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Kevin Ellison led Georgia Southern to an upset of Florida in the 2013 season finale, and now—as the Eagles move into the FBS—they will visit West Virginia in 2015.


STATESBORO, Ga. — Georgia Southern athletic director Tom Kleinlein said the Eagles will visit West Virginia for the 2015 football season opener.

The matchup, first reported by, was confirmed by West Virginia sports information director Michael Fragale.

It will be staged on Sept. 5, 2015, and reportedly guarantees Georgia Southern an $850,000 payout. The longtime Division I-AA power is moving up to the FBS this season as a member of the Sun Belt Conference.

West Virginia also has 2015 nonconference home games with Maryland and FCS member Liberty, along with four Big 12 home games against Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech and Iowa State.

Georgia Southern won six I-AA national titles and added two runner-up finishes since reviving its football program in 1984. The Eagles’ final FCS game became a doozy when they upset Florida in Gainesville last November.

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  • Robert

    We should get rid of Luck and Holgorsen and start over. There is no way we could get much worst then we have been for the last couple of years.

  • Dean A. Miller

    Who will be the WVU head coach for this game??

  • FNP

    I wouldn't play Marshall for 10 years. Let's pick up Pitt, Tech, Penn State, Louisville,ect.

    • Kevin

      To chicken FNP?

  • Rick55

    Mitch is right. What all major programs want in these games is to NOT have to play these teams on the road, for obvious reasons--no money in it for anyone. And while maybe 'Bama may see teams like GS or Liberty as cream puffs, we most definitely should not. Witness the last game we played vs Liberty. Hardly a blowout! And young and hungry teams like GS can be really, really dangerous....They beat Florida last year and if we played Florida last year who do you think would have won? We lost to Kansas last year for God's sake!

    • Greg

      I seem to remember the Mighty Gators going 4-8 as we'll. both teams were so anemic last year that if they'd played us it probably would have gone 3-0 one way or the other in about the fifth overtime.

  • J the C

    You're quite the fan, Leroy!

    • leroy j gibbs

      just realistic

  • whatamoroon

    Why not just schedule Rutgers? We have beaten them the last 20 years and they will play us for free.

    • Mountaineeer1

      Why worry about the one and done BS. Just schedule schools close enough for our fan base to travel that makes sense, and when they play here, our stadium is filled with our fans AND theirs! There are plenty of good to great schools near WVU that could be on our schedule every year that will fill our stands and make exciting games. Such as: Pitt, VT, KY, Ohio St., Penn St., Maryland, Rutgers, Louisville, North Carolina. Open the season with Kansas or Iowa State, for a probable win, then play a couple non-conference games home and away that are close enough to travel. Most West Virginians are not traveling to the B12 schools in the mid west AND most B12 fans are NOT traveling to WVU!

      • GoEers

        there are plenty of WVU fans traveling to the Big 12 games and plenty of Big 12 fans traveling to WVU...there were at least 15k wvu fans at the texas game in 2012...the attendance of 106k was the largest crowd in Texas history!

        Know some facts first before you post as WVU will be playing both Virginia Tech and Penn State on future schedules, but I am sure you will complain about that as well.

      • Mitch

        Because every time you lose a Home game you lose about $2 Million.

    • J the C

      Another loss ready to happen. Every dog has their day, and they're way overdue. Who told you Rutgers would come to Morgantown for a one and done for free?

  • An actual athlete

    Playing Marshall is a loose loose for wvu. The Pitt game however does have merit seeing as how they are our oldest rival. Also possibly rekindling our rivalry with Virginia tech might be a good one. One lesser opponent a year is good. Just not Marshall, keep herd fans out of Morgantown. Goo eeeers!

    • leroy j gibbs

      lose lose

    • J the C

      So you're counting on Pitt and Tech to be lesser opponents every year. You are the optimist! Hope you're right.

    • An actual athlete

      Also we sure as he!! Don't need to go to Huntington. Didn't even see that as a viable thing until I saw other posts

  • Mountaineeer1

    Playing Marshall or Pitt at least sells out or fills most of WVU's stadium. Playing Georgia Southern and Liberty might bring in 40,000 or so, and the media/ sports writers and future recruits could care less along with most West Virginians. So Why??? Other than trying to add to the win column- it makes no sense. How will WVU be tested and ready for the B12 by whipping up on these schools? I know all top tier schools play one, maybe two weaker non-conference schools to pad their win record, but come on we already have two weak schools in the B12- Kansas and Iowa St. (and we couldn't beat them last year). Lets play Pitt and Marshall every year for bragging rights, recruiting and selling out our stadium (which brings in more revenue for WV and Morgantown)! Its a Win-Win! Every year will equal at least one win vs. Marshall and most years two wins!

    • Mitch

      No, we don't play these teams to "pad our win record". We play them to have a no-return game. Pitt or Marshall would require e return game.

    • J the C

      Every time we play Marshall, it's a loss waiting to happen. If we win, so what. If we lose, there will be suicides. As for Pitt, wonderful. Now all you have to do is get Pitt to agree to it. You have a short memory...they walked out on us.

  • Frederick

    Almost all teams play a creampuff and a lot play 2 or even 3. There's plenty to be up in arms about with what Luck and Holgorsen have done to the football program, but scheduling a coupe of wins for 2015 seems worth the money right now. You can say many people don't want to see us play these kinds of teams but even fewer want to see us lose and lose.

    Looking at the bright side, hopefully, this will allow the new head coach to get off on the right foot and get a couple of wins under his belt. A debut against the likes of Alabama would not be any new coaches preferred match-up Holgorsen is in year four 4 and I don't think anyone believes he is ready to meet the challenge, so it would be lot to ask of his replacement in the first year.

    • J the C

      There's absolutely nothing to be up in arms about. After three years of B.S., we're lucky we still have a program. OL for governor!

      • Wow!

        It's not that bad. Yeah, we hired a dud in Holgorsen and the program is now paying the price. But, all it takes is a decent coach to right the ship.

        Look at Louisville -- a run of good seasons under Smith and Petrino and thenthey got bad fast under Kragthorpe.

        They rebounded quickly when they canned Krag and hired Strong and the Kragthorpe era is just a bad memory of a hiccup for them now.

        Holgorsen can be the same for us in a few years as long as we don't blow the next hire. I do hope Ollie gets some help this time around and doesn't fly solo on some backroom deal again, but assuming we don't repeat that numbskull move we should be fine. The foundation of the program is strong enough to withstand one terrible coach for a few years.

        A good coach could have us winning 8-9 games by 2016.

  • Alex

    I see it as 11 players on each team lined up on the opposite side all the ball.... Nowadays any team can beat another team on any given day, regardless of the name or the color of uniform....

  • Big Hooptie


    Huntington will be on fire.

    #ToughLuck ;)

  • LH

    Georgia Southern beat Florida this year. This may not be the cakewalk people think it is going to be.

    And concerning the comments about playing Marshall. Anytime they came to Morgantown, it is fine with me. I would rather keep the $850,000 in the state.

    • Jim

      So what?! Florida sucked last year. It's not saying anything that GS beat them. Hell, everyone beat them.

  • Aaron

    If they are going to play these lower tier teams, I would just as soon see them play Marshall.

    I hear the argument about how no one outside the state cares about that game (they don't) and how it's not a rivalry (it's not) but to me, with a 12 game schedule, it only makes sense to play an in state team if possible.

  • FNP

    Thats a pretty good first game matchup. Talking about speed on both sides of the ball.

  • Jay

    Meh...not moving my excitement meter.

    • Dana

      Marshall would clean our clock this year so we need to quit acting like we are too strong to consider them, they may not consider us and pick Kansas as their tune up game