FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — Fayette County Sheriff Steve Kessler said Thursday he regrets how a vicious dog was put down last month.

The sheriff released a statement concerning animal control officer Russell Parker’s decision to shoot and kill the dog instead of waiting to have it euthanized.

“I regret that this incident occurred. I certainly care for animals, but I consider the health and safety of the human citizens of Fayette County to be more important,” Kessler said in the release. “Animal control officer Parker was acting in what he believed to be the best interests of the child.”

The dog attacked a child March 11 in the Oak Hill area. Parker wanted to put the dog down quickly to find out if it had rabies so the young girl could obtain proper treatment. Fayette County’s only licensed worker to euthanize animals was not available, so Parker shot and killed the dog, requiring several rounds.

After the director of the Fayette County Animal Control Center filed a complaint, Kessler investigated and said Parker had been disciplined internally.

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  • Sick

    Really? Had to shoot more than once? He should be fired, that's cruel. There is no reasoning for this, if any one else they would have been fined and jailed. Do the same thing!

  • What a joke

    Where were the parents of the child? Not enough details.

  • Shadow

    Sic a vicious dog on the Director and see how he acts!

  • Brian

    Shooting a dog that attacked a child? What's the problem?

  • WV Man

    Give that deputy a raise.

  • Voter

    If the only licensed worker was unavailable, then someone had to step up to the plate. He does deserve extra pay for doing someone else's job.

  • Hillbilly

    A lot of hullabaloo over nothing,...

  • Reality check

    Can't shoot them in the head. Head is what is sent to be tested.

  • Uncle Tom

    Good riddance. He should get a bonus.

  • griff

    You would think that a animal control officer would be able to put a animal down with one shot. he needs time on the practice range

  • Robert

    Sure is a whole lot of shooting going on these days ...