MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Brad Winton of said point guard Tarik Phillip was among the nation’s best remaining prospects in the 2014 junior college class and that West Virginia made a hard charge to land his commitment.

“He’s definitely a good pickup,” Winton said Monday night on the MetroNews “Statewide Sportsline,” the day after the 6-foot-3 Phillip chose WVU over Kansas, Memphis and Oklahoma State.

“He’s versatile. On both ends of the court, he’s very good. He can guard multiple perimeter spots. … And he gets to the line a lot—about 10 times per game, which always translates pretty well to the next level.”

The fact Phillip sat out the 2012-13 season as a transfer—leaving him three years of eligibility remaining—was a bonus.

Mountaineers coaches, scrambling for an additional recruit after sophomore Eron Harris announced plans to transfer in late March, met with Phillip at Independence (Kan.) Community College, where he became the Jayhawk Conference player of the year despite appearing in only 18 games his past season. Bob Huggins immediately extended an offer, mere days ahead of WVU’s Big 12 rivals beginning pursuit.

“A lot of those (teams) didn’t really pull the trigger right away with an offer,” Winton said. “I think West Virginia went full-throttle on him. They knew they needed him.”

“I think he went where he was wanted and needed the most.”

Watch Winton’s full interview above.

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  • El Supremo

    With respect to Mr. Winton's comments, the key word is "remaining." One should not get worked up over any recruit that is yet to play Division one. When you add the phrase "best REMAINING prospect," I naturally think of the better ones were already taken.

    It is like looking for Florida navel oranges in late January, the best of the crop was selected in December and you get what is left, and obviously not the first quality. Or if you are a steak lover, the difference between prime and choice.

    • Mitch

      @ El Supremo,

      Kansas (who visited him Friday) gets anyone they want, ANYTIME they want. They don't settle for the "best remaining".
      Some of the posters on here on the other hand, aren't even among the best of the leftovers.

      • Duane

        Kansas didn't offer him, they only had interest. They would have got him if they would have offered him a scholarship. Also, Tarik was not ranked by ESPN or Rivals coming out of high school. I don't understand why everyone is making things up about him.

  • Holgie

    WVcoal. You are right. Huggs is taking us back to the final four. I can see us making mutiple trips over the next 3 to 5 years.
    Huggs is te best. Whooaaa!

  • squad

    nice to see we could get him. it wasn't like we beat out akron or bowling green.. these are top tier schools looking at him.

    and last, if he didn't accept the would anyone KNOW if he was offered or not? im sure if KU did, they wouldn't let it out anyway.

  • WVcoal

    Huggins strikes again. WVU is going to be a force for years to come with Huggins at the helm. Keep up the good work Bobby -- We Love Ya!

  • Rick55

    It's going to be way better to have Phillip for the next three years than not to have Phillip for the next three years.
    And Nate, even though i never read or heard anyone say that Kansas offered Phillip a scholarship, only that Kansas showed some interest, I promise I will constantly repeat to myself over and over like a mantra that Kansas did not offer a scholarship...Kansas did not offer a scholarship...Kansas did not offer a scholarship...

    • hailey

      You feel better now Rick? Geez get over yourself

  • kenobill

    Watched him on u tube from 2012. He passed the ball a lot. Would not shoot. Did not play a strong defense. Hope he has matured a lot more in 2 yrs.. Nice size. Keep,ur fingers crossed.Go Eers.

  • Nate

    Please please please please please stop saying Kansas offered him a scholarship.

    Never happened.

    Stop making up lies to try and pump up a 3 star recruit higher than he is.


    • Robin

      Hey Nate!
      Kansas offered him a pony!

    • WVcoal

      Kansas offered him a scholarship.

      • hailey

        Kansas offered him a scholarship

    • Aaron

      Issues there Nate?

  • Aaron

    I watched a little video of him from a few years back and he is definitely a player. While I'm not sure he steps into the starting lineup on this team, he will see the floor and he will help this team.

    About the only thing left to wonder is for Capt'n (not so) Obvious Mountaineer up and explain how this player is a "step back" from Eron Harris.

  • Dave

    Phillip sounds like a great prospect and a great pick-up by the WVU coaching staff.
    Welcome aboard young man. Make the best of your opportunity as a Mountaineer. Good luck.