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Receiver Jordan Thompson outran safety Rickey Rumph on this 42-yard catch.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Sizing up the highs and lows from the Gold-Blue spring game staged Saturday at Milan Puskar Stadium:

Best throw with high-degree of difficulty: Senior walk-on quarterback Logan Moore lofting a 25-yard sideline completion to Vernon Davis Jr.

Best summertime fodder for message boards: Logan Moore should be the starter!

Best special teams moment: Mario Alford bursting 99 yards for paydirt on the opening kickoff.

Worst special teams moment: No one on the coverage unit coming within arm’s length of Alford on the 99-yard runback.

Best block: Andrew Buie leveled redshirt freshman linebacker Alex Brooks with a peel-back hit to spring Logan Moore on a 28-yard scramble.

Worst omen for WVU’s improved pass rush: The Blue team defense managed only three sacks in 95 snaps, though some of that can be attributed to linebacker Brandon Golson sitting out the game with a shoulder injury.

Best boom with no ‘stache: Josh Lambert hammered a 53-yard field goal that carried beyond the camera platform. (“He’s been Mr. Consistency,” said Dana Holgorsen.)

Worst drop, Part I: KJ Myers couldn’t hang on to what should have been a 13-yard touchdown pass from Moore.

Worst drop, Part II: Smallwood, lined up in the slot, let a slant pass slip through his mitts. (“He hasn’t dropped that pass all camp,” said running backs coach JaJuan Seider.)

Best open-field stick: Noted thumper Karl Joseph stopped 218-pound Rushel Shell in his tracks on a swing pass.

Best tackle by a safety not wearing No. 8: Dayron Wilson, the junior-college transfer, cut down Wendell Smallwood on a third-and-2 run that appeared headed for big yardage.

Best reminder you were watching a spring game: Jordan Thompson streaked 42 yards on a second-half catch.

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  • Paul

    I think the real story is we have several very good looking RB's. Rushel Shell will own the 4th QTR with his power running, Dustin looks scrappy with something to prove and Wendell and Dremius are just plain good. It will be interesting to see how coach gets them in the passing game. Defense is definitly better. Logan looked good with a nice hard line drive throw and quick decisions, Skyler needs more time. If we had a good top notch QB we can be real good.

  • An actual athlete

    Its a spring game relax. We saw a lot of athletes that could do things with the ball once its caught. Something we didn't see last year. We also saw a defense with better athleticism that in previous years. That's really all you are looking for. They have game speed tape to watch and learn from.

  • Jay Stan

    ...and that's Mr. Positive, Allan Taylor, folks!

  • real fan

    Going to be another long year cant even get a good Qb we need a good couch maybe after this year we can get Doc Holiday.

    • Hersh

      You should try getting a good coach to help you with becoming a "real fan" of the English language. How can anyone take your criticism seriously when you can't even put a basic sentence together?

      • Aaron

        The only people who take my comments serious are those who respond to my post with some trivial condemnation of a grammatical error.

        Thank you.

        • Hop'sHip

          Is it serious or seriously?

          • Aaron

            Thank you

    • Aaron

      Why Doc Holiday? He had a team that could have went undefeated last year and they lost how many games?

  • jay zoom

    wasn't impressed yesterday and I doubt the mountaineer faithful will be impressed in the fall. like one player mentioned after the scrimmage. WERE LEARNING and he will still be saying that in November. 99 yard kickoff return to start the game. Just to get the crowd excited. then bust their bubbles the rest of the afternoon. 2014 - 4-8 THANKS OLLIE

    • rock solid

      @jzoom: You were hatched an idiot, are an idiot, and always will be an idiot. You couldn't find your rear end if you were given a map.

  • Rick55

    I defy anone to judge the quality of players as individuals or the team as a whole based on spring scrimmages.
    Every time the offense does well, is it because they are good, or because the defense is bad? And visa-versa.
    Spring practice is so players can learn the system, get some reps, etc.
    Even Sal Palantonio would have difficulty judging the quality of a team based on spring practice.

  • Mark

    Last comment from Allan Taylor about Jordan Thompson was a sneaky one.

  • fatheadluv

    I'm excited about this year. We have the weapons to win. Little worried about the D right now. Gotta stay healthy.
    I love what I saw from Moore today. I love the versatility in the backfield in general. And we have good depth at HB.
    Strong kicking game. Strong return team. Gotta wonder what happened to the kickoff team though.
    If we get the ball first and come out strong, we can jump all over some teams this year.
    I'll say it now: we'll play Alabama close. Can we win it? Gotta D-up!

  • Allen

    I think it's a spring game and people should not be fooled by what they see or don't see. This so called game is to get film on the players so they can review and work on the areas needed.

    Mike is Mr negative.

    • Mike

      No I just happen to have an opinion, which last time I looked in America, you're entitled to have, Allen. Judge my opinion in 3 years when Skyler is out of the program.

      • RobertEer

        Remember a few spring games ago, 1st Big12 year, when our D completely shut down Geno, Steddy & Tavon? That same D gave up everything from everyone.... Spring means nothing...

      • JT

        Brace yourselves for a very long season.

  • Oh Did Ya?

    How about the worst was that the "gold" team wore white?

    • Troll

      How about trying a little harder to find something to complain about? What a joke!

  • mad hatter

    for what it's worth, and probably not much, but i am hoping that Crest , in his short period, will win the job, and the 3 qb's i saw today, are really sad. None showed me div.1 talent, just like last yr. and trickett is so feable, he could get broken in half at any moment...
    at best, 6-6 season, and a bowl, and we probably lose it.

    • Aaron

      2 or 3 stories ago you were saying 4-8. Now you're saying 6-6. Where's the consistency?

      • JT

        5-7 at best.

        There are 6 definite losses on the schedule. Bama, at Texas, OU, at Tech, at OSU, and Baylor are losses.

        That doesn't factor in tough games (for this team) at Maryland, at Iowa St and home against TCU and K-State.

        This thing could be 6-6 at the VERY best, or as bad as 2-10. It will probably be somewhere in the middle.

        • TruthTeller

          WVU will win the Texas game. Did you forget Texas has a new coach? Do you expect Texas to be a good team with a first year coach? I think WVU will win the Texas game. Typical negative fans for WVU. Were are the real fans out there?

        • Aaron

          I've been watching WVU -OK from 1982 on ESPN claassic.

          It was a definite loss

          • Aaron

            I'm pretty sure you could replace Oklahoma with Alabama and pretty much the same shinola was being said.

          • JT

            The 82 team had a future Super Bowl winner at QB. This team has two Stephen F Austin retreads and a walk on from Fairmont St.

            This team will struggle big time and is going to get embarrassed against Alabama. People that think this team will compete are living in fantasy land.

      • mad hatter

        this is as positive as i can be with a dana holgorsen team.

  • bobeer

    Not ready to say Logan should start because Trickett is out and Millard does look better than last year. I expect it will be a 3 way competition in the fall but if I was a betting man, I'd put money on Trickett for the opener.

    After that it's anybody's guess beyond Skyler won't play and Crest will redshirt unless injuries make us burn it.

    • Mike

      I think they wasted a scholarship on Skyler. So goes the QB play this year, and maybe next, so goes Holgorsen's job.

      • Aaron

        Why? Do teams not need 4-5 QB's on the roster to for practice throws? Aren't there mobile QB's on the schedule? Given the needs, are you not better off using a scholarship in a situational position for 2-3 years instead of 4-5?

        • ohioneer

          Pat White was the third string QB when he got his chance due to injury. Slaton also wasn't starting. Holg's will pick Trickett because he prefers a coach's son and he has the most game experience. For an offense that was supposed to be so easy to pick up and install, sure seems that every QB we've had struggles with it. Crest simply won't have any time to learn it.

          • Shawn

            Geno smiff disagrees.

          • Mohigan #22

            Pat White and Bednarik were splitting time from the first game in 2005 (of course, White was a redshirt not true freshman). It was never a secret that Rod was very high on White, believed he had more potential than Bednarik, and was grooming him to be #1.

            The whole "Rod didn't recognize White's talent and only went to him because of injury" meme is revisionist history that only became fashionable after Rod bolted and the love turned to hate.

      • Georgianeer

        Crest will start from day one. Just a gut feeling from the way the coaches hint that none of the returnees are starting material & the respect they are dying to pay Crest even though he is not yet on campus. Howard--they suddenly needed a backup, preferably mobile, to be able to practice this spring and had a scholarship just sitting there.

        • Mteer

          Hope you're right about Crest. Maybe he'll be another Pat White, but even better passer!

          • Aaron

            Pat White didn't initially start.