MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A Morgantown man had more than 60 meth labs in one apartment house according to police who busted those labs Thursday.

Garry Rayfield Shrout, 41, was charged with one count of operating a clandestine laboratory and one count of child endangerment.


Garry Shrout was allegedly operating meth labs out of a White Ave. apartment house.

Morgantown Chief of Police Ed Preston┬ásaid they’ve been working on the case for some time.

“Mon Valley Drug Task Force working an investigation of a long-term meth suspect, they were able to secure a search warrant for 501 White Avenue, which is an apartment building,” he says. “As a result of the search, they seized about 65 one-pot cooks.”

Preston said residents of the apartment building are being looked after.

“Residents of the building have been temporarily relocated by the Red Cross and they’re in temporary housing. Code Enforcement has condemned the building because of the contamination.”

The building has nine apartment units and 13 people including five children had to be evacuated.

Preston said the clean-up of the building has begun.

“The Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health and Human Resources are going to be removing the chemicals and the contaminants within the next 24 hours.”

Preston noted meth labs are usually located in more rural locations because of the nature of the operation.

“We typically do not find them in the city; obviously the chemicals are extremely volatile, extremely dangerous, flammable and caustic.”

Shrout is in the North Central Regional Jail on $25,000 bail.


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  • Mr.P

    Meth users what a bunch of IDIOTS!!

  • Renee

    I sure hope someone overseas the cleanup of that apartment building before it is rented out again. Those poisons will linger in the paint and carpet and will effect the next set of tenants.

  • Becki

    Cynara you are ridiculous; meth isn't going to be legalized! It rots your teeth & eventually kills people! I lost a student to meth; it's a terrible plague on our nation & very addictive!

  • B Hunt

    $25,000 bail? Its a harsher crime to drive w/o a license then to operate 65 meth labs and put a dozen+ peoples lives in danger? This is why the dealers keep doing it.

  • Cynara

    Or we could legalize drugs and have them made safely in controlled environments. It's not like prohibition makes the use go away.

    • Evan

      Just do everybody a favor, and hit yourself in the face.

  • Jason412

    " was charged with one count of operating a clandestine laboratory and one count of child endangerment."

    One count of operating a lab for 65 labs? And one count of child endangerment for 5 children? Makes absolutely no sense.

  • Jason

    Heisenberg returns!

  • TB

    $25,000 bail? The magistrate must be a genius. Another plea bargain coming from the DA?


    Till all states change to tighter laws & harsher punishment the drug dealers & lazy asses to lazy to work a real job will keep making drugs to sell for big money not caring who lives they kill or destroy!!!