MORGANTOWN. W.Va. — Junior college point guard Tarik Phillip, a target for West Virginia ever since Eron Harris announced plans to transfer March 24, committed to the Mountaineers on Sunday afternoon, according to

The 6-foot-3 Phillip, originally a 2012 South Carolina signee who failed to qualify academically, was attracting interest from Kansas, Oklahoma State and Memphis, but chose West Virginia after visiting campus this weekend.

Phillip starred at Independence (Kan.) Community College this past season as a redshirt freshman. He earned Jayhawk Conference MVP honors while averaging 18.7 points, 6.7 rebounds and 4.7 assists. He has three years of eligibility remaining.

Independence coach Tony Turner described Phillip as a point guard capable of playing on or off the ball. He shot 55 percent from the floor and 38 percent from 3-point range this season.

“Tarik can really score from anywhere you need him to—he can get to the rack or shoot jumpers—but he likes to get his teammates involved,” Turner said. “He’s really a pass-first guy.”

WVU could use the new recruit in tandem with Juwan Staten and Terry Henderson in a three-guard lineup, though Phillip would be valuable even backing up Staten, who was forced to play more than 37 minutes per game last season.

Phillip can’t officially sign with West Virginia until April 16.

The Mountaineers’ two earlier signees for this 2014 class are also guards—the 6-2 Jevon Carter out of Maywood, Ill., and 6-3 Daxter Miles, a Baltimore product who’s attending prep school in Massachusetts this year.

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  • JD

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    Figure it out.

    Don't embarrass this site with your illiteracy.

  • J the C

    J Perry, "inner city adult"? Nice! Don't forget your hood.

  • Rick55

    Nobody can predict the future but my opinion is that it's better to recruit Phillip than not recruit Phillip. He may never work out but if we didn't recruit him we would never know.

  • JP

    THEN GO ROOT FOR PITT. Shut up already. Just because a kid had trouble with his grades two years ago doesn't mean anything. You people are a pathetic excuse for fans. Seriously, just leave. Our fan base has no room for you. You really want to turn a kid away to Kansas and OK St.?

  • aquarius

    jay zoom, frank and capt obvious....its not a party until you guys post. have you considered cutting and pasting previous will save time and effort... i will give you do stay on point...although its beginning to remind me of rainman and his obession with judge wapner and kmart underwear....have a good day.

  • jay zoom

    another student with academic problems. sounds to me like same old problem WVU has had in the past. Way to go Huggins when are you and that JERK you work for (LUCK) going to wake up. Probably another ONE and DONE season. THANKS OLLIE

    • scott

      Jay Zoom has spoken...and still no one cares......

    • FNP

      Zip your face

  • Frank/Moundsville

    He didn't qualify academically at South Carolina, but he will be fine at WVU.........go figure.

    • Aaron

      He's had a year of junior college classes in which to improve his grades. Do you think maybe that has something to do with it?

    • ViennaGuy

      So are you saying that Oklahoma State and Kansas also have terrible academic programs?

  • Capt. Obvious

    JUCO's are relatively worthless their first season in the Huggs "system" (see Dibo, Staten, Murray and Casey) thus this is a step back from Eron UNLESS the lad can play some semblance of defense but then again first year JUCO transfers never play D in the Huggs "system".

    Huggs is in a hole and can't stop digging. He'll be complaining that this guy doesn't play D or practice enough by Christmas and make it sound like recruiting him was our fault.

    • Aaron

      Does Capt. Obvious need a name change to Capt. Coward? Or perhaps Capt. Blowhard. Capt. can't back up what he says would be appropriate but it's a bit long.

    • Aaron

      I'm still waiting Capt's, how do you come to the conclusion that this young man is a step back from Eron Harris, particularly when you're commnents regarding young Mr. Harris were so negative during the season.

    • KeatonsCorner

      boy, there's a lot of fail in Capt's post...

      a lot...

      btw - Dibo gave WVU 7pts/4 rebounds

      "sucking" ? no.

    • Aaron

      Staten played at Division 1Dayton and Murray played Division 1 LeSale.

      Does that make you Didn't ambiguous?

      • Capt. Obvious

        "Does that make you Didn't Ambiguous"?

        Well played Aaron.

        Your correction has no bearing on my claim that JUCOS suck in year 1 under Huggs,,,they do and he will.

        Including D-1 transfers in that mix does not render the first statement false. In fact, it suggests that there might be something wrong with the "system" .

        Why can't Huggs get production from first year players when so many other coaches do?.

        Don't hate Aaron, it blinds you from the truth that you seek.

        • FNP

          Actually this kid will be a step up considering he can drive the ball to the rim. Oh and he can't be any worse than Harris on D

          • Aaron

            Captain Obvious would be an upgrade over Harris on defense.

        • Aaron

          Dude, it's not my fault you got wrong.

        • No Spin Zone

          Capt. Obvious - your comment makes not sense. You made a wrong comment about JUCO players and when you were corrected you simply say oh well and move on. You were wrong with that comment and you are doubly wrong with your comment about first year players. A couple of the contributor in this year's team where first year players including Adrian from Morgantown high. I am finding that facts are no longer important to some of us. We simply jone on and on about whatever comes to our lips. It would help to review the facts before speaking. The coach is doing an excellent job recruiting and trying to put a program together - it is about supply and demand - remember he is competing with other universities for players.

          • Aaron

            You've never seen this kid play and you're claiming he's a step back from Harris.

            How so?

          • Capt. Obvious

            Spinner, you're so far behind that you think you're ahead.

            My primary point was that this signee is a step back from Eron. If you want first year production like Adrian, Dibo and Williams to replace Eron's 18 ppg, you are down 10 ppg at minimum.

            The coach is a recruiting nightmare as he retained 5 out of the 16 recruits in the three classes prior to the most recent one where 2 of the 5 did not qualify.

            There's your stats.

  • Dave

    Pleasantly surprised we landed this young man. You have a great opportunity, make the most of it. Welcome Tarik Phillips!


  • FNP

    Kids have to go to JC all the time. Its not an uncommon practice these days. Who cares how he gets there as long as he does and he's doing good.

  • Aaron

    He had offers from Kansas, Oklahoma State, and Memphis; three perennial top 25 teams and college basketball including one that contains for a national championship almost every year.

    Who says Huggins can't recruit?

    • Hop'sHip

      Allan characterized those schools as "showing interest." Are you sure they offered? And are we sure he will be eligible next season?

      • Aaron

        I know Kansas was very interested as they are looking at a couple of guards, as is OK State. As to his eligibility, there is no concern that he will have the same trouble as Jonathan Holton as he did not attend a D-1 school before attending a community college. His first semester grades were good as he played the second semester. So long as his grades are good at the end of this semester, he will be eligible to transfer.

        • Politico

          According to rivals wvu is his only offer. Hardly a fight to get his commitment but should be a solid pickup if he qualifies.

          • Duane

            Rivals didn't have him ranked either. Do you have your own ranking system?

          • Duane

            ESPN didn't have him ranked coming out of high school. Where did you see him as a four star?

          • Aaron

            I can see WVU being the only offer given that he's only been on the market for a few weeks after recently announcing he would not return to the community college for his sophomore year. I would assume he realized he was eligible for Division I ball hence his desire to play Division I ball. After all, he was a four-star prospect who originally signed with South Carolina out of high school.

  • GoEers

    Great news! Welcome to the Mountaineer family!

  • richard

    j perry shows his intellect, with this fine piece of commentary. shows who the dead weight really is!!! i'm sure you're a fine and caring person mr. or mrs. j perry.

    • hailey

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    • Aaron

      It seems me Mr. Perry that you are jealous of Mr. Miles. Do you know anything about the young man or are your comments stereotypical rubbish based on prejudiced?

    • aquarius

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    • Mister Man

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  • J Perry

    So is Mr Miles headed to Mass to learn English? They may even teach him to actually spell his own name. More dead weight for West Virginia taxpayers to support. Thousands in free education and living expenses.......

    • An actual athlete

      If you have such a problem with athletics as a whole then maybe you should stay off the site in general. Furthermore the basketball and football teams make a ton of money for the school itself. Allowing thousands of residents of this state to gain a semi affordable education. Go crawl back in the hole( or is it whole) you crawled out of.

    • Aaron

      Does it matter why he is going to prep school?

    • aquarius

      j perry please let me know when your 15 minutes of fame has expired? although i will miss your mangling of the queens english when you fade into oblivion....and you will like most of the other posters of a similar ilk do.

    • Mister Man

      Who is Mr. Miles?

      • J Perry

        Read much? Does the name Allan Taylor wring a bell?

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        • Mister Man

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          • hailey

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          • J Perry

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  • Mister Man

    Yeh buddy. Nice move Mr. Phillip. Welcome to the family.