CHARLESTON, W.Va. — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin says he’s “leaving all his options open” for 2016.  That is when voters will elect West Virginia’s next governor and, Manchin has said this week, he’s not ruling out a return to the Mountain State for another run.

It’s a move that Chris Stirewalt, digital politics editor for Fox News, said may make sense for the Democrat.  “He likes to have things happen. He wants to be the guy who puts the deal together,” Stirewalt said of Manchin on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

“For a guy who is as rambunctious as Manchin, being governor of a state gives you the opportunity to make things happen.”  Stirewalt said, by comparison, the U.S. Senate moves much more deliberately.

Manchin was first elected West Virginia’s 34th governor in 2004.  He served a full term and part of a second term before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010 to fill the seat U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.) had held for more than 50 years up until his death.  Manchin was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 2012.

Kent Carper, Kanawha County Commission president, said he thinks a Manchin return to Charleston would be good for West Virginia.

“I think he was an excellent governor and, frankly, this state needs leadership at the State House after Gov. (Earl Ray) Tomblin leaves,” he said.  “I just think he’ll (Manchin) come back and do it for the state.”

Manchin’s current U.S. Senate term runs through 2018.

West Virginia’s next governor will be elected in 2016.  Gov. Tomblin cannot run again because he has already served parts of two consecutive terms, the limit in West Virginia without a four year waiting period.

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  • Penny Berthel

    As it turns out, Joe "is" for Joe, only. Or, whatever will get him reelected to "any" office.
    Example 1: I wrote to Gov. Manchine, pleading on behalf of those who--when thinking of WV, sees the breathtaking & mysterious image of the New River Gorge & Gauley mountain. WV tourism brings in 4+billion anually .
    I explained--words in effect to. My Uncle died at 5 months of age, & is buried on the mountain, along with a poor black family. Please, since Gauley is such a treasure, & the New River is one of a very few rivers left that has "no" pollution. Gauley & the New River is at the top of WV tourism that racks in 4+ billion anually.
    Manchin wrote back, closely to. "Coal is very important to WV's economy. We have to learn to compromise."
    I rewrote closely to. "That is all fine & good. Coal has had, & still has many other mountains to profit from. I am asking please! Just give us Gauley mountain. Where is the compromise when Coal gets most every mountain that it requests & the people have to fight just to save 2 or 3?

  • old timer

    all you sportsman's groups had better get out and vote for his opponent if he runs for governor again. Joe and his buddy Jezioro have almost destroyed the DNR and another term as governor for Joe and you can bet Frank will be his director again will probably finish the job.

  • rekterx

    This interview only confirms what I came to believe a few years ago. Joe Manchin is a control freak!

  • northforkfisher

    I never voted for him before and definitely not now. He showed his true colors when he turn his back on us in DC, especially the coal miners.

  • wvumounties8

    Elmer Fudd Manchin knows his days are numbered in the senate. He screwed the pooch by being Obummers go to guy on the gun rights debacle and showed his true colors. So he needs to be run out of WV on a rail just like his buddy Rich "I failed at Michigan" Rod. Manchin thought by taking the lead on the gun grab, he might be able to write his ticket to the White House, but that backfired so badly, he now wants to come skulking back to WV. Well, we don't trust him or like him. He can move to NY and be Bloomburgs lackey. no more Joe for WV in the Senate or the Governors office.

  • C.H

    Manchin in 2016, State Employees better get your greese and I dont mean for your Cars.

  • Doug Palmer

    We need Manchin back in West Virginia like we need Bloomberg on the board of the NRA. He is two faced and speaks out of both sides of his mouth with his forked tongue.


    Please fellow West Virginian's,let's retire one more career politician and put Manchin out to pasture.

  • richard

    I think that would be great if Manchin were governor again. He was a great governor. I think he has been a good senator also and a reasonable moderate voice for WV. The conservatives and the liberals couldn't run a whore house on a battleship. You can't govern effectively from either extreme, and Joe realizes that. The people who do not like Joe come from the right wingers or the ultra liberals, and neither of those groups are the folks Joe is interested in working with because you can't reason with either group - exactly why Washington doesn't function anymore. Joe, I wish you success in what ever you decide to run for. You'll will get my vote. If we had a nation full of Joe Manchins, we would be in much better shape.

  • Scott

    I think he would have better luck selling dope with his brother down in Logan.

    • richard

      Scott, That was Tomblin, not Manchin. Either way, what their brother does has nothing to do with Tomblin or Manchin's job as governor or senator.

  • Wirerowe

    Some governors want to be Governor for the title and some want to be governor for the retirement benefits. Joe Manchin loved being Governor for the job, he might find himself in the same situation as when Governor Moore came back the second time. It is much easier to be Governor when state revenues are good. He had very good coal prices and lottery competition had not solidified in his first time.

  • Independent View

    As Robert C. Byrd, from the floor of the senate, shaking his finger, famoulsy told his colleague from the State of Washington caught fondling his female staffers: "have the good graces to go!"
    Same applies to you Joe!
    Go to Florida, California, Panama anywhere but WV!
    All WV voters will not suffer amnesia the next time you are running for office--whatever it may be!

    • richard

      Who would you prefer for Governor or senator? Can't wait to hear this......

  • Worm

    Hell can't anyone see through this. He is insignificant in Washington. Joes ego' s to big for that deal. Plus he can come back and try to run WVU and help his cronies in the Coal business. This is old news that's been going around for months. Nick Casey ends up with Joes seat. Mark it.

    • richard

      Obviously, Worm , you have never spent any time at all with Joe Manchin. You should just be quiet.

  • Bill Hill

    I hope he don't decide to run for governor again. I also hope when he comes up for reelection to the senate, he looses.

  • Richard

    manchin should just retire his push for gun control and his support for the ACA and his now pro choice stance he has proven he has forgotten where he came from. Ole mo joe has now become jumping joe and has no care for WV.

    • richard

      Other Richard, again, you have no idea what you are talking about. When was it exactly that he became in favor of gun control or pro choice??
      Yes, like any thinking American, he is in favor of some sensible gun laws. (but with you crazy gun nut republicans, if you favor one law concerning guns, then you're for "gun control")
      He has never been pro choice.
      Maybe you should just stick with giving your money to the NRA and the gun manufacturers , and maybe stay out of politics.