CHARLESTON, W.Va. — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin says he’s “leaving all his options open” for 2016.  That is when voters will elect West Virginia’s next governor and, Manchin has said this week, he’s not ruling out a return to the Mountain State for another run.

It’s a move that Chris Stirewalt, digital politics editor for Fox News, said may make sense for the Democrat.  “He likes to have things happen. He wants to be the guy who puts the deal together,” Stirewalt said of Manchin on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

“For a guy who is as rambunctious as Manchin, being governor of a state gives you the opportunity to make things happen.”  Stirewalt said, by comparison, the U.S. Senate moves much more deliberately.

Manchin was first elected West Virginia’s 34th governor in 2004.  He served a full term and part of a second term before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010 to fill the seat U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.) had held for more than 50 years up until his death.  Manchin was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 2012.

Kent Carper, Kanawha County Commission president, said he thinks a Manchin return to Charleston would be good for West Virginia.

“I think he was an excellent governor and, frankly, this state needs leadership at the State House after Gov. (Earl Ray) Tomblin leaves,” he said.  “I just think he’ll (Manchin) come back and do it for the state.”

Manchin’s current U.S. Senate term runs through 2018.

West Virginia’s next governor will be elected in 2016.  Gov. Tomblin cannot run again because he has already served parts of two consecutive terms, the limit in West Virginia without a four year waiting period.

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  • Retiree!!

    I see a sea of red coming soon!

    • sam

      State workers say No way!

  • Nope

    That would be bad news for state workers. No raises and we will be working for his family members and friends.....again. Some are still working for his friends from his first go round.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Just what West Virginia needs, another fall back to keep us under the thumbs of failed democrat rule for the last 80+ years. Joe needs to go back into the private sector. He is a control freak and can't stand not being the center of attention and having his way. That alone will tell you he does not represent the people, only himself and those in his inner circle.

  • Hillbilly

    In other words, as governor he always got his way. Now in the Senate, he has to play politics with many others and is not getting his way..

  • PMQ

    BloJoe doesn't seem to like it when he is not KING. He is just a Pawn now. He can not get jobs/degrees for Heather Bresch, Tim Manchin, Mark Manchin, Gail Manchin, et al from his current job. BloJoe will NEVER get my vote for anything. Just please go away. But, I know you can't, your ego just won't allow that.

  • mikeyd

    I will never vote for him he has and always will be for family and friends

    • Tanya


  • No_Joe

    Manchin is a baby! He abandoned the job he was elected to do so he "could serve West Virginia in the highest possible fashion" by running for Sen. Byrd's seat in a special election. Now that he is a little fish - correct you are cutty77 - his ego can't handle it. He could have and should have served out his gubenatorial term and then ran for Byrd's full-term seat in the last general election. Instead, Manchin took his huge ego and ran to D.C. and left W.Va. with confusion and voter fatigue thanks to the special elections that had to be done by his selfishness. Like so many others, I will never vote again for him for anything. If he does not get asked to be a VP candidate, he will again show his "all-about-me" attitude and run for governor.

  • gscsbb1

    That gun controlling, healthcare supporting idiot needs to get out of the country. Can you tell I don't like him?

    • Uncle Unctuous

      More guns, less health care, right?

      • Jephre

        Less government involvement in both.

        • me

          ^^^what Jephre said. No more JoeBlow!

          • GSCsBB

            I agree with both Jephre and "me". If they would get their noses out of those to plus education this Country would be much better.

  • DWL

    2-1/2 yrs as a senator and he will then be the senior senator in just a few months. He's had more TV time as a moderate democratic senator for WV than he ever had a governor of WV. He will, however have to get used to being in the minority once November passes. The m0r0r has placed lead weights around the liberal's ankles. How's that m0r0n-care working for you'll. It's fun watching the liberal titanic sink, dragging the left to the bottom. Proof he can't lead, but that he sure attracts a bunch of m0r0nic followers.

  • cutty77

    Joe is a little Fish in a Big Pond,and he doesn't like it. But Washington is the worse i have ever seen. Nobody knows whats going on up there. The Worlds Most Expensive Nursing Home. Only way Joe Stays is if Mrs Clintion asks him to VP for her,if that doesn't happen he's done in Washington.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Clinton would never ask Manchin to be her running mate. Significant clash in philosophies there.

      • cutty77

        Sometimes different philosophies come together. But you maybe right too. Happy Easter.

  • Nooooo!!!!!!!!

    This would be really bad news especially for state workers.

  • James Dietz

    I think he should just retire and let someone take over we can trust.
    He made big promises and did some real good commercials. But when he got to Washington he went straight to the Schumer-Bloomberg group and tried to sell sportsmen out.
    I thought he was a good governor and voted for him both times, crossing party lines. I also voted for him for senate.
    I would not vote for him for dogcatcher now!

    • richard

      You are full of crap.

  • ViennaGuy

    Is this to say he's had his fill of the U.S. Senate?

    He will be the senior senator from West Virginia when the next Congress convenes in January ...

    • Ut Oh

      Healthcare (that you can't get) lo9cked in, retirement from Senate locked in, driving WV in a deeper hole not yet done, here we go again!

  • Barry Bledsoe

    So he is thinking that quitting another job that he was elected by the people to do? The list of Democrat quitters just keeps growing! Never mind the constant expenses of special elections!

  • Aaron

    I think by making the announcement that he is considering running for an executive branch office in 2016 and is not interested in serving in the Senate, thus forgoing 2018, he is in essance telling the national Democratic Party that "Hey, I'm available for a national run." While I don't think he's a Presidential candidate, he is most certainly a solid VP Candidate.

    • Bobby


      To the best of my knowledge Joe Manchin is a pro-life Democrat. Hell will freeze over before Democrats put a pro-life individual on any sort of presidential ticket. The only presidential ticket Joe Manchin will be a part of is a Republican one.

      • Aaron

        I disagree. Depending on how liberal the top of the ticket is, a bottom half with a pro-life candidate may be needed for balance. That balance becomes all the more important if Republicans can get a decent candidate who can engage their conservative base and make social issues important again.

        Democrats can think what they like but the #1 reason they have won the last 2 elections is because Republicans have ran moderate candidates and conservatives have stayed home.

        • proudlyconservative

          West Virginia's five Electoral College votes are not enough incentive to put Sen. Manchin on a presidential ticket.

          • Big Hooptie


            Circle gets the square.

            I also think that is why Joe would want to come back. In addition, I think Dems and the GOP are concerned about Congressional elections (11% approval) and are making contingency plans to keep themselves in play.

        • The bookman

          And after Earl Ray, who is really pro life anymore, really?