CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Former state Adjutant General Allen Tackett says the first quarter fundraising results for Natalie Tennant, a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, send a message.

“Her fundraising tells you that she’s a viable candidate, that she’s going to win this election,” said Ret. Maj. Gen. Allen Tackett, campaign manager for Tennant’s U.S. Senate campaign, on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

According to financial reports, Secretary of State Tennant raised $794,000 in the first three months of the year compared with the more than $817,000 Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) raised.

In total, Capito still has a significant monetary advantage over Tennant with $4.2 million in the bank compared with Tennant’s more than $1 million.

Both Capito and Tennant are considered the frontrunners for the seat U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) currently holds.  After five terms, Rockefeller is not seeking reelection this year.

Tackett said Rockefeller is supporting Tennant.  “Senator Rockefeller and (U.S.) Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) both are backing Natalie’s campaign and, I’m telling you, this race is closer than people think and Natalie Tennant’s going to win this race,” he said.

A Republican has not been elected in a U.S. Senate race in West Virginia since 1956.

The U.S. Senate nominees will be chosen during West Virginia’s primary election on May 13.  The 2014 General Election is Nov. 4.

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  • Gary

    We don't need another Obama puppet like Rockefeller. since shes going to win how about her resigning her job as secretary of state. She can't do that job while running for senate. The taxpayers shouldn't have to pay her salary while she is running.

  • Silas Lynch

    Anyone who knows Tackett behind his phony façade knows he is nothing other than a bumbling democrat party stooge. He certainly isn't worthy of any U.S.Military association. He lost that while campaigning while in uniform.

    • Go Guard

      Exactly. The interest only Tackett while in charge of the WV Guard was his own interests. Staying in uniform as long as possible was his goal. His appearance was a disgrace to those serving who were held to higher weight standards and personal appearance than he was during his entire tenure. He's a phony without a doubt.

  • WV Man

    A Tennant vote is an Obama vote.

    • The bookman

      More importantly , it would be a Harry Reid vote.

  • thornton

    Rockefeller is on board the Tennant ship?.....purser or handing out the shuffleboard sticks?....irregardless(or regardless, for the cognoscenti), considering that news flash, what more of a ringing endorsement is needed!

  • Sarah

    Natalie is a hard worker. She's owned a small business. She wasn't born with a silver spoon, she's had to work for every single thing she's gotten in life. She made a name for herself, she wasn't born into one.

    Natalie is going to make an even bigger name for herself when she becomes our first female United States Senator from the State of West Virginia.

    • Go Guard

      She's not qualified!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Tennant will vote party line just like the rest of them and we all know it. Who are you trying to kid? I will hold my nose and vote for Capito like everyone else.

  • WhgFeeling

    I am not saying that we need full dsiclosure as to where the money comes from but it would be very interesting to see what percentage of income is derived from out of state donors.

    • Big Deal

      If campaign financing is protected under the First Amendment, disclosure of those funds should fall under the Freedom of Information Act. And you shouldn't be allowed to hide behind a company that you created just to remove yourself from that disclosure.

  • RogerD

    It sounds like the message the General is sending is that elections can still be bought in West Virginia. I'm not sure I disagree with him on that point.

  • David

    Does anyone believe Tackett was not involving himself in politics before retiring from the service, which is unethical and prohibited.

    Tackett has cost taxpayers millions of wasted dollars fighting with democrats to keep two guard bases open that support ten planes that the USAF has wanted to close for 20 years.

    He would be a perfect fit on the turnpike commission , an overbearing SOB who likes to spend other people's money .

    Good riddance!

  • Jim G.

    General Tackett I respect your service but not your prediction skills. Where has this money come from? I'll bet that some of that money dries up when NT looks like a sure loser. What are you bragging about by my calculation you have $3 Million less money to spend than SMC. I think SMC wins by 8 or 9 % points.

  • rick

    i am not that much of a Tennant fan but for the sake of WV and the Nation let's not put Capito in the Senate.

  • Big Deal

    There is no way that Tennant beats Capito. Just look at Capito's successful and meaningful track record of legislation! (This is a joke).

    I for one have had enough of do-nothing politicians along for the ride. If Capito did any less, she would fall into Romney's 47%.

    I would love to see some televised debates though.

    • The bookman

      I'll expect that same ringing endorsement of Jenkins on the next story regarding the race in the 3rd. Rahall is the poster child of "it's really been almost 40 years?" He's been in DC nearly 3 times as long as Capito. His signature legislation is ...................?

      I as well would love to see a debate, but the race won't be that close to justify the risk. But watching Tennant attempt to answer a few questions would be entertaining. You'll have to settle for Nick Casey winning her vacant seat.

      • Big Deal

        I cannot bring myself to even think about voting for a Democrat turned Republican (or Republican turned Democrat for that matter) for political gain. What has he done to earn a seat in the United States Congress? What do you possibly think he could deliver to Southern WV that Rahall can't?

        As far as Rahall is concerned, all you have to do is pick up a newspaper or check the Internet and you will see that he is bringing home millions to seniors, veterans, and other worthy recipients. Although it may just be a million or two at a time, it certainly adds up over 40 years. As far as signature legislation, in my opinion, the legislation creating the New River Gorge National River was it. Tourism from the Gorge has brought billions of dollars into the state of West Virginia, and a million + visitors per year. All that while preserving the land and creating jobs.

        • John of Wayne

          Regardless of good deeds that may once have occurred, Rahall has become an Obama stooge marching in lockstep with the socialist agenda. I submit that the obvious solution is Richard Ojeda. I don't know the man but believe him to be honorable, one who is sick as are we all of politics as usual, one who will do what is right.

        • Aaron

          What specifically has he done for seniors? Voted for legislation to advance COLA's even though none are earned? Opposed privatization of Social Security? Opposed the Ryan Budget? Or is it that he's brought home millions to the Bob Graham's of the world?

          I'm curious to what specifically Congressman Rahall has done for our seniors. Can you elaborate?

          • Aaron

            I did search Big Deal. Very little came up. For nearly 40 years, one would think he could do more.

          • The bookman

            Big deal,

            I don't live in the 3rd. I live in the 2nd. That fact does not exclude me from having an opinion on the race, and does not insulate me from the direct impacts of Rahall's representation. We are a small state, and every district has the ability to drag down the other two.

            Rahall is in the minority party in the House, and I don't think that changes hands soon. I'm not looking for a congressman to bring home the bacon, as that line of thinking has given us our current state of affairs.

          • Big Deal

            Instead of me listing the funding that he brings home, just do a quick web search and you'll see plenty of funding announcements. I would also encourage you to do the same for Capito and McKinley. Bookman, Aaron, and WhgFeeling... Do any of you live in the third district?

            Also, I don't like that Rahall votes the majority of the time down party lines. I don't like the fact the Capito, McKinley, and just about every other politician in Washington votes down party lines. It is shameful what the political system has become and it is not good for our country.

            However, I am not naïve enough to think that by replacing a congressman with that tenure in DC by a freshman turncoat congressmen that things will get better. Do you think that Jenkins would go to DC and do anything other then vote how the Republican leadership tells him to vote on every issue? How would that be any better than what Rahall and the other congressmen are doing other than he would be bringing home less money?

        • The bookman

          If Jenkins sat in his seat and did nothing more than vote with Nancy Pelosi he would fare no worse than Rahall.

          I applaud his conservation efforts, as I enjoy the outdoors. Our National Forests however should not continue to be managed for Wilderness. They are managed for resources, at least are supposed to be. There needs to be balance, and the scales are tipped excessively to the left in that regard.

          And finally bringing dollars from DC to provide for the daily needs of the people in his district is not leadership. Someone, maybe you , posted a few days ago about Rahall returning $5 for every $1 they send, and I say that is nothing to be proud of, as that ratio has grown over his tenure in office. Southern WV needs to get back in the game, and find its economic engine that supports itself, not continue down this unsustainable path of Federal assistance.

        • WhgFeeling

          Billions?!?! Really with a "B"? Come on that is a super sized load of "B."S.

          When talking about a do nothing representative Rahall fits the bill nicely.

          So instead of voting on the merits of a person you will vote party line?

  • Steve

    Go Natalie! The General was right when everyone else thought he was crazy as he started getting our country set up with the nation's anti-terror preparedness training and he is right with Natalie Tennant.

    I followed the General then and I will follow him now, as will all my veteran buddies.

  • Aaron

    Dream on General Tackett. It's a 7 point win for soon to be Senator Capito. Tennant should have ran for the Congressional seat, where she stood a chance.

    • Paul

      Maybe a win in the primary is a given but this is not November.

  • Jim

    This Democrat will not vote for her. And I know many others that are not voting for her as well. She is too liberal for our State.