FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Fairmont Police released more information Thursday in connection with the April 9¬†shooting of an 11-year-old boy.

Police said the shooting, which took place on Fairmont’s West Side, was an unintentional accident.

Lt. Steve Shine issued the following statement:

“Public justice will not be served by the release of any additional information at this time. Due to the circumstances of this incident, and out of respect for the grieving family, we have intentionally withheld details of this unfortunate accident until our investigation is concluded.”

The boy remains in critical condition at Ruby Memorial Hospital.


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  • stating the obvious

    WDTV channel 5 news has released the 911 transcript. As I had previously assumed, this child's dad did not store the firearm properly. According to the transcript, the gun was loaded and laying next to the kitchen sink. Supposedly it fell of the sink and discharged, which means it was loaded and the safety was off. These parents should be charged with child neglect resulting in injury. If this child dies, they should be charged with child neglect resulting in death. I'm so tired of the double standards our officers, civil servants, etc. etc. have. Neglect is neglect and this child paid the ultimate price. Get with it Metro News and get the 911 transcript posted like WDTV did.

  • Kelly

    Something strange is going on in this case. I understand that it is a horrible situation. If charges are not brought against the shooter, then it is not true justice for others who have also "accidently" shot someone and were charged.

  • griff

    sounds like there really is something being covered up, "just saying" sounds very suspicious.

    • stating the obvious

      I disagree, the rest of us sound suspicious. "Just saying" sounds defensive to me. Probably a member of the family or a close friend.

  • Just saying

    This is a sensitive case because the 11 year old was shot by his sibling... No it's no one else's business, but the family dealing with it. Both of them are under age and it was an accident. Nobody is covering anything up, the police department is not giving any of you nosey ass people in this town information out of respect for the family... There now you know!! Are you happy?? Quit making stuff up and spreading rumors and just pray for this poor family, if an accident like this happened in your family you would appreciate the pice not talking about it!! No parent is perfect, accidents happen. God has a plan sometimes we just don't always know why or what it is...

    • leave the family be

      all I can say is Thank you.

    • DWL

      The minute they dialed 9-1-1 for an ambulance and/or the police, it became a matter of public record to which the public is entitle. The call was recorded as was the radio traffic. It all is subject to a FOI request. They refuse to release it, they are susceptible to civil actions. The "nosey ass people" have a right to the information, contrary to your stupid ass comments. The best way to quash rumors is the truth. What are the police hiding? Why are they hiding it?

    • stating the obvious

      Yes it was an accident, not one person insisted it was done intentionally . However, speaking for myself, I disagree on the privacy issue. Had my child/children been involved in an ACCIDENT of this magnitude I would want to let everyone know where I went wrong. I would tell them that I store my firearms properly, under lock and key and away from all ammunition. That I taught my kids gun safety and the dangers of guns. I would be proactive and teach those what my error in parenting had taught me the hard way. As I stated earlier, any civilians name would be published. The reason these parents haven't been identified is most likely that they aren't just civilians, they are people who should know even more about gun safety than the average "Joe". Since their names aren't being released I am only left to assumptions. I know that a parent who was confident that they did all they could to protect their children wouldn't be hiding from the media. If it were my children, knowing that i taught them right and stored my firearms properly , I would want the public to know what went wrong so this type of ACCIDENT never happened again. Once again, despite not knowing a name to put with my prayers, I have been praying for this child since I first read the story on the news. I certainly hope we all are.

  • DWL

    It's interesting that the press hasn't filed a FOI request for the 9-1-1 tapes, CAD sheet(s), etc.. Tells me the victim's family has ties to the community like "stating" indicates. If public money, i.e., LE time and effort involved, then the public has a right to it - PERIOD.

  • stating the obvious

    I'd say it's probably a cop's kid and there is so much secrecy because momma or papa did store their firearm properly. Regardless of who the child belongs to, i agree he needs prayers. My condolences to the family, i've been praying very hard for this child.

    • stating the obvious

      *Didn't...i hate typos.

  • WVremembersFlight93

    THIS IS PURE SPECULATION: if there is an indication that the gun shot wound were intentionally self-inflicted (suicide attempt,) that could explain the "secrecy" surrounding the release of information. For now, it is enough for me to know that an 11 year-old is in need of our prayers.

  • Confused citizen

    I understand there is a grieving family and this was an unfortunate accident. However, I am confused by all the secrecy. If my child was accidentally shot by him/her self or someone else and nobody was either related to or knew someone in the police department or courthouse, it would be on the front page of the newspaper. I'm surprised that the state police or another agency have not stepped in and taken this case out of the hands of the locals.

    • Double Standard

      A couple weeks ago, a young kid in Charleston shot his sister. It, too, was an accident, but names were released immediately and parents were confined to jail for neglect. Unlocked gun around children. Parents are to blame, 100%. Guns are not toys. Place gun locks on them and lock them in cabinets away from kids!

    • The bookman

      I agree, you are confused!