CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The hassle of finding time to get to a state Division of Motor Vehicles regional office to renew your vehicle registration just got easier.

Gov. Earl Tomblin and state DMV acting Commissioner Steve Dale announced Tuesday new online offerings enabling vehicle owners to conduct their renewals on line in 43 counties.

“We’ll be able to do that for residents of 43 counties which have their personal property taxes online, which we can verify,” Dale said. “Those 43 counties cover 87 percent of vehicle owners.”

The online renewals are the latest in a constant effort by the agency to make the process more efficient.  Dale said the biggest savings with the new regulation will be on people’s time.

“Sometimes we have delays because we have a lobby full of customers,” said Dale. “This will allow you to do it anytime of day or night.”

The online option is for renewals only.  Getting registration for a new or recently purchased vehicle will have to be done in person or through a dealership, although Dale pointed out most dealers do their DMV paperwork online as well.  He hoped eventually the new vehicle registrations would eventually be an online option.

The renewals are the latest of several on services from the DMV.

“You can request a duplicate decal or request a duplicate registration card,” said Dale. “You can actually go online to verify your driver’s license status and see how many points you have. You can go online to request a copy of your driving record.”

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  • Jonus Grumby

    Sounds good, but why only 43 counties? Why not all 55? And a list of the eligible counties would have been nice. Or a list of those who are not eligible.

  • northforkfisher

    This is a very good thing, but should been offer day one since most were open after the Internet was up and running.

  • NCWV

    The DMV office wouldn't have 'a lobby full of customers' if they would stop using the Walmart Method of Customer Service. I've been there too many times when they had the examination area open and only three of the eight or nine windows to serve everybody else. The other thing that would speed things up is to have clear instructions on their website and instruction sheets so a person could bring what they need on the first visit. How about a section on your website that says, "I have this. What I need to do next is..."

    • WVirginian

      I have never been to the DMV office in Martinsburg and observed more than half of the windows staffed at any given time. Moreover, the first step and window one must complete to get a customer ticket is usually only manned by two of the three available windows. That is the longest wait and bottleneck although staffing of the aforementioned windows is a well deficiency as well. You can sit there and observe the deficiencies every time. We clocked the speed of one window attendant and who was turning her workload over at light speed. She deserves a bonus. But most windows are slow processing and we watched many disappear after completing processing for two customers. Then they reappear after 15 mins, work two more customers and then disappear again. It was quite disturbing and comical too. It is the most inefficient public entity in the state!!! But nobody cares.

    • vashti

      there is one on the website and in the brochure they have that tells you wahat you need to bring with you when remnewing your license

      • ncwv

        Yes, they have instructions to do simple things like renew your car's registration. If you're looking for much more than that, you're out of luck.

  • Dave


  • Hedgesville

    that's very good news for the areas affected. the drive through windows were a good thing they had (the ONLY good thing)at the local DMV. when it was done away with , sending off to Charleston for renewals was faster than going to the this local place and enduring the long waits and the attitudes of most of the employees .the DMV office in this area was put on earth to cause its patrons misery.

  • Wes in HF

    This will be great. I usually only go to the DMV for renewals.

  • Berta

    Search WV DMV. It's on main screen.

  • Bill MC

    I would have been nice to have a link listed with the information in the article

    • Artimus

      But that would have entailed effect, efficient and complete news reporting.........sooooo.....