MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In this edition of the NAPA Auto Parts Gold and Blue Now, Bob Huggins talks about adding Tarik Phillip to the WVU basketball program.

We also hear from the USA Today sports writer Paul Myerberg as he gives an early look to the Big 12 football season in 2014.

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  • mad hatter

    folks, in case you didn't know it , aaron is huggie's wife.. enough said

  • mad hatter

    is there a level at which people like aaron will stoop, to overlook, and coverup the wrongs that are being inflicted upon our once proud University and State of Wv. Shame on you.

  • mad hatter

    the is an order out for phillip in gaston cty, NC for failure to appear,,, no verdict has been rendered onthe larceny case that he is involved. Three different sources had confirmed this to the Dominion Post.
    I retract the felon assumption, but yet the case had not yet been declared as rendering a verdict.
    But it seems where there's smoke there is fire,, I do not convict the young man before a trial.
    Again huggins brings questionable characters into the fold.
    Exactly where does or what does Luck and Huggins want this program to be known for.

  • J W WVU

    I just don't it, Huggs had nothing to do with removing and replacing coaches like Mr. Luck has has been doing. All the Haters always keep harping on all the time. Haters will hate just because they haven't had a vaccine shot for stupidity. Big surprise it hasn't been invented yet.... Just guess we will have to live with the haters... Or stupidity... Love the Mountaineer nation... Hate me all you want will get you nowhere...

  • mad hatter


  • mad hatter

    so we have another criminal on the team,, Phillip is a felon. Huggie looks hard to find these felons, and tarnish the reputation of WVU and WV.
    How long are we going to put up with this ........ It's time ollie, to move on ..;.
    I'd rather we lost every game than have huggins are the HC.

    • Aaron

      As usual Hatter, your comments are false but then I think you know that as you likely read the same article I did. The police report states the case is closed/cleared.

      Before one is a felon, they have to be convicted at a trial. Phillip never faced trial so there is no way he was convicted.

      Is there a level you will not stoop to in order to discredit West Virginia University and/or Bob Huggins?

  • wvjoker

    In other words, we shouldn't be teaching these kids to play. When they do something wrong just say "that's okay Johnny you''ll do better next time". I am sure that is the way it is handled on other teams. I also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. Some of you posters need to grow up like some of the ball players.

  • Barry

    All Bob Huggins' fans need to watch this video from 1:06 to 1:26. If you don't believe that this guy is running players off then you need to get your head out of the sand.

    • Aaron

      How so? During that time frame, Hall of Fame Coach Huggins talks of recruiting and going to Independence Community College, a place he is familiar. You're going to have to explain how that transcends to him running players off.

      • Mike

        I believe he was referring to Huggins in your face, passionate style of coaching. I have a hard time feeling bad for these kids when they are being coached up. My HS coach was a chair throwin, basketball punting, call you everything but a Christian individual. He was like that long before Bobby Knight made those kind of tirade infamous. It made my Marine Corps Drill Instructor look like Ghandi. Nothing wrong with a little tough love.

        • Aaron

          He specifically referred to a time frame on the recording that as something that directly runs players off. There was nothing during those 20 seconds that would suggest to any reasonable person that Coach Huggins runs players off.

          I have a pretty good idea of what Barry is referring to, I just don't think he has the courage to come out and say it.

        • Barry

          I would like to see Luck do some in your face, passionate bossing. He should cuss and scream at Huggins on national TV. Winning 50% of your game while making 3 million a year isn't cutting it. Maybe Huggins needs some tough love.

          • mad hatter

            i totally agree with you,, single handedly, huggie is embarrassing wvu to the point, people just don't want to play for him,, again, this yr, same as last, he lost the team,,,, easy to see.

  • Mister Man

    Go Mountaineers!!

  • john b

    Now the question is can this young man stand to be coached by Huggins? Huggins has done a great job of chasing kids off the team! Huggins might be a Hall Of Fame Coach but it is CERTAINLY not for what he has done at WVU! Huggs should send part of his salary to John Belien for leaving him so many talented kids to get to the Final Four because Huggins can't recruit his own players to get us back. Huggins and his coaching staff are a bunch of stiffs who have proven they can't recruit! I am saying this as a 91 WVU Grad, a Jerry West Society Member, Mac Member, and 1100 Club Member.
    The future of Mountaineer Basketball doesn't look bright with an ego maniac running the team. If Huggins was half as good as he thinks he is we would be ok! Problem is he is not that good.

    • Aaron

      Seriously? Devin Ebanks, Truck Bryant and Kevin Jones were all Huggins recruits. The three players left over from Belien were De'Sean Butler, Wellington Smith and Joe Mazulla.

      To see who these players credit with their growth, all one has to do is google J"oe Mazulla Bob Huggins" and read Rick Reilly's article after WVU defeated KY to go to the final four. One comment from the story.

      "I had to find him," Mazzulla says, "I never want him to forget that I love him. What he did for me, how he stuck with me, nobody else would've done it."

      Even mother of Johnnie West, wife of All World Jerry West stated "I like him but I just wish he could coach without all the swearing."

      Those of you with an insane hatred for Huggins can do many things and make many claims but one that is patently false is that John Beilein was responsible for the final four team. That's nothing more than a lie as that team, including the players from John Beilein is all Huggins.

    • Real WVU Fan

      Feel free to take your money and bad attitude elsewhere.