WINFIELD, W.Va. — Putnam County prosecutors Mark Sorsaia said he hasn’t decided if he’ll present a case of a Red House woman who shot her estranged boyfriend to the grand jury.

“We’re going to look at the investigative report and look at the history,” said Sorsaia. “After that we’ll make a decision on whether to take it to the grand jury, but I can’t say if we’ll take that step.”

Curtis Adams, 31, of Red House, was shot at a mobile home on Grandview Ridge Road early Saturday morning. He died not long after at the Route 34 VFD.  Investigators said he was already free on bond for violating a protective order and walked through another one when he kicked down the door of the woman’s home.  She shot him as he came inside with five children in the house. Adams retreated, but died a short time later at a nearby firehouse.

“I can tell you the fact we made a decision not to arrest her is somewhat indicative of our first impressions,” said Sorsaia. “You have a right to defend yourself.  We’re going to look at it, but I can’t say if we’re going to present it to the grand jury or not. Initial indications are it was self defense.”

Adams’ family is calling for the investigation as they grieve his death. Sorsaia sympathizes with those relatives.

“I’m sure they’re going through a lot of angst and pain,” he said. “That’s why we call it a tragedy.  You wish things like this wouldn’t happen, but they do.”


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  • Leslie

    There's two sides to every story and then there's the truth. And I'm afraid we will never see justice in this case his family will never have closure because they know there's a bigger picture here. Everyone has made up there mind and passed judgement including the Sheriff's office. Neither of them were perfect the only innocent ones are there 5 kids. There's a history here but it goes deeper than a DVP. I think the news needs to dig a little deeper. Praying for everyone involved for nothing but the truth.

  • Eddie

    Ban Facebook!!
    Ban Facebook!!
    Ban Uneducated Idiots from accessing the internet!!!!

  • Gary Karstens

    Since we can't teach a more peaceful solution in our homes in WV, I agree with President Obama that we must start a way to teach peaceful solutions to strife and conflict. I am glad the NEA supports this too. Guns aren't the solution!

    • Eddie

      Would you rather she didnt defend herself and children?
      I know this thug and he is a POS!
      You are definitely drunk on th Kool Aid your drinking!
      Sickening how Stupid some Folks are!
      Hope someone kicks in your door to see how you handle it!!!!

  • Gary Karstens

    YEESH! When will the gun violence end?!?!?! YEESH!!!!

    I hope our great President succeeds in trying to end these tragedies.

    • desperate

      When will domestic violence end?

    • Randy

      When will the gun violence end? If someone was hacking you to death with an axe and a person used a gun to stop your attacker, would you wonder when will the gun violence end? PLEASE reply. I would love to see your answer. I actually try not to comment online. Really it's pointless. But you are like a drug. I am addicted to seeing your unfathomable stupidity. You seem more literate and not under the influence as many laughing stock posters seem to be. But we can overlook their transgressions chalking them up to fried brains or no education. YOU HOWEVER! I can't think of the superlatives to measure your idiocy.

    • Eddie

      He can by not letting Thugs that could be his son out of jail with a slap on th wrist!!!!
      You're delusional!!!

    • Aaron

      How is he going to do that?

  • WVRaw

    I guess if Prosecutor Plants is lucky his ex-wife didn't have a shot gun when he walked though the domestic violence protective order she and her kids had against him.

  • taylorcollins

    Sounds to me like she did a good thing! I'm happy to say "she deserves at pat on the back". I would do the same if someone kicked my door in!

    • Eddie

      Id pin a medal on her chest!!!!

      One less Woman Beating Thug stealing oxygen!!

      • Adams

        This is my brother you r talking about and u don't know him so stop your lying and if u did u would know the WHOLE story. I will not waste my time on u. I pray your family never looses a child.

  • Krieg

    theres one the state doesnt have to keep, he maybe should have obeyed the FPO...

    • Eddie

      He was playing Rock,, Paper,, Scissors!!

      She was replaced the scissors with buck shot!!

      Winning!! DUH!! lol

  • Randy

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  • Whatever

    Bull rap she was at a party with him just a lil bit befor this happend she asked 2 guys in him family to shoot him a month befor she had more the. 2 hrs after the party to get her kids to safe place if she was thinking he was going to hurt him but no she stopped an got the shotgun an he was shot with a 9mm not a shotgun she did it just to kill him hang her ass

    • Eddie

      Yo Holmes!!

      STFU!! Ur an idiot!!

      Th POS Thug got what he deserved!!

  • smokey

    Good for her!!! She was doing what any right minded mother should do and worrying about the safety of her and the kids.

  • northforkfisher

    In the end, their is no good outcome for this situation. If he was not killed, would he have killed or beat her.
    It's sad for his family to lose a loved one.