HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Conference USA All-Freshman guard Kareem Canty has been granted his release by Marshall and is now free to transfer to another program on scholarship.

Marshall officials initially denied his request to be released from his scholarship earlier this week, but Friday morning a three-member appeal committee reversed the decision, allowing Canty to transfer, reportedly without restriction.

The committee was comprised entirely on non-athletic department members.

Canty was one of the few bright spots during a dismal 2013-14 season for the Thundering Herd. Canty led the team in scoring at 16.3 points per game, was fifth in C-USA in scoring. Though regarded as one of the best Division I point guards, Canty has been public about his desire to leave Marshall, tweeting out his intention to leave on the day coach Tom Herrion was fired.

This week Canty rattled off a series of tweets clearly displaying his desire to transfer.





Wherever he lands, it will be the sixth school in six years for the Harlem, N.Y., native. Canty started at Bridgton Academy in Maine, the went to Bishop Laughlin in Brooklyn, moved on to Westwind Prep in Phoenix and finally Faith Baptist Christian in Florida before signing with Marshall.

While sitting out the 2012-13 season due to eligibility issues, Canty remained on scholarship as a partial-qualifier.

Canty will be forced to sit out next season, leaving him with two years of eligibility left starting in 2015-16.

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  • Mister Man

    Time to go to the football blog. There's no one there. As usual.

  • J Perry

    Good riddance you ingrate. Six schools six years? Really? Wether WVU or Marshall this garbage needs to stop.

    • Mister Man


  • gv

    Before long he will be playing for AARP in the wheel chair league.

  • Joker

    Rumor has it, he'll be wearing the old blue and gold next..

  • richard

    GOOD RIDDANCE!!! marshall ws good to you kid......don't know the reason you want to leave and don't really care. you don't want marshall----marshall doesn't want you.

  • Mike

    Get over it,let this kid go. Why make him stay if he wants to leave. Coach's come and go as they please. Schools fire coaches with years left on their contract. There is know difference.Sure most fans want the good players to stay,but if they are not happy,why make it worse.

  • Steve

    Good riddance. Regardless of the talent that he obviously has, if he doesn't want to be at Marshall then he should go. This can be the start of changing the culture surrounding the basketball program.

  • GoEers

    smart move...this kid has talent and needs to move to a school in a big time conference in order to play on the big stage...for reference see Dre Kane...he showed this kid the way to a brighter future

    • Jason

      Its just wine a wvu player levees you guys start crying so stop running MU down remember who had the better football team.

      • Mike

        No you are wrong as usual. WVU has released any player that ask for a release. Tell me of one player that WVU refused. Unlike MU we want what is best for the player. MU is just a being a little baby about the whole thing. MU cant even find a coach. Who would want to come to the train wreck known as MU. Any coach that is worth anything leaves. As far as your stupid football team remark,well here goes 12-0. MU plays in the worst NCAA conference in the country. C-USA is just terrible. The MAC have much stronger teams. If MU played anyone last year they would have maybe won 2 or 3 games.

        • uninformed

          As a MU fan I clearly understand WVU is and shouldbe better than Herd most years. However to say you beat our best team is misinformed at best and downright foolish in other terms. It was probably MU's fault because we canceled the original series but you didn't play our undefeated Leftwitch team. All things considered right now, I like MU's direction over yours.

          • Jason

            Thank you uninformed. I have made that exact same response for years to some WVU fans who say they don't care about MU. Yet they take time to read and post on MU articles. It doesn't add up.

          • uninformed

            Mike, go away. It's fans like you who give WVU a bad name. You won't say MU is a rival yet you aren't on Liberty's or Ga. Southern's page spewing crud. So why fixate on a team you think stinks? Are you still ticked about Kansas....I mean Kansas. I know the record 0-12, yet when confronted with a simple argument about not playing our best team, you resort to belittling a team you say you don't care about. Seems to me you have issues.

          • Mike

            One question. Who do you play? Get real look at the teams in C-USA vs the B-12. It s like a team of pintos vs a team of GTO's. You cant compare. C-USA is one of the bottom feeders. Not your fault,but what conference would take MU? Not even the MAC.

          • Jason

            Undefeated team that finished 8th in rankings did not play WVU. Agreed. I like the direction if MU football right now.

        • Jason

          Umm...Not disputing everything you said. But MU dominated Maryland which shut out and destroyed the mountaineers last year. And they lost to VT in triple OT on the road (albeit a rebuilding VT team, but still, on the road in Blacksburg). I don't buy the 2-3 win comment. As for the 12-0, everybody knows that, and yes, it is fact. Not to make excuses, but the facts about the 12-0 thing is ALL of those games, except the one in '97 was played during some of the worst MU years in recent history and during WVUs absolute golden years. If I am not mistaken, Pennington years had 1 game (where WVU basically won on a blocked punt in the 4th and Pennington was like a soph) and Leftwich never played WVU. Yes, a casual observer sees 12-0, but a true fan of either team really would wonder how a prime Pennington or Leftwich led team would have competed. Anyway, that is the past, army even won a national championship at one point, nobody really cares too much about the past in sports, it is all about the now, that being said MU and WVU currently seem like two programs heading in different directions. I think WVU screwed up when they didn't hire Doc. WVU should always have a more athletic team, they have a much bigger budget for recruiting, facilities, ect. And MU puts together teams with diamond in the rough players that are blue chippers with baggage, some pan out and some don't, but every now and then they get the perfect storm of players that pan out across the bored and field really good teams. Doc just knows what he is doing when it comes to recruiting and hiring/firing assistant coaches.

          • Mister Man

            Wow! Your post is not relevant. It is lengthy, though.

          • Aaron

            "hat being said MU and WVU currently seem like two programs heading in different directions."

            I would agree. While the 2014 picture is clear, 2015 is not so much. Who is going to replace Cato at QB? How does MU's long term recruiting look?

            Now flip the coin. What are WVU's long term QB projections and how does their recruiting look?

            I agree, the programs are headed in different directions.

          • Mike

            I am so thankful we did not hire Doc as our coach. He is not a Coach,but a recruiter. First he hires ex WVU players to support him. Then he lets them run the show. MU puts teams together with rejects from other schools. Just look at the past players and count how many went to jail. The next batch of players cant get into any other school because they cat pass High School. I really think MU runs a program much like NC did for its players. Now I cant prove that,but going from failing HS to passing college just seems very unlikely Have you listen to the players talk after games. No way they passed college classes that required public speaking. Now to you football comment. WVU beat the best team MU ever had. Off the top of my head that may have been the 97 team. So neither off us will ever know what if. The games are played on the field and not what if. So 12-0 stands.

      • GoEers

        Really who did have the better football team? There was only 1 team in the state that defeated a top 25 team and that was WVU's win over Oklahoma st. Last time I checked buddy your beloved herd are still 0-12.