CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha Circuit Judge Duke Bloom will hear a dispute next Tuesday between the City of Charleston and the Kanawha County Prosecutor’s Office over domestic violence cases.

Bloom issued an order Wednesday scheduling a ‘show cause’ hearing for Tuesday at 10 a.m. on the city’s request that the prosecutor’s office be taken off domestic related criminal charges that are filed by¬†city police.

Bloom ordered Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants to show why he shouldn’t rule in favor of the city.

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones said earlier this week the city was doing its “due diligence” by seeking a judge’s ruling on the issue with the ongoing controversy involving Plants.

The state Office of Disciplinary Counsel has recommended Plants be suspended or removed from domestic violence cases and cases involving children while he awaits the outcome of two criminal cases.

Plants has been charged with violating a domestic protection order filed by his ex-wife and domestic battery¬†for the spanking of his son with a belt. The state Supreme Court has yet to act on the ODC’s recommendation.

Plants has said he believes his office can still handle the domestic violence cases. The city has said it’s concerned about future appeals of its criminal cases if the prosecutor’s office is in charge.

Circuit Judge Bloom is the only Kanawha County circuit judge who did not recuse himself from the city case.

Bloom’s order said he’ll consider “whether to disqualify Plants and his office from: instituting and prosecuting allegations of domestic violence involving a parent, guardian or custodian of a minor child; enforcing or prosecuting domestic violence contempt orders; or participating in abuse and neglect proceedings” until Plants’ disciplinary proceedings or the criminal cases against Plants have been completed.

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  • BS

    Why oh why is the City of Charleston spending our tax dollars on another futile and pointless lawsuit? The answer Two Point IQ Jones is spending our tax dollars on a personal vendetta!

    Jones you high school educated worthless hack politician read this - my street needs paved (most do!), city services are declining and my taxes are going up!

    I've had enough of you - you need to go!


    There are many forms of correction and abuse is far different than a spanking. We as parents must instill what we wish are children to learn at a very young age. I have eight children and yes have spanked them upon occasion. The thing is parents, we must be believable! My children believe me when I say something and what the consequences will be if they do not adhere to the rules.

    Our prisons are full of people who either never had any discipline or had parents that let them run the show in the home when they were growing up.
    I don't know about all the other allegations about Mr. Plants on here but I do now if we let our children grow up without correction and discipline it will result in more of what we are seeing now with the "entitlement generation" of children that are in America right now.
    My father is 75 now, and he had a very heavy hand as far as discipline is concerned. Do I hate him for it? No, I love him more for caring enough about me to make sure I would become the right kind of man in life!
    The day we lay him to rest I know I would take another spanking just to have him back with me here!
    God Bless

  • Jim

    I was spanked with a belt. I had friends who got worse, but I don't (looking back, as an adult) consider them abused. Broken bones, burned with cigarettes and stoves, sex. That's abuse. Using a belt to make an impression? That's parenting.

    • Say What?

      So, if the belt buckle would have broken a shin bone, that would have been crossing over to abuse, according to you? Do you or Mark Plants happen to know EXACTLY how hard to swing the belt buckle in order to just cause bruising without breaking a bone? What would happen if his son would be dancing around to keep from getting hit, and the buckle hit him in the eye, and perhaps, caused serious injury or even blindness? I bet that would be considered the kids fault for not standing still and taking it "like a man", right? Or, would that be Plants fault? Would it be abuse? Your past experiences and your tolerance of them (especially for your friends, who "got worse") make me cringe.

  • WW Glasser

    Let's see ...
    A prosecutor with:

    1. an adulterous office affair
    2. a secret baby
    3. large raises for his paramour
    4. ticket fixing and
    5. a protection order violation

    Nothing to see here.

    Oh, and he thinks beating with a belt is "spanking."

  • BJ

    What a bald headed ass clown. Shut up... quit talking ... get your foot out of your mouth. and quit beating the hell out of your children. It is not ok to beat them until bruises are up and down there legs. JEEZ

  • mister j

    Doesn't really matter what he punished his child for. By no means am I suggesting that abuse is ok, but at what point does spanking your child become a "beating?". From what I can tell, is if the media outlet is democratic slanted, it calls this situation a beating. More conservative leaning outlets use "spanking." I have seen plenty of kids that could use some punishment for their actions. I strongly feel that the lack of punishment from parents is why the younger generation are terrible employees and feel entitled the very minute they land a job. They have always gotten their way and haven't had many consequences for their actions growing up and now their supervisors and managers have to deal with their parent's lack of action when they were kids.

    • Say What?

      So you are saying "abuse" is defined according to which side of the political fence we are on? Where do you people come up with these absurd conclusions? If you think it's ok to leave bruises and markings on children (evident after 4th day of "belting"), then why is it not ok to do the same thing to your spouse? What makes it abuse when it is an adult on the receiving end of the belting, but it is simply "good parenting/teaching tool" when it is your child? The pain is probably more intense for the child; the humiliation is probably equal for both; the markings are the proof that someone used too strong a hand on another human being. If my husband took a belt across my leg and left bruising, he would go to jail. But if he takes the same belt to our children and leaves bruises, he gets a free pass? How stupid is that?

      • stating the obvious

        Extremely stupid, a spanking is just an open hand on a bottom. When a belt is used, i believe the correct term is assault with a deadly weapon...which is why he's charged with child abuse.

        • stating the obvious

          Before anyone points out that the official charge is domestic battery...the charge is for the domestic battery on a child....and that's child abuse. Period.

          • Say What?

            Thank you for having some damn sense!

    • northforkfisher

      I feel the same, to many people have children thinking that's all there is to it. When the burden comes of discipline, they turn their backs as long as they are not being bother.
      The same is happening when it comes to their morale values, instead of the parents teaching them, we have college professor's teaching them.

      • thornton

        This issue has elicited comments from folks being paddled back in the tough ol' "my days" to divorce hatred-filled get-backs on both sides to turning children over to schools and teachers for their raising and more.

        Really, it is simply about the wrongness of striking a child with an object hard enough to break capillaries and pool blood beneath the skin.
        If anything else, it is about an insecure man who feels the need to control in that fashion(perhaps he lived in some bad ol' days) and then to lie or desperately attempt to excuse it away to avoid a...mirror.

        He needs a mirror....perhaps, his Father did as well.

  • Mister G!

    I'd simply like to know what his 11-year-old son did that, in the prosecutor's mind, justified Plants beating him with a belt. Did he talk back? Not make his bed? Skip the broccoli on his dinner plate? An answer might shed light into the mind beneath that goofy bald head...

    • angel

      He pushed his new step brother off "his" scooter , something most kids would do
      Since he told him not to ride it.

      • Bull(y) Fighter

        Yes, we are talking about normal kid reactions. We are talking about two boys playing outside and a push is given. Does it warrant TEN LASHINGS with a belt by a 280# 6 ft 2 person?? No, and to add insult to injury- He stands the poor, crying, beaten child in from of the step brother and asks -"Did I spank him ENOUGH!?" Mark Plants is a monster and should admit what he did is wrong. If he can not see that he is wrong - he should be glad that he is at least given supervised visitation.

    • Mister H

      Why do you need to know anything about what the child did. Why do you did to know anything about the personal happenings in Mr. Plant's family life, especially how he raises his children?

      • Say What?

        Because when children are abused in any way at all, it becomes everyone's business. Some people think it's ok to have drunken parties all the time in their homes with children present; some think it's ok to allow their kids to drink, smoke cigarettes, drive without a license, etc. A child cannot help how stupid their parent(s) might be, but surely you don't think a child should have to endure "whatever" simply because it's none of our business how others raise their kids? Do you think when Mark Plants makes an arrest for child abuse, that he would tolerate a response such as "well, I have the right to raise my child however I want. It's none of your business." Double standard 100%!

        • stating the obvious

          Couldn't have said it better myself! I agree a 100% and sadly he isn't the first public official to have that double-standard's an epidemic.

      • Aaron

        If Mr. Plants would simply keep his mouth shut instead of trying to explain his innocence perhaps he would not be in the situation he is in now. Instead, he's been on every public venue available trying to justify his actions. And now, instead of doing what is right and taking a leave of absence until this matter is resolved, he continues to run his mouth. I'm beginning to think Thornton is right about the man.

      • angel

        I know for a easily proven fact this office helps to get bogus orders against fathers granted for nothing more than a text message sent to a vindictive Ex but now one of their own is caught in one of their traps and they all want to cry.. go figure..

      • thornton

        Billy Clinton would say that you don't....but, let's aim the bead a little higher than that, shall we?

        • Mister H

          ... and it's none of Billy's concern how I discipline my child either.. You believe it is?

          • thornton

            Classy fella, aren't, my nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile or more away. I'm assuming it would be difficult to be nosy at that the woods are starting to leaf out.

            If a response to a question is too difficult or embarrassing to admit for you...just keep quiet.
            Kinda like Plants should do.
            Otherwise, you define yourself by your comments.

          • Mister H

            Thornton, just admit it! you believe a nosey neighbor should be the eyes and ears of the government to inform them how I raise my children if it isn't in compliance with "government standards" right?
            You're a nosey neighbor, I bet.

          • thornton

            If a Father is using a level of discipline that leaves a bruise from a belt strike then I would say that many folks should be concerned.

            You believe it is ok?...yes, it appears you do.
            More sad that.