RED HOUSE, W.Va. — An ongoing domestic dispute ended in gunfire and death Saturday morning according to Putnam County sheriff’s deputies.

A man identified as Curtis Adams allegedly entered the residence of his former girlfriend on Grandview Ridge Road near Red House Hill. Reports indicate he kicked in the door and when he got inside the former girlfriend shot him with a shotgun.

WSAZ-TV reported Adams and his cousin flagged down a passing motorist who took him to the Route 34 VFD where he died a short time later.

Deputies said the former couple had a history of problems and Adams had been in jail late last year on domestic violence charges.

The former girlfriend was not immediately charged in connection with the death. Deputies said the information would be given to prosecutors for possible presentment to a county grand jury.

There were five children sleeping in the residence at the time of the shooting.

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  • autumn jordan

    i knew crystal n curtis adn i am here to tell you curtis tried his hardest for that women and it was never good enought he was mine and my husbands best friend any time we needed anything he was there with out a question we loved him like a brother and whenever we were without work he always made sure to come and pick my hubby up and find work for them and split it equally we will always remember the way u made us smile we will miss u

  • Whatever

    What if she left a party had more then 2 hrs to get her an her kids to a safe place but yet she went to her house two hrs later kicked out the bed room window an told the guy there she was gonna blow his head off as soon as he pulled in drive why not call the cops she knew he was wanted why not call the cops an tell then he was at so an SOS house at a party soo whatever charge her with the killing she wast soo mad or scared of him to have him at her house fixing it an buying her a new stove soo it.s bs know what ur talking about befor u open ur mouth

    • Jay

      I agree with you Reggie. I hope she don't become another white victim!!

  • Reggie

    You backwood hicks forget that this young man was someones child, someones brother cousin friend and father. You all are talking about him as if he were some wild animal. Their is certainly more to this story than you all know about. Guns are never the solution.

    • Eddie

      Kicking in a Door and Violating a court order is the answer I guess?
      Far from being a backwood hick!
      I bet you dollars to doughnut I know what social group you belong to!!??
      This woman beating, dope head thug got every thing he deserved!!!!
      You're defending him is a sad state of your social stature and education!

    • wv girl

      U do not know what it is like to have to walk on eggshells your whole life and have your children take care of you!!!! If this man was a man there would have been a simple knock and not a kicked in door or a arrest record of domestic violence!!!! I SO IT WAS TOO GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!

    • ViennaGuy

      But her getting another beating solves everything, right?

  • Reggie

    You backwood hcks forget that this young man was someones child, someones brother cousin friend and father. You all are talking about him as if he were some wild animal. Their is certainly more to this story than you all know about. Guns are never the solution.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Gary Karstens is just upset that the woman didn't walk outside and fire both barrels into the air to scare off the intruder like Joe Biden recommends. Considering that she would have had to get by the intruder in order to get outside and reload since it is a single shot shotgun, makes no difference. Maybe she should have urinated on herself as well to deter any other possible assault. Gary Karstens, how do you even look at yourself in the mirror without vomiting?

  • rick

    Although I am sometimes on the other side of this issue. I believe all compassion ended for this guy when he entered a dwelling with sleeping children to do probable harm to a former domestic partner that he was supposed to stay away from. In this case the right thing was done

  • Chuck

    Your right Gary, it could be a woman and five kids dead. Thats the whole story... the man kick in the door and had just gotten out of jail.

  • silverado

    Apparently there are some of these people on here making comments that shoulnt be made. If you don't know these people like I do it is best to remain silent. There was a lot more details involved here that isn't being told as of yet. If this investigation is done right and without prejudice there will be a lot different light shed here but we will see how much truth shall be told.

    • Eddie

      I know them! So? Yes!! I can! and Will Comment!!!!
      He was a Dope Head,, Woman Beating, Jail Bird!!
      He was told to stay away!
      He was too stupid to read evidently?
      He got what he asked for!
      If she was shot breaking into his house and he killed her what would folks be saying?
      I get your ignorance though? Evidently you are a Chevy person!?

      • rtaylor

        Eddie i wish u would talk about him like that in front of me!!! Face to face... ur a punk and that dope head whore had people in there cooking meth while he was locked up around his kids! -she deserved eveything she got. We love u curtis, i hope ur resting in peace.....

  • thornton

    The "kicking in the door" kinda set the stage....the "apparatus of death" always depends upon which end of the stick one holds.

  • the right one

    They will not let me post on here

  • the right one

    Y'all don't know everything that was going on if she was so scared of him then why did she keep going back to him an she even asked two guys in his family to shoot him a month before this happens she need to be locked up for life or put to death how can she be going around asking ppl to shoot him an tell more then 10 ppl she was going to kill him get real she set him up their will be no justice because he was a black guy in Putnam county. Soo plz stop talking about how she did what she had to u can not go around trying to getin ppl to kill ur husband then shot him a month later an say I had it that's bs

    • Eddie

      OH!! There it is!!!! The race card!
      You are a fool!
      He was in the wrong place at the right time!
      Violating a court order?
      Kicking a door in?
      He "WAS" a Druggie, Woman Beating POS Jail Bird that was handled accordingly!

  • Gary Karstens

    No one here knows the whole story. And we won't know because an apparatus of death was used. There certainly could be more to this story and we will never know. But let the gun loving solutionists rejoice. I say there is a man dead....where is your compassion!!!!

    • Eddie

      What an Incredibly Ignorant Insight!

    • Jay

      You are right,, a man is dead,, but a victimized woman and her 5 children are alive. Maybe you should get the whole story,, you know, the story where Mr. Adams has already pulled a year in jail for violence against this woman, and already violated a DVP against him,, and kicked in the door and attacked her.. oh,, and there's much more to the story,, so,, before you criticize her "apparatus of death" ... be glad she had it,, because she and her children are alive today because of it.

      • Jay

        What part don't you carcassions don't understand! SHE WAS HANGING OUT WITH HIM. I've had a DVP on a gentleman n it wasn't to waste the courts time. I really was afraid n I DIDNT hang out with him n get drunk!! PRINCIPLE

    • Desperate

      Tell us Gary-- what would you have done had you been in her shoes??

    • Jonus Grumby

      The whole story? Let's see, Adams was at his former girlfriend's house, not his. We don't know his intent. Adams kicked in the door. OK, sounds like his intent was to enter uninvited. He was in jail recently on domestic violence charges. Sounds like the woman in question didn't wish to become a victim again of his violence. I'd guess Mr. Adams had anger management issues.

      • scott

        she cured that !!!!!

    • Gary Isstupid


      Looks like you'd rather see a woman die in a domestic than her defend herself with "an apparatus of death".

      Big man aren't you wanting to leave a woman defenseless?

    • ViennaGuy

      Gary, where is your compassion for this woman? She has been the victim of his violence in the past. Should she just take a beating from him? Does she not have the right to defend herself and her kids?

      And would you be on here asking where HIS compassion was if he'd put her in the hospital - or worse, killed her?

    • The bookman

      Gary Karstens
      Bearing arms in WV! YEESH!
      Gun restrictions would cut these type of situations out.
      April 12, 2014 at 8:10 pm | Reply

      The above was the second post lodged on this story. Had the homeowner not had a weapon, the story would definitely be different, but most likely not for the better. No one here knows every detail, but restricting the rights of citizens to protect themselves from a violent intruder is not a solution either.

      Using a man's death to further your anti 2nd amendment stance is appalling, even for you. And you call those out opposed to your view without compassion? Really?

      • Jay

        Gun restrictions would stop a convicted domestic violence offender from assaulting his victim how?....

  • Tom

    She should get a medal for eliminating a thug.

    • jewell

      Tom that's my cousin who was far from a thug you ignorant ass. My cousin was opposite of whatever you consider to be a thug. He was a good man who loved his children. Him and his wife both partied to hard and world both mistreat each other. Crystal meth head skaggs is no saint nor hero my cousin lost his life show respect

      • Eddie

        Key Word here?
        He WAS a Woman Beater!
        He WAS a Dope Head!
        He WAS a Viloator!
        NOW HE IS DEAD!!!!
        Hope the younger ones that knew him learn from his stupidity!!!!

      • Jeremy

        I've known him since junior high. He was a thug then and apparently he was still a thug. Just because somebody loves his children doesn't excuse his lifelong criminal behavior. Good riddance.

      • Tom

        "Reports indicate he kicked in the door..."


        Issue medal and return gun.

    • Tom

      Oh yeah....and give her the damn gun back!

      • Eddie

        Heck yes!

      • Jonus Grumby


  • Therealstory

    What I she did call him? What if she asked him to come over? What if she hit him as much or more than he hit her? What if she sent people after him with guns just days ago because he wouldn't come back? Would that change y'all's minds?

    • The bookman

      What if all the evidence points to him being in the residence forcefully? What if he was recently in jail on domestic charges? What if after shooting the man the police decided to NOT charge the shooter? Yes, as in all relationships that fail like this one, there is usually enough blame to cover both individuals. But that doesn't excuse his aggression, nor tie her hands in protecting herself from forceful entry.

  • Rick55

    Why don't we let the law do its work and stop being judge and jury in the court of public opinion?