ST. ALBANS, W.Va. — A St. Albans man was in jail on attempted murder charges after a police said he made it clear to them death was his intent.

William Clayton Larck, 28, is charged with driving his pickup truck into his mother’s home, then exiting the vehicle and spraying the house with gunfire from a .45 caliber pistol.

“He had a phone conversation in which he became enraged,” said Putnam County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Ryan Lockhart. “Apparently during a phone conversation, she (Larck’s mother) requested he take his items from her residence and leave, which is why we think he went to the residence and strike the residence with his vehicle and shooting.”

Larck’s uncle, Roger Gore, was shot twice in the incident. He suffered wounds to the back of his neck and his left arm. He’s in stable condition.

After the shooting, Larck fled the scene, which was on Woods Drive just across the Putnam County line. He was caught a short time later by Kanawha County Sheriff’s Deputies in the area of Strawberry Road and Coal River Road.

“He gave detectives a statement indicating he had rammed the house striking it in a location he felt his mother and uncle would be in close proximity too and could possibly cause injury to them,” said Lockhart. “He explained he intended his family to be together again in Heaven or some afterlife place to join his late father.”

Larck is lodged in the Western Regional Jail in Barboursville on $750,000 bail.


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  • Hillbilly

    Poor thing... Momma wouldn't give him his daily drug money... they spent it on food.. made him mad.. got their priorities wrong..

  • Dr nate

    This is the best "case in point" for my tree chipper idea! He did it, he said he did it, no lawyer needed on this one, I bet the mother-uncle-girlfriend, might also think that chipping this one, before he does them in, would be a good idea!!

    • Chipperhead

      Ten-4, back door. Put the pedal to the metal. Let the chipper roar.