WESTON, W.Va. – Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito wants to put an end to cyber bullying. She’s making her case one school at a time.

Tuesday, Capito teamed up with Robert L. Bland Middle School in Lewis County and Google to talk with kids about the dangers of today’s tech world

“[We’re focusing on] how to recognize cyber bullying, what to do about it and how you can have partners with Google and your parents and your teachers to try and prevent this,” according to Capito.

This is the third cyber bullying roundtable Capito has hosted. It’s the first one where students are actively involved. Google put together a 45-minute presentation in a digital gaming format to catch kids attention and keep it, in order to get the word out about the dangers of cyber bullying.

Capito said several high-profile national cases caught her attention.

Capito says no child should ever have to deal with cyber bullying.

“There were a couple stories that just really tore at my heart where girls, in this case, had been cyber bullied, pushed through the Internet, to feel so bad about themselves that they eventually took their own life,” Capito said.

She said that should never happen and it’s important to reach out to students early on.

“In middle school is the perfect age because they’re using social media all the time. We just want to make sure it’s used properly.”

Capito said that includes making sure kids know what is appropriate and when to ask for help.

The congresswoman hopes this will be the first, of many, Google/school partnerships to talk about the issue.

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  • Ida Lowther

    Thank you so much for addressing this huge issue. My daughter has been a victim of Cyberbullying for a year now. We have reported it to our local law enforcement and they are reluctant to even respond back to us. We have given them all the evidence that we have and may as well threw it in a garbage can. Our daughter has miss school over depression and anxieties due to this attacker. Must a parent wait for their child to end their lives to get legal action? It is a horrible situation and you can count on my vote. I am pleased that somebody is standing up on this issue.

  • Roy

    Good for her. It takes a real coward to attack someone behind a keyboard and in this day of technology more needs to be done. Let's stop making excuses for people who intentionally go online to hurt others. Ever heard of the website, Topix? It doesn't get any worse than that. Hate for profit.

  • rick

    cyber bullying? Turn the damn computer and phones off. If someone lies then they are guilty of slander ..sue them and their parents. Shelley "working" on crap again that in the end means nothing.

    The Affordable Care Act is here to stay..too many people now see the benefits and it will be around like Social Security and Medicare which the Republicans tried to do away with.

  • Hop'sHip

    It's essential that Capito takes a firm stand for settling for nothing short of the full repeal of Obamacare. Those who lose access to healthcare because of this need to understand that they should be shamed for accepting access in this way and the most important thing for our country is the total humiliation of this illegitimate President. And other takers of government-provided healthcare like Medicare need to understand that they too must give up their selfish subsidies and pay full freight for healthcare services they use so we can give the deserving wealth creators the tax breaks they want and need. No RINO mincing of words is acceptable. She must make herself clear on these positions. Anyone not on board with these views should probably vote for Tennant anyway.

    • The bookman

      And you demand Tennant take a clear stand on Obamacare as well?

  • richard

    I can't think of one single productive thing Capito has ever done.
    This cyber bullying crap is just more of a waste of time. If they don't want to be bullied, stay of social sites. Otherwise, I think these kids need to have a little thicker skin. We are turning todays kids into a bunch of sissies who can't handle anything.
    Why is it that in todays schools, we have more and more anti bullying classes, and yet kids are walking into schools making threats to shoot everyone? Why is it we have more and more anti-drug classes, and yet more and more kids are on drugs?

  • DWL

    When is she going to tackle the RINO issue she helped create in the Dysfunctional Capital? They are the biggest bunch of bullies to the US taxpayers in general.

  • JTC

    Maybe she should teach school for a week and get a true feel for the issues. Photo op queen!

  • RogerD

    This is all well and good. Ms. Capito probably needs fluff pieces like this a few months before the election. I think many voters would be more interested in knowing her position on the provision being pushed by Cantor and others to give amnesty to illegal immigrants who enlist in the military. This makes little sense at a time when Obama is drawing down military personnel.

    • The bookman

      Agreed Roger! Couldn't help but roll my eyes when I read that headline. Noble effort on her part, but please get back to work. I'm sure some state or federal program already receives funds to address such issues. Nothing but a photo op and sound byte generator.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Schools notwithstanding, would some comments posted by readers on this site qualify as "bullying"?

    Just asking......