CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Former state Adjutant General Allen Tackett says the first quarter fundraising results for Natalie Tennant, a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, send a message.

“Her fundraising tells you that she’s a viable candidate, that she’s going to win this election,” said Ret. Maj. Gen. Allen Tackett, campaign manager for Tennant’s U.S. Senate campaign, on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

According to financial reports, Secretary of State Tennant raised $794,000 in the first three months of the year compared with the more than $817,000 Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) raised.

In total, Capito still has a significant monetary advantage over Tennant with $4.2 million in the bank compared with Tennant’s more than $1 million.

Both Capito and Tennant are considered the frontrunners for the seat U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) currently holds.  After five terms, Rockefeller is not seeking reelection this year.

Tackett said Rockefeller is supporting Tennant.  “Senator Rockefeller and (U.S.) Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) both are backing Natalie’s campaign and, I’m telling you, this race is closer than people think and Natalie Tennant’s going to win this race,” he said.

A Republican has not been elected in a U.S. Senate race in West Virginia since 1956.

The U.S. Senate nominees will be chosen during West Virginia’s primary election on May 13.  The 2014 General Election is Nov. 4.

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  • Richard

    tenant should just give the campaign funds to charity and quit now. We the people of WV are tired of the destruction the democrat party has done to this state and nation.

  • Bill MC

    Let's just hope he is wrong. We don't need another Obama supporter in the Senate!

  • george

    yes bring on another Obama puppet......I hope the people of WV have had enough of this type of leadership..

  • WV HIllbilly

    What has Capito accomplished? The Navy Base in Pendleton County is closing and she has done nothing as usual. She never answers correspondence regarding any matter and fails to represent most of her District. Cite her accomplishments. Does she have any?

  • WVirginian

    General Tackett was a superb leader of the WV Guard. He was handcuffed by Sen Byrd (Byrd did a lot for WV) on a lot of personnel issues. If you had patronage ties to Byrd, you were protected just like any other political representative. Yes, Gen Tackett struggled with weight issues. But he still served with distinction. I'm not saying he was perfect. He made his share of mistakes. Some officers under his leadership didn't get a fair shake most times as he was very politically aligned. I will say this, he was a heckuva lot better than the currently serving hard ass AG whose ego is so large it is nauseating. But keeping the Air Guard units open and flying wasn't one of his mistakes. We are the one of the few states with no active duty military installations. These installations pump millions into the local economy. We don't have any. As for the two Air Guard units, they exceed all combat readiness and deployment requirements as measured by the USAF I.G. Inspection teams and Chief of Staff audit teams. They are simply the best of the best and have been for a long, long time. As for Ms. Tennat, well I'm not sure she is even qualified. What makes her qualified to represent us? Owning a small business? That's it?

    • WV HIllbilly

      WVirginian you are wrong. We have one active duty base. Navy Base at Sugar Grove in Pendleton County and Capito, Rockefellar and Manchin have presided over it closing down as of 1 Oct 2015

      • WVirginian

        I agree they received no anti-closure support. I forgot about that small installation. Been there a few times. Again, I never heard any of our elected officials fighting to keep it open.

  • Dave

    Tennant will need to raise a lot of money because the only way the Obama puppet will win is to buy the election.

  • Tim

    Yeah let's send another demo do nothing to the Senate. I hope we have learned from our mistakes. We sent Joe up, look at us now. Coal going away, rail going away. Jobs going away. Before the elections there will be a huge push that there defending coal and going to return it to prosperity. It will all be a act !!! Fellow West Virginians don't fall for it!!!!!

  • Carmen

    This Candidate and Tackett personify all that is wrong in West Virginia.

    Tackett who has exploited his influence sucking the public tete as Chief Bureaucrat of the National Guard. Tennant is an airhead whose only real accomplishment was being a mascot.

    It will be a Republican sweep from top to bottom of the ballot this year, though unfortunately it is too late to save this pathetic State

  • DP

    2014 General Election Results:
    Shelley: 55% (At Least)
    Natalie: 45% (At Best)

    Can someone/anyone tell me why N.T. failed to inform WV voters BEFORE the 2012 primary election that a Texas PRISONER would be on the ballot running against Obama? This most certainly is a very important component of her job as SOS, is it not?

    And we're supposed to believe this Dem Flunkie would be a competent U.S. Senator? She surely would fit right in with the incompetence of Obummer, Dingy Harry and Nutty Nancy! Go Shelley!!!!!

  • Hop'sHip

    Did Capito vote for the Ryan budget? Does she support Ryan's plan to transform Medicare into a premium support program? (Looks a lot like Obamacare.)

    • The bookman

      She voted yea, McKinley voted against it.

  • DWL

    We now know why he retired as Adjutant General - He's senile!!!!!!

  • Rob

    Obama is almost out of office. Hillary will need a good backup. Natalie is the one to vote for in West Virginia.

  • Docbegone

    Tackett and Tennant are "part and parcel" of the SELF CENTERED political regime that has rendered WV an 80 year old case study in a Democratic Party failure.

    I am one veteran that will vote against them and be proud to do so.

  • Pickle Barrel

    Natalie Tennant's chances of winning that race are fatter than General Tackett.

  • NotARepublican

    I donated $50.00 to Natalie in February, and after reading some of these completely ignorant posts Ive decided to donate another dollar for every ignorant post.

    Clearly these comments show how passionate Republicans area about war and our military, just not our veterans.

    RIP American Republican Party

    • Dan

      Agreed, they hate us veterans almost as much as they hate women that think on their own.