CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants says the state Supreme Court should reject the recommendations from the state Office of Disciplinary Counsel that he be suspended or stopped from prosecuting domestic-related cases.

Plants filed a response to the ODC’s recommendations¬†Friday. The ODC made the recommendations because Plants faces two misdemeanor charges including allegedly violating a domestic violence protective order along with a charge of domestic battery in connection with spanking his son.

In that response filing–Plants called the ODC’s recommendations an overreach and premature. The response points toward a move made this week by Plants and his assistants to alert the circuit court of any possible conflicts of interest in domestic violence cases.

Plants has been arrested twice in recent months and both times released on his own recognizance. Plants says that shows a lack of seriousness of the charges.

Kanawha County Circuit Judge Duke Bloom is scheduled to hold a hearing Tuesday on the City of Charleston’s request to have the prosecutor’s office removed from all domestic related cases.


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  • WhgFeeling

    Interesting to see the Prosecuting Bully sitting on the other side of the fence. I am a staunch supporter for law enforcement and prosecutors but I have little respect for someone that utilizes his power to bully others into submission.

  • Gary Karstens

    Danny Jones is right here, as he usually is. Jones is the best Republican this state has seen. Danny has always got it; Plants doesn't.

    I hope Mr. Jones continues his fine service forever. Thank you Danny!

  • stating the obvious

    No, Mr. Plants it does not show a lack of seriousness of the charges. What it shows is that the epidemic of double standards among "the good ole boys" is still going on despite it being the year 2014. Furthermore, I really hope the media stops referring to the domestic battery charge as a "spanking". As I have stated before, spanking is done with a hand on a bottom. Mr. Plants used a belt. Look up the definition of assault with a deadly weapon.

  • Silas Lynch

    So, if Plants should be disqualified from prosecuting domestic violence cases does that mean all cops with speeding tickets not be allowed to enforce traffic laws? Silly? just as silly as Danny Jones trying to stir this pot of revenge stew....

    • thornton

      Still hired on for the Jones hit parade perhaps......would have made a nice segment in Birth of a Nation, Silas.

    • Aaron


  • WW Glasser

    Beating is not discipline. Only a Plants supporter would think so.

    I am willing to bet that if you saw a dog beaten with a belt you would call the authorities.

    Spanking is done with a hand for a reason. The hand knows better when to stop. A belt ... not so much.

    I am sure you are right to blame his X.

    Apparently she has no sense of humor.

    After all, Plants only:
    1. had an adulterous office affair with a subordinate, 2. fathered a secret baby, 3. lavished raises on his paramour from public funds, 4. allowed ticket fixing and 5. violated a protection order.

    What a law abiding, moral, upstanding person he is. A true hero for you and others like you.

    My only hope is that he was "educated" at an out of state school.

    • Silas Lynch

      Glasser, if you don't know where Plants was educated then my guess would be YOU are an out of stater....

      • WW Glasser

        You are right. The evidence suggests he was not educated.

  • WV Patriot

    My hat is off to Mr. Plants cause if more parents would discipline their children then as they become adults they would understand there is repercussions for doing wrong. But you got to realize who is behind these accusations, his X wife. You don't read about the threats the X wife has made against Mr. Plants, but the X is true to her word that she was going to cost him his job.

    My hat is off to Plants for hanging in there in this difficult time. Being a member of the community that knows him personally, I've seen him being a great DAD, and his X wife using their children as a pawn to act out revenge for having another baby with another woman.

    "Hell hath no furry as that of a woman scorned"

    What I understand the X wife has agreed to drop the charges and they will be dropped in a couple of weeks. This is just another case of dirty politics, scorned X wife, and news organizations needing something negative to print.

    • Aaron

      Whether or not any of that is true does not change the fact that Mr. Plants actions are discrediting his office and the ability of everyone in that office to do their job.

      If what you say is true, he should keep his mouth shut, take an indefinite leave of absence and allow the charges to run their course.

      Instead he's violated a lawfully executed DVP and made himself look like an a** attempting to justify his actions.

      Regardless of whether he is guilty of child abuse or not, he's proven by his actions in response to those allegations that he is unfit to serve in the position he was elected. It's time to remove him from office.

      • WW Glasser

        Well said.

    • Bell

      The ex does not have the ability to drop the charges. Only the special prosecutor does.

    • Sidney

      If she wanted to cost him his job thereby reducing her child support payment, why not blow the whistle on the affair, the baby, the taxpayer paid trips, the favoritism etc? She has had these arrows in her quiver for years, the press would have loved them, and the vengence could have been exacted without involving children.

      Instead the ex has maintained her silence and the prosecutor has been the one calling press conferences, giving interviews and appearing on radio talk shows all against his lawyer's advise.

      The ex did report an injury she was obligated to report and the state police from Wheeling and the special prosecutor from McDowell county investigated the matter and concluded sufficient evidence existed to bring charges. The state police not the ex issued the press release that they were investigating Plants.

      The family court judge from Huntington must also have been concerned with the alleged abuse since she left the DVP protective order in place; only allowed supervised visits; required anger management counseling etc. which conditions have been in place for 6 to 7 weeks and likely will remain in place, at a minimum, until the criminal case is concluded. Interestingly, Plants agreed to these provisions which should be telling.

  • cutty77

    This just shows how stupid Mark is. I don't like Judge Bloom at all,but i'm agree with him on this one. Bloom is doing Mark a Favor by taking him away from these cases,but he's to stupid to understand it. Ego's are a terrible to waste. lol

  • Aaron

    "Plants says that shows a lack of seriousness of the charges."

    By plants reasoning it's ok to violate a DVP because it's really not that serious of a charge.

    He just doesn't get it. It is past the point of suspension. The man should be removed from office.

  • The Answer

    This guy has one hell of an ego and it's going to bite him the ass big time.
    Plus he must know there's one king in Kanawha Co. and Dollar Danny owns that title..

    • DeeDee

      Has anyone told Kent Carper that?

    • Tom

      Everybody knows that...Well, did you also know that pigs can fly?