CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Family Dollar, a discount store chain with dozens of locations across West Virginia, announced Thursday plans to close 370 under-performing stores nationwide.

The Charlotte, N.C.-based retailer, which operates 8,100 stores throughout the U.S., has not publicly confirmed which stores would close.

The company also announced it would slash prices on approximately 1,000 items.

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  • Larry

    This must really be a bummer for Family Dollar since Dollar General is opening stores in every little unincorporated area around.

  • Ragweed

    It says "under-performing stores" folks. I seriously doubt that their business model says that they will continue to run under-performing stores as a benovelence society.

  • CaptainQ

    I've noticed in many small towns in WV, there are both Family Dollar and Dollar General stores. Both stores seem to have similar merchandise at close to the same prices, you have to wonder why Dollar General is seemingly doing better than Family Dollar?

    This is very odd indeed.

    • Connie

      I have shopped at both and still feel Dollar General is cheaper. Granted, the remodeled Family Dollar stores have more of a selection than some of the older Dollar General stores, but all-in-all, Dollar General beats them hands down.

  • thornton

    They should consider merging with Dollar General and offer free shipping.

  • Tim C

    This will devastate my wife.

  • I'm honest at least

    Another chain store that keeps 5 part time employees instead of hiring 2 full time. Can't say it would upset me to see them close the whole chain.

    • Shadow

      I think you should replace "honest" in you nom de plume with "hatefulj". Why would you want to see 5 more people out of work? There are a lot of people that only want to work part time and you would deprive them of their wants. That is controlling.

      • DWL

        "I'm honestly stupid at least" would be more fitting. Who was it that trove the employers to part time employers? Who was it that destroyed their chance at benefits? Who was it that elected the liberals to power in this state and nationally? That's the HONEST reason.

        • I'm honest at least

          I only mean that hard working people should not have to work 3 part time min wage jobs to make ends meet. Note: This spoon fed person is up a 0430 to go polish my spoons.

    • kebo

      yea, because there's hardly any 17, 18, 19 yr old kids out there needing a part time job while they go to school. You obviously have been spoon fed your whole life.

  • Whatever

    That would be for family dollar to close, especially in small neighborhoods! I mean some people don't have a lot of money or cars and that is all they have!

  • JUJU

    I would cut prices before I'd close out

    • Aaron

      To what point? What if your contribution margin exceeds revenue? Would you continue to cut cost?

  • Aaron

    This at a time when they are building new stores in other areas. With 2 new stores in Charleston opened in the past year and more to come, it seems to me that they are reworking their business.

  • Robert

    Dollar Stores are a dime a dozen ...

  • DWL

    Guess the m0r0n finally ran us out of the "change" he promised. Does this mean a 50cent sale?

    • ViennaGuy

      - You or I may not always agree with the president, but it is necessary to respect those in authority. -


      Respecting the position and respecting the person in the position are two entirely different things.

    • DWL

      The m0r0n has a proven track record of knowing nothing about nothing, surrounding himself with radicals, destroying the military, the economy, the healthcare system, and everything else he has touched. Oh yes, the m0r0n has a mission. The absolute destruction of the United States of America! For that sir, he has earned the honor of being a m0r0n!

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Proving once again that the tiresome never tire of being tiresome.