LOGAN COUNTY, W.Va. — MetroNews affiliate WVOW Radio in Logan is reporting at least one employee at Arch Coal’s Mountain Laurel Complex in Sharples, W.Va. has been fired in connection with an alleged billing and kickback scheme.

On Thursday, Arch Coal officials confirmed a federal investigation, focused on the allegations, was underway.

“Arch is deeply committed to maintaining the very highest ethical standards in everything we do,” said Kim Link, Arch Coal spokesperson.

“In keeping with that commitment, Arch requested the help of federal authorities to investigate potential misconduct involving vendors and mine personnel in West Virginia.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Charleston, W.Va. is leading the investigation with our full cooperation.”

Federal investigators do not typically comment on ongoing investigations.

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  • Bob

    They will more to come . From the prep.plant

    • Big Frank

      Bob you are a smart man. You know your stuff. Hope you are right.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Lends new meaning to "Friends of Coal (Owners)".

  • MMC

    It happened all the time at Vindex Energy but the only people who got in trouble was the ones who didn't do anything. I was very disappointed at Arch Coal and how it operates that's why I quit. They need to investigate the whole damn company.

    • Melissa

      Arch had known about issues at Mountain Laurel for several years and chose to overlook in the name of profit. Honest employees went to them and their reward was unemployment line.

  • Kara

    I'm betting money the one fired was a female and if it wasn't, it should have been. No matter where this woman or her family shows up you can bet your life stuff like this is gonna happen!

    • Ken

      One confirmed is male and not at Mt. laurel anymore but higher level. Got canned this week. Should be others to follow.

      • Carol Bennett

        Dave Runyon got canned.

        • No fair

          I personally know that Dave Runyon hasn't done what they're saying he's done.. This is really messed up for him.. I do know he made a lot of enemies and it's funny that the investigation is being pursued by arch.. (Where the said enemies are).. As soon as the Feds put a little heat on all the guilty parties, all the contractors etc, they all fold up and try to make a deal to get themselves out of trouble.. How do they do that? Target Dave.. It's a damn shame. He's a great man.. He turned several mines around for arch, they'd be lost without him. People are messed up for real.

          • Jim

            What are you smokin no fair? No fair must be related to Runyon. I can take you back when he was mine manager at Mingo Logan and gettin payoffs. It's a shame people like you take up for him. Go check Runyon's house and personal fleet of cars and trucks, ATVs, boats, motorcycles, and his SAFE and tell me it's not fair.

        • BG Avis

          So did Lori Baisden, Mt. Laurel Complex

    • BIG TIM

      You don't have a clue what you are talking about. It says nothing about a woman in any manner what so ever. D.A.

      • BG Avis

        Oh my...you are wrong Big Tim. On WSAZ news on April 23 Baisden was named....wouldn't that be HR Director, Lori Baisden? I think so! She lost her job last week with Arch. Check your resources!

        • Alice

          No media has offered the name of female fired. WSAZ did not name. They are getting their news from WVOW and Metronews. Not out there because they cannot confirm it.

          They know names of two fired by Arch, everybody knows.

      • Kara

        Can't have debauchery without a lady now can ya? Wouldn't be quite as much fun! Best little "White House" in WV! No clue, eh? Lol

  • Roger

    If you want business you have to grease some palms.

    Business interest all across the USA pays House & Senate members for favors & I don't see the US Attorneys office doing anything about it. In fact they put the money printing press on overtime to bail out Wall Street ... I won't even mention the money paid to Governments like Pakistan, etc.,etc. ... take a free 4 wheeler & they will put you in chains.

  • I wonder?

    I wonder how many 4 wheelers the mine suppliers are required to buy the coal company superintendents p/year? Pretty soon they will run out of generators, power plants and ect. to charge the repairs against.

  • Nick Rodighiero

    Can you tell the people of Logan who is involved? ???

    • Todd

      Go to Logan Topix pretty accurate.

      • Kara

        Can you provide a link?

        • stating the obvious

          Just type the word topix in your browser then type Logan WV in the search bar on topix.