MARLINTON, W.Va. — The vocational agriculture teacher at Pocahontas County High School has been charged with allegedly having sex with a former student.

State Police arrested Samantha Bartley, 25, of Marlinton, Tuesday and charged her with three counts of sexual assault by a person in a position of trust.

Cpl. M.A. Agee said the former student claims the sexual relations happened last year while he was a student.

Agee said Bartley recently came to the State Police detachment to make a destruction of property complaint against the former student.

“When this young man came in to be interviewed he brought up these allegations,” the trooper said.

Bartley was arraigned Tuesday and released on $15,000 bond. Cpl. Agee said Bartley was suspended from her teaching job pending the outcome of the case.

Various websites and stories about the agriculture program at Pocahontas County High identify Bartley as the FFA advisor at the school.


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  • PC Resident

    It is awful that people these days are guilty until proven innocent. People wonder why students and residents don't want to stay in Pocahontas county, it's because of all the gossip and backstabbing. I know that the young mans family and her family were extremely good friends when he damaged thousands of dollars worth of property, magically threats were made by the family to get him out of the spotlight. Needless to say it worked and the police did nothing else with the destruction of property. However he's making an acquisition that happened over a yr ago in his words and didn't mention anything until he was in trouble. Seems to me like this boy needs to man up and right the wrongs.

    • unknown girl from PC

      I think if it is true then people shouldn't just be taking it out on the teacher like she's the only bad person here, the young boy pulled his pants down too! He made all the moves also not just the teacher. I think they both need time served not just the teacher. The young boy was a big part of this too, cant blame only one person when two people were involved!!!!! Now if this was a male teacher on a female young student god forbid bc everyone goes crazy when its a male on female. The female is having just as much FUN and making just as much MOVESs as the male!!!! People need to think about it that way too!! Dont just look at one person being the bad person, there always takes two to tanglee:-D

  • Pchs Student

    it has been going around that she confessed to doing sexual acts with the student. And that there is a substitute for her the rest of the year.

  • Unknown

    I heard that Samantha Bartley had went and filed a disruption of property on him and I that's the case then I think he could have very well have accused her of false sexual relations... It's hard to tell I guess we won't know till the jury date is over

  • gnarly dude

    "I don't feel tardy!?!"

  • rick

    Sixteen is the age of consent in WV. This case involves a crime because the alleged perpetrator is in a position of trust. This applies to custodial situations. Teachers, DHHR workers, jails, etc. fall into this class. Most feelings on this would be different..even mine..if this had been a male teacher and the alleged victim is female.

  • David Kennedy


    When does consensual sex become non-consensual?

    A senior male in high school...18 years old...accountable... What if they had married?

    I'm waiting for the argument on Standing here.
    This example should be a misdemeanor if a charge at all.

    • wva expat

      A minor cannot legally "consent" to sex with an adult. Other media outlets are reporting the alleged crime happened when the student was a minor.

  • Unknown student from pchs

    True the only reason he brought it up was to get himself out of trouble but that doesn't change the fact that it could have happened. Mutplie students from the school always had their own ideas of a secret relationship between the two, they were always pretty close, he was seen with her a lot and she seemed to treat him different then other students... When the word was brought about that Mrs. Bartley was accused of sexual assault, before they knew who it was about said "chase fisher?". Everyone knows that there was something going on between them, he obviously didn't mind it because he continued to have a relationship with her but that doesn't change the fact that she still had a sexual relationship with an underage student.

    • Jim G.

      Dear Unknown Student:

      It is not a "fact" until proven in a court of law. I am not saying that it did not happen but I would hope that the police have more proof than he said she said. If I remember correctly wasn't a deputy from the PSD convicted of numerous sexual assaults while he was on the job. If that is the case one would have to question an investigation by a SD that had a rapist in their ranks for years.

  • unknown

    I don't by this it sounds like a student got mad BC he got caught so he's trying to blame whatever he can to get her life ruined and make her miserable as well

  • Unknow

    But this isn't the frist time of her being accused sleeping with male students last spring this fall the rummors were going around ?

  • Jannette

    She wont get anything either like alot of others but my family member is doing time for agreed sex on both parts like 20 years worth

    • BULL

      Give me a break! I think I know who you are referring to in this comment! Oh you bet our countries prison systems are full of the child molesters who claim by-God I didn't do it! Tickles me to know while they are serving their time Big Ass Bubba loves him some child molesters! He (your brother) was a 38 year old MAN messing with a13 year old CHILD. I think the parents should have been sent off right along side him because they allowed his sorry ass in the beginning to court/have sex with her! Lets call a spade a spade. His sick ass should have got 3 times the amount of prison for taking advantage of the child of that age. This teacher if found guilty, needs to be sentenced for the max amount of time, there is definitely a problem. Normal people don't look at a young kid and want to have relationship of this sort, let alone sex! In a position of trust? Regardless she would have crossed that line and broke the law with student..

  • scott

    sounds like lil fella got his feelings hurt after she was done with him and then lashed out at her property...cant believe she was fool enough to file....or hes a liar and criminal....both have happend.

  • DWL

    A teacher? Not a NEA UNIONIZED teacher that's in a "position of trust"? Do their union dues cover criminal defense attorneys?

    • scott

      judge and jury?

  • whatamoroon

    If these charges are true then justice needs to be served. I have a feeling the student made this crap up to get himself out of trouble. If so, then filing a false report needs to be enforced to the fullest extent of the law. He needs to spend time in jail himself.

    • MAL

      I know that there have been several people witness a few male students leave out of classrooms in a suspicious manner after being alone with her in said classroom, "helping" her fix things that have broken.

  • Routine in this state

    Another teacher involved with sexual crimes with students.

  • Mtnman

    This is a switch. It is usually the woman falsely accusing the man.
    I don't know..... something just seems fishy here. Or should I say CORNY.

    • RogerD

      No, you might want to stick with fishy. It's interesting that boy didn't raise any allegations until he, himself, faced charges. I hope the investigation does a thorough job.