FAIRMONT, W.Va.– Fairmont Police are not releasing much information due to the “sensitive nature of the investigation” in a shooting involving an 11-year-old boy.

Chief Kelly Moran says the boy was flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital after the shooting Wednesday night and is now in critical condition.

No details are currently available and the investigation continues.

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  • Fellow Fairmont Gal

    This accident has nothing to do with right to bear arms... This was a simple accident that will change one little boys life forever and possibly end another's. Now is not the time to be Yee hawing it. A family is suffering and all you dam guys are concerned with is your guns!! I have a permit to carry so I am not against guns. But, seriously, think of the family and friends of these little boys, would you want someone talking like this in public if those were your children involved!! Stop being selfish and pray!

  • Keeri Jenkins

    the problem is not the guns. its the people with them. the lack of enforcement and care of the gun laws we have. the lack of care of the guns from the people who own them. i personally dont have any nor do i want them but i do think people should be able to have them as long as they take proper care such as keeping them away from kids and keeping the lock on

  • Fiscal Conservative

    We have no clue what happened so let's just wait and see. However please don't rush to take away guns.

  • steve

    Let's ban cars after every accident

  • Gary Karstens

    Bearing Arms in WV Yee-Haw~Charleston Gazette

    When will this nonsense end?

    • Scary Gary

      Killing guns, lethal liquors and venomous vehicles are all dangerous - let Gary lead the ban! Scary stupidity.

    • Fiscal Conservative

      What non sense is that sir?

      • 2XLPatriot

        Gary Karstens is everything anti-West Virginia and everything D.C. and San Fransisco. If it doesn't include gay marriage or communism, he's against it.

  • Mountain Man

    I never trusted anyone with two first names!

    • 2XLPatriot

      Chief Kelly Moran is a fine man, honest, fair and a personal friend. They don't make folks any finer than him.

      • Keeri Jenkins

        sure he is... as long as he can get his name in the paper. but i cant name any investigation he saw through. yet i can personally give 2 instances where he had cases and just moved on to the next without either of them being finished... but the next one had better coverage so it mustve been more important. he and the prosecuting atty are both useless and only worries about their coverage and wins

  • Independent View

    Jay Stan, you do not even have the slighest amount of facts regarding this incident yet, you rush to judgement?
    Agreed, it's a tragic incident, but could you not wait until facts surrounding it are made known?

    • Jay Stan

      Look here Mr. Liberal - it's my right to arm to the teeth - and I think every American should be packing heat. This includes 84 year old grand mothers. When clowns like you start trying to trample on our rights, you only want more and you never stop. The only way to prevent the left from stealing our firearms is to saturate the population with more guns, guns, and more guns. Personally, I think high schools should have a firearm training class. Take the fear out of guns and teach these little rug rats how to take down bad guys using proper technique. The next time someone wants to go postal at a mall, they'll be lit up by every gun packing shopper within 10 feet.

      Problem solved.

      • Stan Jay

        Well, at least that way there would be an increase in mental health needs, but then there would be an increase in medical payments too. #solutionscreatingmoreproblems

  • Jay Stan

    The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun - is a good guy with a gun! Yee haw!