MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission executive director Gary Ray was a guest on Wednesday’s MetroNews Talkline, discussing the WVSSAC board of control’s vote earlier in the week to extend the summer practice session for high school sports.

You can watch the complete interview above.

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  • sportsforlife

    this is in response to all the negative opinions about this change -- What about the kids who WANT to be there and have the DESIRE to work to get better ?? Don't we owe it to them to give them exactly what this is -- an OPPORTUNITY. If done correctly at each school this is a GREAT thing for the student/athletes. We have penalized these kids enough by not allowing or giving them adequate opportunities to succeed Its about time WV catch up to the surrounding states and do what is best for the kids. Believe it or not - THERE are a lot of student/athletes who WANT this opportunity - If there is fear of time being monopolized by the coach or REQUIRED -- GUESS WHAT -- maybe you need BETTER LEADERSHIP (COACH) for those of you who don't understand sports. Last time I checked -- GOOD COACHES don't have a problem getting student/athletes to participate -- they know how to combine hard work with FUN which === a successful program that kids WANT to be a part of !!!!!!

  • Herman

    Opening it up all year allows kids to still have their summer because the pressure isn't on to get all the work in the summer.

  • BamaUSF Dad

    The Promise Scholarships award more money to WV students than athletic scholarships at WV schools. WV colleges sport rosters are littered with mostly out of state students not WV kids.

    Narrow the "Voluntary time" for WV kids: 2 weeks in June, 2 weeks in July, 2 weeks before start of school in August...Not the whole summer!

  • rick

    I do not understand why this is so important to have practice all summer long. Sports are sports and should be fun not work. Some kids have to work during the Summer so what happens to them? I remember when I was in school I could not do football because I had a full time job during August. Sports have gotten out of hand.

    • Janet

      I agree completely out of control I remember playing sports and loving it! What happened to having fun in sports. The problem is that instead of saving money for college parents are consumed with making a collegiate athlete. Stress school work, get academic scholarships and let kids PLAY!!!

  • I'm honest at least

    When my daughter was about 15 she was what I would call an above average athlete in several sports. One sport really stood out. she could run. She realized that and dedicated herself to it. I have to say it paid off in the the long run as she got a partial ride to the school she liked anyway. The real question I have is the stress on young growing bones. I have seen that first hand.

  • Bad Idea

    ok...the concern I have after watching the interview of Gary Ray is this entails three weeks of voluntary time on behalf of the students. Already we have time away from family!!!!
    Next concern is...what happens when kid decides I'm NOT going today or this week cause of vacation or I'm just tired?! 'little Johnny' is in the doghouse with the coach!!!
    Third...'little johnny' plays multiple sports and each coach wants him at his "VOLUNTARY" workouts...Again 'little johnny' is in the doghouse because he can't be two places at one time!!!!
    point is?
    You can't get a right out of a wrong!!!
    Summer time is what it is...let the kids be kids and be with their famlies!
    That is why the family/communities are breaking down because someone else is always raising our kids rather than who should be...THE PARENTS!!!

    • overkill

      I agree. I am as much into sports as anyone but kids are already overobligated to do 'workouts' at any given time. They always call it volunteer but it is far from it.

    • chasmo

      this SAYS IT ALL ... let the kids be kids , especially in the summer months- students are going to be placed in a position of " what sport today" - WVSSAC- you and your principals blew this one - REJECT IT STATE BOARD OFED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!