MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia 2015 basketball commitment Levi Cook, a guest on the MetroNews “Statewide Sportsline,” said he’s working to develop his low-post moves and improve his conditioning.

Cook, an in-state recruit who transferred from Liberty to Huntington Prep this past season, averaged five points and five rebounds per game as a junior.

“As the year went on, I kept getting better and better,” said Cook, who committed to West Virginia as a 15-year-old. “The coaches really worked with us and it was a really good experience. I still need to get into better shape and keep doing what I’m doing. I need to keep working on my low-post game, get better on my defense and screens.”

Cook said he stands at 6-foot-10, 295 pounds. The center is playing AAU basketball this summer with the West Virginia Wildcats.

Watch the complete interview with Cook above.

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  • Rebecca

    Huntington Prep is a great place for Levi to better his all-around skills. Conditioning! Love of the game! Be true to yourself.

    For being a big guy, he is very light on his feet.

  • local

    I can't wait either..its going to be a dream come true.

  • Rick55

    Mad Hatter, Does the mad part mean angry or just plain old crazy?

    I think you drank too much of Alice's tea.

  • Aaron

    For those who bemoan the fact that WVU and Marshall do not recruit instate, this young man is the perfect example. Had he remained at Liberty Raleigh High School, he would have likely averaged a double double, led LR to a much better record than they had and earned All State honors. And he would have never seen the floor at WVU were he offered a scholarship.

    At Huntington Prep playing against Division 1 level competition not only in games but in practice, he will at least have the chance to improve enough to be a D-1 talent as he has one intrinsic quality that cannot be taught.

  • 0010

    Really? He averaged 5 pts and 5 rebounds and he twice the size of everybody else.

    • mad hatter

      please don't forget, aaron is she who is married to bobbie huggins.

      • Aaron

        While you're trying to figure out which post to respond to hatter, tell us again how one is a felon that's never been tried?

    • Kiddkornbred

      If he is playing against the Huntington prep schedule then he is not twice the size of everybody else

  • Mister Man

    I can't wait to see the man sporting gold and blue.

    • Earl Smith

      Hey, he's got to graduate from High School first...why do you think grandma sent him to Huntington, to go to school..he's getting tutored...also!!