CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Kanawha County man who stole a car while a baby was in the back seat will be sentenced in May.

On Monday, Christopher Linville, 20, of Elkview plead guilty to child neglect causing a risk of injury or death.  His trial on that charge along with a charge of possession of a stolen vehicle had been scheduled to begin on Monday.

Back on Jan. 6, Linville jumped into the car that was left running outside of a convenience store on Charleston’s East End along Washington Street East.  The child’s mother had briefly run into the store.

Linville later abandoned the vehicle after, investigators said, he realized the nine month old baby was on board.  The child was soon found safe.

As for Linville, he’ll be sentenced on May 19 in Kanawha County Circuit Court and faces between one and five years in prison.


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  • Tom

    Fire up Old Sparky!!!

  • JAMES Slade

    Ok - the knucklehead pleads guilty----I hope he receives a sentence that makes him think about the seriousness of his crime.

    Now --- how about the mother of the child? I'm curious why no charges against her for leaving a child in the care -- WITH the keys in the vehicle? Perhaps the car was still running---

    • northforkfisher

      I'm with you, why has the mom not brought up on child neglect. Leaving a car running in the city and a lot small towns also, is an open invitation to trouble.

  • B Man

    I thought this happened on the east side near the State Capitol Complex.