CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The anticipated November General Election match-up between West Virginia Third District Congressman Nick Rahall and Cabell County state Senator Evan Jenkins took a significant step Thursday with new political ads from both camps.

Rahall’s 30-second TV spot is a testimonial from United Mine Workers Union President Cecil Roberts.

“It makes me mad when billionaires are spending millions of dollars telling lies about Nick Rahall. Nick is our friend,” Roberts said. The union boss went on to tout Rahall’s voting working on coal-related issues.

Jenkins’ ad comes out swinging at the 19-term congressman.

“Nick Rahall’s attacks on Evan Jenkins—non-partisan fact checkers say they are bogus, out and out lies.”

The ad calls Jenkins “a better choice” saying he can defend West Virginia’s way of life from Obama’s war on coal.

The Jenkins ad calls Rahall “a lying politician just like Obama.”

The UMWA’s Roberts said big-money special interests want to pick their own congressman.

“Don’t let them do it. Stick with Nick,” Roberts said.

Rahall faces Logan County resident Richard Ojeda in the May Primary. Many political observers have placed the anticipated Rahall-Jenkins match-up one of the top congressional races in the country.


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  • George

    Just look at the facts folks...They speak for themselves. Coal has been crippled.Our State continues to lag behind every other neighbor....Can we continue with this type of leadership? I'm a registered Democrat but I am now ashamed of our party's continuing deterioration in lack of respect for human life and continuing Obama backing.".............

  • RHytonen

    Except that there is no "Obama War on Coal." Coal jobs have INCREASED under Obama.

    Coal is statistically negligible job-wise in WV for two reasons -

    1. The cheaply producable coal has run out. Mining companies exist to CUT jobs - which they have steadily done for decades, through technnology and the usual evasion of public and employee safety that characterizes 200 years of WV's outside- based extraction industries.

    2. Gas drilling, which continues the same abuses in new and far more dangerous and permanent ways. I do wish Obama realized THAT.

    We should be using the subsidies for coal AND gas, instead, for renewable - not dwindling YET EXPORTED- energy resources. Exporting is already driving up our domestic prices, (gas bills doubled this month) and will not stop rising until they're bid equally against the FIVE TIMES higher price they get shipping it to Japan. Why do you think there's a push to fast track (taxpayer subsidized) export ports and pipelines? BECAUSE A MARCELLUS WELL ONLY BREAKS EVEN at current domestic prices. In fact they have LOST 50 cents and more per Mcf for the past two years. They're able to keep drilling by borrowing against the promise of those Japanese 5x prices.

    • The bookman

      That coupled with the fact that there is a natural gas market overseas. The industry has borne a depressed price in an effort to develop a commodity in the absence of a domestic market. That market is establishing itself and will continue to put upward pressure on prices, which for this country, is a good thing. We hold the resource and will benefit from the extraction in the form of jobs, economic activity, and severance. Coal, gas, renewables, all of the above. We can't move to renewables tomorrow without living in the nineteenth century, and I'm for living in the here and now, while reasonably and responsibly preparing for the future.

  • DP

    The bookman-As I indicated to you yesterday, I said "Almost all" of your posts are spot on. Your post earlier this p.m. is one that I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with! I find HH to be a 100% Dem. Lemming and I will NEVER give ANY of his posts more than a cursory look! Whatever the subject, I can fill in the blanks as to what he's going to say. Also, he's a wise--- who obviously delights in giving the REAL Hoppy a hard time whatever the storyline! If you have the time to read his ridiculous Far Left Garbage, go for it!

    I was a Democrat all of my life until about one year after Obummer was elected and I very soon recognized what a phony he was. I, UNLIKE HH, I have NEVER voted a straight ticket. I'm very open to legitimate debate, but I have NO use for hard core uninformed ideologues on either side of the aisle!!!

    HH is a mental midget who obviously buys EVERYTHING this most incompetent and deceitful Administration EVER has to sell!!!!!

    • The bookman

      Well I certainly don't want to engage your ire, but if you really want to look at issues independently then you really need to understand the other side of issue. Hops'hip provides that opportunity, and I don't want to see him driven away. Where's GregG and TD? They used to be daily posts. We shouldn't silence a dissenting voice, we should engage it. I don't look for affirmation, as I know my opinions are rooted in my conservative core. I want to be challenged to define and defend conservatism and liberty as a path to a prosperous United States.

      No finger pointing here as to who has to fix it, but I would hope that at some point, more constructive dialogue could develop between you two besides commenting on punctuation style and residing in mother's basement.

  • DP

    Hop'sHip-Gosh man, GET A FRIGGING LIFE!!! Does your mom keep you locked in the basement all the time, or is it your choice to remain down there in your dungeon pecking away on the computer 24/7???

    You're obviously a 24/7 SERIAL POSTER and I NEVER give your posts anything more than cursory glances, but I do note the times of your numerous ramblings: middle of the night, early morning, middle of the day and late at night! Get outside Dog and enjoy the beautiful spring weather! As I've suggested before, you just might enjoy getting outside and breathing some fresh air!!!

    Gotta go, I'm going to play a round of golf. Meanwhile, you'll be spending ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT spewing your Left Wing Garbage in your mom's basement!!!

    I'm sure you would LOVE to be intellectually comparable to "The bookman," but Ace, you're NOT and NEVER WILL be remotely in his league!!!!

    • The bookman


      I actually find HH to be quite intellectual, and I would suggest to ALWAYS read his posted comments. Although they are usually slanted in a different direction than my posts, he does provide thought provoking commentary from the polar opposite perspective. It is the debate of the issues that, when truly encountered with an open mind, you can explore and fully develop your political vision. There are plenty of posts I skip. Hops'hip is never one of them.

      • Aaron

        Ditto to Bookmans comments

  • Aaron

    "It says something about Rahall that he is being backed by Roberts."

    Has a truer statement been made given that Roberts, who makes $175,000 annually is as out of touch with West Virginia workers and voters as 38 year Washingtonian Nick Rahall is.

  • Independent View

    Gary Karstens:
    In your Monday posting you were railing against MetroNews, ranting that it is not fair and balanced reporting and if you want fair and balanced reporting you would read the Gazette.
    So, the question is why are you still reading MetroNews and posting here?
    You sir, are a drop of water in an ocean of sameness!

  • David

    Roberts doesn't have a problem with big money as long as it supports his agenda.

    Truth is Roberts is as big a liar as Rahall and has always been so.

    The democratic mission statement is to rid the US and world of coal use.

  • wvman75

    That'd be a pretty safe bet. Ask the boys from Detroit.

    • wvman75


  • DP

    The bookman-your post at 5:53 p.m. is spot on (as are almost all of your comments). Sadly, those you're attempting to explain your rationale to are EXTREMELY uninformed and obviously are the epitome of Yellow Dog Dems!!!

  • Gary Karstens

    Thank the stars for Cecil Roberts...a real American legend and superstar of the common man!!! It says something about Rahall that he is being backed by Roberts.

    Mean old coal operators!

  • Independent View

    Cecil says: "The UMWA’s Roberts said big-money special interests want to pick their own congressman."
    I have some trouble processing that statement. Isn't he chastising Jenkins supporters for doing exactly what the UMW has been doing for decades alongside the UAW, Teamsters, etc.?
    The icing on the cake is Cecil and his store-bought wig. At the salary, bonuses and benefits taken from the backs of hard working coal miners it should be enough to buy a custom fitted wig that fits properly.
    That "thing" on his head would not look anymore ridiculous if it had a chin strap!
    I have learned over the years to mistrust men that wear wigs--it speaks volumes about their vanity and insecurity.

  • ViennaGuy

    Sounds like Cecil Roberts didn't learn his lesson when he backed Obama ...

  • Chuck D

    Rahall is an idiot and needs to go. The problem with this state is we have been complacent and voting for the same people for years. Rahall is an Obama man and for WV that is not good. Why do people keep putting this man in office? He could care less about WV.

  • Big Deal

    With Jenkins in there, we are one step closer to a "right to work" state...which actually has a nice ring to it! Until coal miners wages get cut back to near minimum wage (considering there still is one). Don't worry though, the billionaire brothers will "trickle down" more money than you can hide. They trickled down so much money last year alone and still was able to increase their net worth 12 BILLION dollars, even with the Socialist, Anti-business Obama at the helm. Stick with Nick...the lesser of two evils!

    • Mountain Navy

      VA is a right work state the unemployment there is far lower the wages higher. The coal miners get paid more in VA than in WV. Plus if you do not want to be a member of the union you don't have to be and you don't have to pay union dues that goes to fat cat politicians.

    • The bookman

      Learn how the process works. Right to work is a state issue, not federal. This is a US House race. Take some night classes!

      • Hop'sHip

        Bookie, now that you have the coveted DP endorsement, you are starting to sound a little like him, you just need to be a little more emphatic when issuing your put-downs. It should be TAKE SOME NIGHT CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Big Deal

        Bookman, you really just can't stand me, can you? You're a true republican...sitting around all day just waiting for a democrat to do something so you have something to get upset about.

        • The bookman

          No sir! If that were the case, I'd respond to every post by Gary Karstens. Your posts are usually predictable, but thoughtful. This one was more of the lazy variety. I'm not a Republican as much as a conservative. The Republicans are more of a means to an end.

          • The bookman

            Big Deal

            I'm not a third party fan. Creates the need to cobble together coalitions and just simply results in lots of back room deals that promise authority and power for votes. I think consensus can be gained easily in our current system if both parties could simply focus on the enumerated responsibilities of government. When they venture off of their mandate to attempt to control every aspect of our daily lives, whether it's to save us from ourselves(democrats), or force compliance on social issues(republicans), that they become completely ineffective.

            I do apologize for the night class comment earlier. It was lazy on MY part. Should keep a notepad to write down those kinds of comments, not type them into a post.

          • Big Deal

            Bookman, that's the funny thing about politics, it's all a means to an end. I'm a conservative Democrat. We probably have a very similar vision of what society should be. We just have different ways of getting there.
            It's a shame there are only 2 political parties in this country. Our forefathers decided there should be an executive, legislative, and judicial branch of government (aka checks and balances). Wouldn't a third political party do wonders for the gridlock that is Washington DC?

  • wvman75

    Cecil Roberts is an Obama buddy, too. That's quite the testimonial, there. Roberts is as bad about selling out the miners as Rahall is.