gear on and face what other people emergencies. I doubt you could handle the pressure without wetting your pants.

        I eagerly await your jovial response.

        Do you have the stones?

        • DWL

          Zero, I know you love to play with everyone's stones it appears. My service, both volunteer and professional, are that to which you, as a true pyromaniac (look it up for the real characteristics/traits) couldn't hold a candle too.

          You are a true yodie!

          • zero tolerance

            I bet you were on S.E.A.L. Team Six weren't you?

            Exactly the courageous response I would expect.

            Take care bedwetter.