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Nate Adrian, who completed his freshman season at West Virginia last month, was arrested on a DUI charge early Sunday morning in Morgantown.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia freshman forward Nathan Adrian was charged with DUI early Sunday morning after being pulled over on North High Street for an expired registration sticker.

The 19-year-old Adrian was stopped by university police at 1:20 a.m. He admitted to drinking alcohol and registered a blood-alcohol content of .085, according to the incident report.

He was released on a $1,500 personal recognizance bond.

The 6-foot-9 Morgantown High graduate appeared in all 33 West Virginia games this past season, averaging 5.4 points and 2.9 rebounds in 18.9 minutes.

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  • Gary Karstens

    Kinda funny. If it was an athlete at another school, then some of the same people who post comments shoot arrows. But funny when it is a WVU student-athlete how it is spun.

    • bill

      Now we know why, he could'nt run the floor, play defense, nor shoot with consistaincy. If he wants to drink allow him to transfer to a D3 school . I hear our correctional institutions have good basketball teams and are filled with people "just being kids."

      • Big Jim slide

        Bill, dude come on the kid was less than .10 bac at 1:30 am. If you think college athletes should have no social life then you should just watch nba ball. 1 beer puts a person at .04 bac level So he just had 2 or 3 beers. I bet he drives better with 4 beers in his system than your jack legged butt does sober

  • Pickle Barrel

    Morgantown is a target-rich environment for DUI's and the police are all over the place taking full advantage of unlimited opportunities.

    • William

      "Sweatsuit" Huggins is a great role model to be around!
      He is a terrible coach, and I would never let my kid anywhere close to this guy.
      Why would any WVU fan EVER support Huggins of Holgerson?
      These two are a mess, just look at their record.
      This is what happens when you hire leaders with NO CLASS & POOR CHARACTER!

      • bill

        I agree with you about Huggins, but Holgerson ,the jury is still out on him, I think he will turn it around this year. Keep up the good work on Huggins.

      • Bob Smithers

        What kids of yours Billy boy.You should be neutered and forbidden from reproducing anyway.That way your gene pool can not contaminate the rest of the world.

  • pghmountaineer

    I think once Huggs has a one on one discussion with him things will be ok and they can move on from there.

    • bill

      I would like to hear that conversation, one drunk to another.

      • bill

        Huggs is a real role model when it comes to drinking.

      • Mister Man

        So, you're a drunk?

        • bill

          Never touch the stuff.......

          • squad

            i'm sure..

            you're one of those people who knows what's wrong and its everyone else, right?

  • JJ

    The captain (huggs) has lost control of his ship.

    • SCOTT

      Yes, thats obviously it....I mean who has ever heard of a 19 year old getting a DUI....Obviously Bob has lost control......

      and you are just one of many fools....I dont even know what to call ya....tool...idiot...herd fan...silly hillbilly who hasnt been out the holler since christmas....i mean between you Jay slime and William and bill and his inconsistaincy...its kinda hard to describe.

      Do the world and the mountain state a favor...and stay in you holler!!!!!!

      • J the C


      • bill

        Don't get personal, Scotty.

  • aquarius

    the two thriving industries in motown are towing student cars and a gazillion cops whose sole purpose in life is to stamp out student drunks....nate...what where you thinking???? pick another mode of transportation when you've been drinking...try the'll likely sober up before it actually gets moving again...but at least you wont be charged. other than the saint or two who've already posted their view of the incident....he's in college, he made a others have said..learn from it and move on..

  • Dave

    Nate,Nate,Nate. Learning experience. Don't do it again Nate.

  • Aaron

    His problem isn't that he blew .085, which is .005 higher than the allowable amount, it is that he is 19 years old in a state where the legal drinking age is 21. As such, I'm not sure a good lawyer can get anything reduced as suggested below.

  • shepherd

    Kids make mistakes, the positive is that no one was hurt. Hopefully he learned a vaulable lesson and can share it with others and maybe prevent them from learning the hard way.

  • bill

    Just like his coach!

    • hailey

      and your mom bill! Mistakes do happen

    • Dave

      A lot of kids in colleges across the globe make the same mistake as Nate. It's just that the biggest % don't get caught. Still though there is no excuse for drinking and driving,it's just bad judgement. Some learn from it and some don't. I hope Nate is one of the ones who does. He has a great future ahead if he plays his cards right.

      • Greg

        Bill, I work for the federal government and know for a fact that they hire people that do far worse things than DUI. Don't speak unless you know what you are talking about...

        • bill

          I bet you do Greg. I bet you do.

    • derek

      Idiot!!!!!!! I guess your a choirboy tho.

      • bill

        Sugarcoat it anyway you want too, he was arrested for DUI, certainly its not his first time, I don't think our tax dollars should be used to pay for his education, "his scholarship should be taken".

        • SCOTT

          Bill, he will be punished...and you may not know this but nobody else gets the death penalty for their first DUI either, as you obviously wish.

          No one has ever been ruined for life by a DUI people

          and " ROLL" model?

          you a dang tide fan?

          • Bob Smithers

            "Ruint" "tryed" yea,you're one to talk hilljack.

          • bill

            Scott, tell that to people who tryed getting a job with the federal gov. or jobs that take background check seriously. Tell that to the families of the kids who wrecked and killed others. Sorry about my grammar.

        • Southern WV Mointaineer Fan

          Are you serious??!! I'm sure you've never made a mistake. You're perfect. While you point a finger at someone, their are 3 pointing back at you. He is a 19 year old college student who made a mistake. His scholarship should not be taken unless it happens again. Let him learn from this and move on.

          • bill

            Its obvious his drinkin buddies are here to protect him, but the fact is he got caught. Lets blame it on the police, for doing their job or call people "idiots" for giving their opinion. This young man will get off with a slap on the wrist, because of who he's. While other kids are ruint for life , because they were just being a kid. The only way he'll learn if they teach him a difficult lesson. SOME ROLL MODEL!

        • An actual athlete

          Your an idiot, our tax dollars don't pay for a single athletes scholarship at that university. Shut up he is a college kid, made a bad decision and got caught. Extra conditioning and curfew for while is all that's needed. IDIOT

  • DudeinDC

    Yep if he didn't have the expired sticker he would of never been pulled over. That sucks!

    A good attorney should be able to get that down to reckless driving. He can also do the DUI deferral program and have the charge expunged after completing the education classes and interlock device.

    Anything under .10 should just be a slap on the wrist.

    Oh and weed should be legal.

  • Guardian

    He is young. The biggest teaching moment here is to have Nate, along with everyone else, understand if you're going to drink a few, don't drive. That's really the key - teaching folks to let a sober person do the driving.

  • Allen

    With a low blood alcohol level like that, you can reduce your charge to reckless driving so that you don't face the minimum 96 hour jail time.

    To blow a .085 for Adrain's weight (if he is 200 lbs.) he would have to have drank 6 beers in 2 hours.

    If Adrian is 190 it's 4 beers in 1 hour.

    The driving issue is the biggest offense in my opinion. If not for the expired license he never gets pulled over. He would have been a danger to self and others.

    • Aaron

      It doesn't matter what he blew, he's 19 in a state where the legal drinking age is 21. He could have blown .02 and still would have been arrested for a DUI.

      • tls62pa

        Even underage, you're alright up to .02. Anything above .02 is a DUI for anyone under 21

        • Aaron

          That's not accurate tls63pa. From the WV DMV website.

          Zero Tolerance Law

          West Virginia enforces the Zero Tolerance Law. This means that if you are younger than 21 years old and drive while under the influence of any amount of alcohol, you face a fine and your license could possibly be revoked. This is a scary thought for some of you who are teenagers and would rather risk driving yourself home from a party at which you drank alcohol than calling Mom and Dad for a ride and getting in trouble because you drank. Scarier is the fact that you could kill yourself or someone else if you don't give them a call.

    • Concerned

      Agreed. At least he admitted to it though. Never should do it, but owned up.

  • David

    Isn't he just above the legal limit?

    Is he old enough to be drinking?


    I, for one,will not sit in judgement. He's in college, and it just goes to show that the atmosphere makes even a good person stray.

  • William101

    I thought Nate would be the face of our program. He is a Morgantown boy who grew up wanting to be a mountaineer. He played well as a freshman. His mom and dad are good people. Yet he drinks and drives in a university town crawling with cops, impairing his own rep and risking the safety of the traveling public. He will survive this and be a better person for it, but it will take time and good citizenship.

    • bill

      He is the face of the program, WV Regional Jail website.

    • Jay

      Well said william101