HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Marshal’s new running backs coach Chris Barclay had a big day when he and the rest of the Herd were graced by the presence of former Herd defensive coordinator and Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe.

“That’s my coach. He brought me to Wake Forest,” said Barclay, who played for the Demon Deacons from 2002-05. “I was part of his first recruiting class and he gave me a start into coaching. I was a GA for him in 2010-11, so that man means the world to me. He’s given me not one but two or three chances and I’m forever indebted to him.”

As for his new post at Marshall, Barclay said there is ample talent among the current group of running backs that includes Steward Butler, Remi Watson, and Kevin Grooms, who has been allowed to practice with the team this spring.

“There is so much they bring to the table from catching the ball out of the backfield to being able to run and outrun defenders,” Barclay said. “We have some great speed and some great vision with this group and I think we can win a lot of game with this unit. We just have to come along in the area of pass protection and understanding blocking schemes so we can play a little faster.”

The 2005 ACC Player of the Year, Barclay is in his first spring with Marshall after serving as the running backs coach at William & Mary and beginning as the graduate assistant at Wake Forest.

“I’ve picked up a lot of coaching points along the way that I hope can make them play faster when the ball is snapped.” Barclay said. “Processing pre-snap information, keying safety rotations for protection purposes and also what am I looking at in the running game.

“(Players) can’t just see seven people in the box. Where are those seven people? On an inside zone, what am I looking at so I can play faster once the ball is snapped? I think those are the things I’m trying to impart with them so they can have better pre-snap recognition so they can play faster when the ball is snapped.”

— Braxton Crisp

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  • Herd98

    WVU trolls love to show themselves on Herd articles, especially when they know they have nothing to look forward to. The players dont make the schedules they just play the games, the schedule is super weak and there is no excuse with the talent this team has not to go undefeated. Cato is one of the finest QB's in college football and has earned the respect of the college football community. Shuler is back and we have a couple TE's that can step up and take gators spot as well as some talented youngsters with size and speed at WR. 3 good running backs with experience and speed. The defense has the potential to be dominate once again as well. There are some questions on the offensive line but I have faith that coach Mirabal will work it out. There is plenty to be excited about in Herd country it's a shame that it's not the same with the other school. Poor coaching and no QB will do that for you. Go Herd!

    • GO WVU

      Hell with a pee wee schedule like that, I guess you are. WVU would be undefeated. We will be fine at quarterback and have the deepest collection of running backs in the Big 12. Just be glad we don't play Marsha...that's always a win for us.

      • Herd98

        Lets see who is ranked higher at seasons end statistically and otherwise. You dont have a QB and you wont be fine. WVU does have a fine set of Rb's but you cant run the ball all the time and Holgerson just doesnt run that type of offense. Be relaistic. It always seems that when WVU is up Mu is down and when MU is up WVU is down. MU is definetley up so the eers are going to be down. We will just have to see come fall.

  • Curious Grobe back in town, huh? Don't slip up this year Doc!!!!

  • GO WVU

    Look at this meatgrinder of schedule!!LMAO!!! The Groan will be rocking those 2,000 fans again!! LOL

    Date Opponent Result
    Aug. 30 at Miami-OH TBA

    Sep. 6 Rhode Island TBA
    Sep. 13 Ohio TBA
    Sep. 20 at Akron TBA
    Oct. 4 at Old Dominion TBA
    Oct. 11 Middle Tenn. TBA
    Oct. 18 at Florida Int'l TBA
    Oct. 25 Florida Atlantic TBA
    Nov. 8 at Southern Miss. TBA
    Nov. 15 Rice TBA
    Nov. 22 at UAB TBA
    Nov. 28 Western Kentucky TBA

    • steve

      is that really their schedule?

  • Larry

    They should win the national championship with all the talent they have, they will make the Alabamas, Auburns, and Florida States of the world look silly.

  • Aaron

    I would imagine that running backs will seldom see 7 people in the box with as accomplished QB as Cato, thus they should have a field day.

    In all honesty, with this offense and the schedule they play, this offense could break Houston's season team yardage record of 8387 set in 2011 over 14 games as well as Houston's yards per game of 624.9 set in 1989 over 11 games.

    The question is, will Doc allow that to happen against such inferior competition?

    • Interesting123

      My guess is once the games are out of reach a backup QB goes into the game. Doc has to get someone ready for next year especially with the only backup that had any playing time transferring.

  • Doc's sweatshirt

    Poor Marshall. They get so little respect in this state that they are listed below the High School Sports section on this website. He He.

    • Larry

      I'd really like to know what Doc's wringing hands think about it.

    • real fan

      You need to get a life your just mad because MU is better than your sorry team up north you guys cant even get a good Qb or couch.

      • FNP

        We only use couches to burn.

    • Mister Man

      Marshall will do just fine, thank you very much.