HURRICANE, W.Va. — A Kanawha Valley football coach believes a summer long practice opportunity would be a positive for many athletic teams.

Hurricane High School football coach Jeremy Taylor said there had always been an allowance for players who participate in other sports to miss days during the three week practice period in June and he doesn’t think that will change.

“A lot of these baseball showcases and basketball AAU tournaments are not going to change. Many of those are out of state and in June,” said Taylor. “They’re not going to change just for us.”

Hurricane is a school with a number of highly successful athletic teams. Each sport shares some of the school’s top athletes.

Under the proposed plan adopted by the SSAC Board of Control there would be a dead period during the July 4 week but the rest of the summer would be open for practice of any sports. The idea was to structure practice plans to accommodate all sports and those dual or three sport participants wouldn’t miss as much.

“In July, we’re lifting three days a week anyway, so instead of going out on the field and just running or doing agility, we’ll be able to take a football and teach a little bit,” Taylor said. “We may also be able to go out of state in July to some of the larger national competitions and not violate SSAC rules, which we could not have done in the past.”

Taylor said the change will be a bigger benefit to schools in Kanawha and Cabell counties who were hurt last year when the county started school early in August. The early start clipped the traditional two-a-day practices. Under the present guidelines, the pre-season football drills could start at any time without pads and help those teams recapture some of the time lost.

The proposal still faces a public hearing and the approval of the state Board of Education.


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  • Blu 31

    I sincerely doubt that the WV State Board of Education will approve this SSAC rule change. First, do you think the county Boards of Education will have the money to pay the coaches for coaching year around?. Of course now that would resolve all the cheating that is currently going on. I heard one coach said that not being allowed to coach the week of July 4th was going to cost him/her a week of practice. They can already have weight training and conditioning activities all year long. I am interestingly waiting the WV BOE's reaction. Finally, the SSAC has not been able to control the illegal practices anyway. Question: does anybody want to have a 7 on 7 next Sunday?

    • abram

      If coaches are having illegal practices, chances are they are not getting paid. Why would they need paid if it was legal? I don't think the new rules make anything mandatory. If you are a coach, you will love it. If you are a teacher in a coaches position, maybe not so much.

  • Shortbus Nation

    The first rule they need to change is the fact that teachers get priority in coaching jobs. Many of these teachers are not qualified to be a coach. If you are so worried about giving kids the best of everything then open the jobs up to the most qualified and if that is a teacher so be it. I think plenty of us have seen teachers that are "coaching" that don't have what it takes to coach the kids and improve their skills where they may have a chance at even a very small college scholarship. A lot of talent has been wasted over the years by teachers that are NOT qualified to coach be given jobs that could have gone to more qualified individuals. Not sure why this rule was implemented in the first place, but it has passed the time to be done away with. Find the coach that is BEST for the kids, not just one who teaches Chemistry and thinks he or she knows something about baseball or volleyball. If it is about the children, make it about the children and give them the best coaching you can find.

    • Joe Schmoe

      shortbus, 99% dont have a chance at a scholarship period

    • abram

      Agree completely.

  • Overkill

    Here is a quick news flash. They are already practicing year round. Thats why so many kids are one sport. You play more than one sport you get left behind in the other. High School sports were much better when sports were played in season and and only during the season. It has turned into a competition among sports and small schools lose out because there are not enough athletes to go around for three sports. Just my thoughts.

  • Frankly

    Footballs have been flying through the air for many summers (all summer long). The basketball teams have been in their respective gyms for those same summers. The coach's attitude still is "your either in or out." The only thing that will change is that the WVSSAC's "Out of Season Coaching Policy" will not be in place anymore. This means that the overpaid retired school administrators that are employed by the SSAC will have less to do.

    • overkill changes here.

  • My 2 Cents

    Every state around WV has some sort of full year coaching. Wv is behind the times yes you will have some coaches abuse the system, and some who won't let kids devide up the time. It more then football it every sport can go it. This winter has been unusual in amount of missed school days per county and has nothing to with this rule. But counties have a hard time Closeing during the week for weather and other items for one main reason nutrition. So many kids get only meals at schools and with this most of the teams will be doing some of this on their own also keeps a lot of kids out of trouble and their is no full contact allowed. Keep kids in shape they won't get hurt so much. Keep kids interested in something they won't drop out as much. Soon counties will be going to full year schedules so ease everyone into it. I am just a parent of a high school student athlete

  • i coach...what?

    You people are crazy... WV is so far behind the rest of the country with our stupid archaic wvssac, Md, pa, fl, the list goes on... All these states are athletically and educationally superior to us. We cannot punish the many good coaches because a few stupid ones. I'm sick of people saying hs coaches don't know anything about their ofthe reasons I and many of my colleagues teach is because we want to coach because do know what we se doing and it also makes us some of the best teachers in our schools

    • Joe Schmoe

      They have bigger population. has nothing to do with practice time

  • Low Rider

    Come on Board of Education…let kids be kids. You know damn well that some coaches in the state are going to pressure their players to be at every "voluntary" summer workout.

    Whatever happened to a summer of going to the pool, having a summer job, a week at scout camp, the family beach trip, a day of fishing, etc.
    This proposal should be defeated by the Board of Education. The coaches want to steal away the childhood of our kids!

    • John Doe

      Those kids all play Call of Duty now and that's not going to change. Most of todays youth are not like us. So have them stay at home and play video games or have them with their peers playing sports? Remember people it's all volunteer. If a coach abuses it then take it up with the principle.

      • blu31

        "All Volunteer - Think again John Doe. The pressure to participate will be extreme. Maybe you should take it up with the PRINCIPAL.

    • homeschool Dad

      Correct Low Rider. It's not about the children or education. It's about how many kids the boe can enroll; teachers they force to teach an agenda of a standardized test, and overload these same teachers with paperwork that keeps them from teaching. I know several public school teachers who no longer enjoy teaching, but still try for the sake of the children.

  • Homeschool Dad

    With college athletes becoming unionized in the near future, it only makes sense to exploit the next lowest level of athlete. If a few of the talented get hurt along the way, so what. The "fans" had a good time. Besides, public school was never about education. It's about creating minions to do the will of big brother. Be they democrat or republican.
    Before someone tries to slam homeschooling; my children are sociable, know how to play football, baseball, soccer, hockey and basketball.

    • John Doe

      You going to home school their college too? What University if Phoenix online? Maybe you can give your kids job around the house too one day. You are weird and your going to make your kids weird. Keep sheltering them. They will grow to hate you.

      • mamasita

        I don't homeschool - but wish I could> From what I've read, homeschool Dad is right. Those kids tend to do very well.
        Also, online education will verly likely be our future, even for college.
        Check out this book by Professor Glenn Reynolds.

      • homeschool dad

        Howdy John Doe. Homeschoolers are being accepted and out performing students at major universities. Some are even going to West Point. Do your research. Thank you for showing your ignorance on homeschoolers. Sounds like you may have issues with your parents. From your sentence structure, you were either public schooled or are related to Tarzan.

  • WV Becoming Home of the Corrupt and

    The coaches, WVSSAC and their misguided cronies can spin this anyway they want but it is a disaster waiting to happen now. Again, it's all about sports, especially football. No priority is placed on education or academics. I can hear the coaches now, "we practice more now so we need more equipment cause it breaks more often, we need more bus driver and travel money, this and more of that". No intelligent thought was put into this train wreck. This was stupid, absolutely stupid.

  • 1prouddog


    Stansberry got it right! Its all about the family!
    Besides...some of the ways of these coaches...I DON'T want my child spending any extra time around them than necessary!!!

  • WStansberry

    If sports were all about the children and students, building character, setting good role models, they would allow them to have more than a week of summer to be with family. Vacation was the best thing growing up. Why condition children, before working age, before they get out of High School, that they need to fill their free time with sports all summer? Not all students go to college for sports. Some do, but it is a small number. Families need to be encouraged to take their kids on vacation. I am the son of two teachers. My father was a middle school football and high school tennis coach. That took enough of our time, and took away the time I could of had with my father. I will never get that back. Students need time with their families. After High School, they will wonder where it all went to.

    • Charleston

      Wstansberry: I hope you don't take the following statements as antagonizing remarks, but you do realize that many school administrators are pushing for year-round schooling, don't you?

      • WV Becoming Home of the Corrupt and

        Year round schooling models still have small breaks built on but the continuity of attendance is still firm and supports positive results.

      • Aaron

        Shouldn't we go to year round schooling BEFORE going to year round athletics?

        • John Doe

          No. Athletics are fun. Algebra 2 is not.

        • Charleston

          No doubt, but I wouldn't consider three weeks of practice, that is now sanctioned, to be considered "year-round sports".

    • a concerned educator

      Well said!